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I note that Obamarama has cut short his jumket in India to head down towards Riyadh just to say ‘hi-de-ho’ to his new boss.

After all, its not every day that you get to kiss a part, any part, of the body of the  Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the leader in all areas of your chosen religion!


Alternatively, he’s maybe just getting some practice in


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13 thoughts on “Hand; or butt?

  1. I find the top cartoon racist, and do not approve.

    I do not find Obama’s behavior though anything other than following his established pattern of who he caters to and who he insults.

  2. yes except all before this one had the wellbeing and security of the nation in their heart, Obama does not. The only thing in his heart is his arrogance and ideology

  3. I find the top cartoon racist, and do not approve.

    Someone’s been made editor. I’m just glad it’s ATW’s Master of English.

  4. Troll is correct here. There are ways to object and even mock the President without resorting to low level racism.

  5. //The top cartoon may actually be mocking Arab racism, which is a real thing//

    As real as ATW racism?

  6. Why single out Obama – Aren’t virtually all the world’s statesmen and political leaders rushing to grovel to the Saudis this week ?

  7. Oh what a wonderful world the oil industry has bequeathed us!

    Back in the last century, – before the Middle Eastern countries reclaimed their resources back from Western developers, – and when the majority of Sheiks and their followers were nomadic of nature and lived under canvas and had few delusions of any global prominence, other than what the oil industry allowed them. Then came the Suez crisis and other disruptions and the formation of OPEC, truly a force to be reckoned with, and some would say the Arab world assumed its rightful position in global economics, a place reluctantly accepted by ‘the West’.

    What followed may or may not have been directly caused by ‘the change of ownership’ of the ME oil industry, but was certainly instrumental in the rise of terrorism in the most unlikely of places, – what with hijacked planes and all those armed police at major airports, including Heathrow, – times were certainly a changing!

    A minor incident was the purchase Harrods by an Arab owner, – oh dear!, what was the world coming to? – I remember reading stories of the newly rich Sheiks, complete with entourages, spending unimaginable amounts of cash and time in the store, and while doing so, the Sheiks occasionally disappearing behind the large draped curtains that were a feature of Harrods décor at that time, – apparently, to literally ‘relieve themselves’, apparently western bathrooms were for the hoi-polloi, and not for such noble creatures as themselves.

    As the oil industry achieved ever more global importance, surely it was to expected that worse was sure to follow, to the situation we have today, where nuclear armaments are affordable for a wider spectrum of countries, and more importantly, beliefs, than ever thought possible.

    In hindsight, it appears that with the Arab Spring and the rise of ISIS and kindred gangs, that we, with all our front-runner technology have wasted what can only be described as a ‘golden opportunity’ for some sort of relative ‘peace in our time’.

    Is it all due to a lack of global humanistic education, or the failure to achieve a religious compromise? that force of arms has failed is obvious, surely mankind has to have learned something from history?

    Socialism, capitalism, and every shade in between have all succumbed to greed and envy. As the gap between rich and poor widens, an answer has to be found before history repeats itself, – yet again!

  8. the Saudis have a big enough leverage on power that there is no nation they can’t effect if they choose to. Most therefore need to genuflect and the few that don’t “have to” still benefit more by doing so than not doing so.

  9. The top cartoon may actually be mocking Arab racism, which is a real thing

    I feel confident in saying I doubt that is Mike’s message.

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