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I have been rather busy these past few days, and I’d like to share the news that my labours have resulted in my latest efforts being brought to publication on Amazon’s website.


I commented some time back that writing consists of staring at a screen until the blood and sweat messes up the keyboard, or at least the equivalent; and hope that, if ATW readers find the time, you might visit the source, and see if you agree that my labour was worth the struggle.

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10 thoughts on “Trojan War is updated

  1. Well done, Mike.

    Maybe you can tell us something about how you wrote it. Did you devote a certain number of hours per day or did bits of it all come in a rush?

  2. Just halfway through your ‘Single to Westminster via Berlin’, – seems very appropriate for these turbulent times. The storyline seems almost too prophetic….so far a good read.

  3. I’ve just downloaded your book and have read 4 chapters . Excellent writing and enigmatic , I have cancelled 2 visits I was going to make and I am going to finish your book . Well done Sir .

  4. Damn, doctor1, you’ve pipped me to it. I’ve just bought it on Kindle too.
    Mike, will you autograph my Kindle Voyage?

  5. Damn it Mike , I have done nothing today but read , I even sent my son out for fish and chips so I would not have to cook and stop reading . Have you written any other books that are available on Kindle ?

  6. thedoctor1,

    Try ‘Single to Westminster via Berlin’, also one of Mikes efforts, as I mentioned in my previous post.

    If nothing else he writes well and tells a good tale! and often so much better than many of his better known rivals. He has ‘rekindled’ (cough!!!) my interest in reading fiction, something I lost years ago, life being entertaining enough without the need for such things.

    p.s – and it wont clutter up your bookshelf!

  7. doctor1,

    It sounds as thought you liked my writing; I am pleased to have a fan.

    If you check back on here you may find my ‘magnum opus’ which is all about British politics, or if you are in the mood for a small amount of bloodletting, you may appreciate this small read aboiut a B-17 bomber crew based in England.

  8. Posting comments, even complimentary ones, on this blog is like talking to a brick wall…!!

  9. Ernest , Mike ,Noel , Many thanks for your advice , it is gratefully received . I read so many academic papers and do peer review that I relish an opportunity for some escapism , yes Mike you have a new fan !!

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