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THEY’RE all coming round to correct thinking on food and nutrition. ATW regulars will know that someone in these here parts has long and repeatedly explained that government low-fat, high-carb nutrition advice is not just wrong, but it will make you ill and even kill you. He has explained that cholesterol is good for you, despite the decades of wrong headed propaganda against it, and that the healthiest diet is a high-fat, low-carb one.

And more experts are now agreeing with him. A new report, published by the British Medical Journal no less, is blockbuster stuff –

As new research refutes the idea saturated fats are bad for you, what foods should you be adding to your shopping basket?

New research claims that official warnings against the consumption of saturated fats should never have been introduced

The article in BMJ’s Open Heart journal argues that the advice was based on flawed data and “very limited evidence”.

The warning, adopted by British authorities in the early 1980s, was based on research that focused only on unhealthy men, with the reports authors arguing: “it seems incomprehensible that dietary advice was introduced for 220 million Americans and 56 million UK citizens.

Incomprehensible?! We know why hundreds of millions were used as guinea pigs.

The source was the completely corrupt McGovern Report, in the US. It put millions of Americans and then Britons, on the path to obesity and disease in the 1970s while the U.S. government facilitated decades of political pandering and billions in farm subsidies to support the Industrial Food Complex and its deliberate junk science. This is a very short snap of its impact –

The Telegraph piece goes on with some helpful advice from the report –

So what foods should you be adding to your shopping basket?

Butter and lard; Full fat yoghurts; Full fat milk; Pies; Cakes and biscuits; Fatty cuts of meat; Sausages; Bacon; Cheese and cream; Chocolate

And what’s out?

Experts claim that it is carbohydrates, sugars and processed foods that contribute to heart disease and recommend avoiding foods such as:

Fructose (except that naturally occurring in whole fruits); White rice; White bread; Sugar; Processed foods

I’d caveat this generally good advice: yes, eat planty of good, healthy, tasty fatty butter, but make it organic butter. Same with the rest: eat good food, not cheap rubbish. I have pies and sausages from a great organic farm shop nearby which uses only good cuts of meat and no fillers.

As we’ve said before also, avoid fructose like the plague. It’s literal poison. No wonder obesity rates have been on the up. As over there, so over here –


Much food is just carb and sugar-packed rubbish. It’s all volume and little nutrition. For decades now children and adults have literally starved for nutrition while gorging on high-carb, government-advised diets. In the long term, the disastrous effects of following this corrupt advice has been more than obesity; it’s caused millions to suffer diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure problems, behavioural problems and early deaths.

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  1. I’d just say one no-no to your list Pete — Lard.
    It’s pig fat, and pigs being omnivorous eaters of junk food themselves it’s not on my list of safe foods.

    Far better is beef dripping. More flavour, and from an animal that eats only silage and grass.
    Used in all of my fry-ups too.
    Get it from a home butcher, not a supermarket.

  2. Nowhere here is the trend towards ever more sedentary lifestyles even mentioned.

    Major error. I think that this makes the chart meaningless for starters.

    Diet is really important, but it is not the only major factor.

    You need to look at the entire picture.

    Its not just how many calories you consume and the quality of the food otherwise, its how many calories you burn. We’re consuming more and burning less, and that’s not the best idea anyone ever had.

  3. Everything in moderation except cigarettes (no good in them). All the rest is bullshit. QED 🙂

  4. We need a ” like ” button.

    I agree with Matt.

    Do as the Italians do. Don’t go crazy. That’s it.

  5. Pete – I assume that you are aware of statins and the ‘guidelines’ for their use?


    We hypothesize, and provide evidence, that the demonstrated mitochondrial mechanisms for muscle AEs (adverse effects) have implications to other nonmuscle AEs in patients treated with statins. In meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials (RCTs), muscle AEs are more frequent with statins than with placebo. A number of manifestations of muscle AEs have been reported, with rhabdomyolysis the most feared. AEs are dose dependent, and risk is amplified by drug interactions that functionally increase statin potency,

    That’s what the pharmceuticals fera. Statins are their nos. 1 and 2 money earners.

  6. They came in over time, with labor saving devices, etc.

    But things like video games and then personal computers really got going in the eighties.

    Nearly all kids used to play ball outside until fairly recent times – now many do not.

    Same deal with adults – many jobs require much less effort than a couple of decades ago.

    Ignore this, you don’t see the entire scene.

  7. Phantom – that could well be true. On this as on other recent discussions, one should look at the big picture – agreed?

  8. To be fair I would like to give credit to the research of Dr. Mary Enig of the University of Maryland who warned about fatty acids and trans-, fatty acids , also hydrogenated vegetable oils . She advocated the sensible use of whole milk , butter and cream , she thought that red meat , in moderation was essential .
    Her research was done in the 80’s ; so this is old news .

  9. Her research was done in the 80’s ; so this is old news.

    OK – but where has this ‘old news’ been all this time? Note that I’m not disputing the content of 10.27pm.

  10. Pete showed this video before I believe.

    Very many slender Asians have had white rice as a staple for a really long time. They thrive on it.

    And white bread, which i never buy, has been part of western diets for a long time before 1980.

  11. How many more times must it be said, if you want to stay healthy, ‘ignore those ‘experts’ and the righteous’.

  12. Alan , Like so much research that does not fit the health nazis agenda it was sidelined and ignored . So much of the current thinking in dietary health can be damaging to ones health and as for lethal vaccinations …….

  13. Yes – the medical sector has a lot to answer for. Whether it be cancer treatments, vaccines, dentistry (my son was at the dentist to get a filling and he was offered a mercury one ofr no cost or a white filling for £100 – he took the white filling), drugging of children etc. it is one money-driven corporate scam.

    Phantom – you like vaccines, don’t you?

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