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This interview shows the Obama Administrations COMPLETE FAILURE in the Middle East. This is an embarrassment and a disaster. Obama’s praised example of what he called in September the shining success of his policies. Yemen…

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55 thoughts on “Say’s it ALL

  1. Tha US Marine Corps are going to have trouble living that on down, destroying their weapons. Unheard of! Is the obamessiah on the wrong side in this war? I only ask?

  2. this is a total embarrassment and a disgrace. His actions are inviting us to be attacked through his incompetence

  3. Talk about incoherence! ….and Phantom can’t figure out why I don’t like the O’s Administration’s unmanned drone killings.

  4. You can’t figure out why you don’t like ” O “‘s unmanned drone killings of terrorists.

    Perhaps you are a terrorist symp yourself? 🙂

  5. huh-oh, has someone found a bucket of sand in the Middle East which isn’t loyal to Washington?


  6. It only makes sense that the screaming class is screaming. every one got out alive and safe, no weapons fell into the wrong hands and no need for a helicopter airlift off the roof. The nerve of that guy in the Whitehouse

  7. Seriously, you condemned the drone strategy the other day Patty.

    Would you replace it with

    high altitude strikes ( more civilian casualties will result )

    special ops ( more US deaths are certain )


    do we stop the program and let the terrorists run free.

    Your call

  8. Oh and just for Troll, Sun News Network that billed itself as Fox News for Canada ceased operation today after 4 years. With an audience that peaked at 8,000 it lost 14 million dollars last year alone

  9. Wow.

    Did it have access across the country? Was it on the major cable and satellite systems there?

  10. With an audience that peaked at 8,000 it lost 14 million dollars last year alone

    Which demonstrates the superiority of capitalism and free markets. Capital is now no longer being squandered on something people don’t want and, hence, society is not being made poorer.

    A government op would carry on tipping wealth into a black hole because no-one would admit to a mistake.

  11. Data released as part of that application showed that while the network was available to 5.1 million households, it was only attracting, on average, 8,000 viewers at any given time.


    It really was widely available, but it flopped

    Fox’s core audience is older and angry, and not always sure what they’re angry about.

    You obviously do not have enough angry Canadians.

    Long live Canada.

  12. no weapons fell into the enemy hands except a fleet of armored Suburbans and other high end SUVs plus god knows what else the had to leave behind that they ain’t saying. They had destroy/make unusable a stockpile of Arms they left behind including their personal weapons.

    This was a scramble to get out of the country. They had amphibious carriers sitting off the cost that should have been their escorts in an orderly withdraw and they fled so quick they were forced to use civilian aircraft.

    There could a stockpile of stingers there and god knows what else. Yemen was one of counter terrorism sites you’ve got no clue what they had there and their sure as shit not going to admit it.

    They fled that fast because they were afraid of another Benghazi situation. People were nailing Death to America signs up everywhere and Obama hit the Panic button to get out immediately.

    This was a total cluster fuck!

  13. Listen to the damn interview, I know you couldn’t have or you wouldn’t have your head shoved up your ass as far as you do 🙂

  14. Other than the bad business decision of trying to sell conservative journalism to the Canuks what would I car about fox failing in canada?

    I may play clips and occaisional watch the kelly files but that’s it. I don’t watch Hannity, O’Reilly, or Greta. I’ll catch the evening round table when I can but that’s it.

    My TV watching consists of Justified, Supernatural, Game of Thrones and Dr Who. That and movies. I get my news from about 15 newspapers and 7 or 8 news aggregates that I go through daily.

    Plus the ragio is on 24/7 and it tuned to music.

  15. Other than the bad business decision of trying to sell conservative journalism to the Canuks

    Canada has been conservative for a decade. It’s run by a bunch of oil-head anti-environment politicians. Fox should have been on a home run.

    My TV watching consists of Justified

    Lucky you. I had just started to watch Justified on Netflix (I’m a big fan of Elmore Leonard) when they took it off. But I’m looking forward to the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul.

  16. There are radio people and non radio people

    I love the radio too.

    Despite the internet, or even because of it ( new means of trasmittal over the web, most of the worlds stations available to anyone with a connection) radio can be more vital and interesting than ever.

  17. Troll

    What music radio stations do you listen to?

    All local or do you ever listen to internet stations?

  18. I have a receiva internet radio that gets just about every station in the world.

    Music if the kids don’t have control in the car I got about 200 cassette tapes and and I giant sack of CDs covering every genre of music you can imagine

  19. Phantom

    I spend ten times more hours listening to radio than watching TV. We have seven radios between the two of us in this house, never mind the internet. And I listen to music radio at work for several hours every day.

  20. yeah radio is primary background feed I’d go into sensory deprivation without a constant stream of news talk in the background.

  21. I just watch tv to relax as down time with something fun or mindless or both depending on the movie or show

  22. I am a bit surprised that internet radio is not bigger than it is.

    The audio quality is good, and its just amazing whats out there

    It even serves local uses – that nearby radio station that you love but that has the lousy signal ( in my case WFUV FM which is a real good music station ) can come in clear as a bell now

  23. TV is generally a waste of time. Internet radio is brilliant, although I’m a bit of a dummie handling the Apple stuff that controls it in our house.

    I generally have RTE on all the time when I’m working.

    BTW Phantom, what do you think of Aer Lingus going into British hands?

  24. I love my recieva I get like 98% of the radio from all over the world I get all the BBC every chanel from every state in the country even the non-English foreign speaking stations… of course I only speak American, but if it ain’t English it taint werth listening tooo

  25. Alright Phantom no it’s time to see if you have any integrity.

    There is the interview on this post and then Krauthammer’s analysis of this interview on the other post.

    Lets see if you can watch this interview and give an honest analysis of it. Give us a full review. What you think not just of how each woman handles themselves but address the meat of the subject and the points and counter points of the event. What you believe about the event based on this interview and why.

    You can get help by watching the Krauthammer analysis to check your perspective.


  26. So Mr. I know everything, It’s all Bush’s fault, Obama is the best Foreign Policy strategist we’ve ever had, how dare you criticize Obama everything is the fault of the US invading Iraq….

    Are you going to show some integrity?

  27. just to keep a comment up…

    I do see that you’ve not been on here yet today Phantom, how dare you have a life

  28. Still nothing.

    It’s a shame. There are those here that do not feel the USs Foreign Policy under Obama is the major disaster that it is. This post would have been a good launching pad for a real discussion.

  29. I just watched this at last.

    First of all, the Fox News emphasis on destruction of weapons is juvenile. In an evacuation situation, the most important matter is that people are evacuated safely, and that did happen. And when a country was falling apart, maybe a low profile departure, without guns, is a really really good idea. Why criticize a strategy that worked.

    Second, let’s talk about the Arab Winter ( don’t anyone dare call it a spring ) This is not something that the US or the US in coalition with western allies, can possibly control. It is a vast change in a huge part of the world, and we do not control it.

    I blame Obama ( and Cameron and the French guy ) for 99% of the Libya situation, I don’t really blame Obama at all for Yemen ( in turmoil for a long time ) or Syria.

    I will note, as I have before that the reaction to the Arab Winter, like so many other things, has been surprisingly bipartisan. GW Bush openly called for democracy in the Arab World, and an end to the rule of ” dictators ” ( quotes upon request ). Obama, many times, said the same thing, including in his speech to the Arab World in Cairo. Both men were sincere. But both were dead wrong – the Saddam Husseins, Assads, and Khadaffis are looking pretty damned good right now.

    But again, do not ever assume that the US can control every grain of sand in this huge part of the world. It is insane to think this. We would bleed the US military and US taxpayer to death if we tried to do so.

    To paraphrase the late, great Jack Maple the cause of the Arab World’s turmoil is the Arab world.

  30. We cannot force the Iraq / Nigerian Armies to fight.

    We cannot prop up every friendly government.

    The Arab / Muslim world is vastly larger than the US.

    We cannot control it all.

    And I’m not even speaking of the situation between Russia and Ukraine, where Russia hold all the military cards and will continue to do so.

  31. Your summation bypasses a huge part of the issue. Lets go over your first paragraph and then I’ll respond to your other points.

    First of all, the Fox News emphasis on destruction of weapons is juvenile. In an evacuation situation, the most important matter is that people are evacuated safely, and that did happen. And when a country was falling apart, maybe a low profile departure, without guns, is a really really good idea. Why criticize a strategy that worked.

    The emphasis on the destruction of the weapons is anything but juvenile. The administration knew that the situation in Yemen was deteriorating. That is why we moved a troop ship and several amphibious ships and transport equipment into the region A MONTH AGO.

    There are multiple locations that we could have had C-141s, C-17s or even a couple of c-130s there in 2hrs or less. This was a rout. The Entire American presence was given the order to abandon their posts. The weapons prove that. We do not dismantle an embassy in a few hours time and destroy our weapons and equipment in a planned exit.

    This whole event should be reviewed by oversight, but that is a joke with this administration.

    You stress the safety of our personnel as the priority. Where do you see that being demonstrated as having taken place?

    They fled in the suburban’s to the airport and were forced to disarm and board foreign civilian carriers. Yes this rout was done low profile, but there was no safety in this, there was panic. Someone pulled the plug and ordered an immediate retreat. That is the protocol that they followed. Destroy everything and get out by all means possible.

    You also stress when a country is falling apart. Except Yemen didn’t fall apart. There is no fighting in the streets. On the Hooties side this was a smooth transition of them taking control.

    The people we were working with surrendered to the Iranian backed Hooties and we were told to get out. It’s a miracle that we were allowed to leave without bloodshed.

    You don’t address any of the issues of what happened.

    I’ll address your Arab Winter in my next comment.

  32. you also need to watch the second part with Krauthammer it’s only 6min and he of course points things out much better than I.

  33. The personnel were evacuated safely.

    I won’t second guess it.

    We can’t prop up every government that we like or push back every movement that we don’t like. We are not the puppet-master on the hill. Some may wish that we were, but we are not.

  34. It should be clear to all that Islam — the faith of one-fifth of humanity — is consistent with democratic rule. Democratic progress is found in many predominantly Muslim countries — in Turkey and Indonesia, and Senegal and Albania, Niger and Sierra Leone. Muslim men and women are good citizens of India and South Africa, of the nations of Western Europe, and of the United States of America.

    More than half of all the Muslims in the world live in freedom under democratically constituted governments. They succeed in democratic societies, not in spite of their faith, but because of it. A religion that demands individual moral accountability, and encourages the encounter of the individual with God, is fully compatible with the rights and responsibilities of self-government.

    Yet there’s a great challenge today in the Middle East. In the words of a recent report by Arab scholars, the global wave of democracy has — and I quote — “barely reached the Arab states.” They continue: “This freedom deficit undermines human development and is one of the most painful manifestations of lagging political development.” The freedom deficit they describe has terrible consequences, of the people of the Middle East and for the world. In many Middle Eastern countries, poverty is deep and it is spreading, women lack rights and are denied schooling. Whole societies remain stagnant while the world moves ahead. These are not the failures of a culture or a religion. These are the failures of political and economic doctrines.

    As the colonial era passed away, the Middle East saw the establishment of many military dictatorships. Some rulers adopted the dogmas of socialism, seized total control of political parties and the media and universities. They allied themselves with the Soviet bloc and with international terrorism. Dictators in Iraq and Syria promised the restoration of national honor, a return to ancient glories. They’ve left instead a legacy of torture, oppression, misery, and ruin.

    Other men, and groups of men, have gained influence in the Middle East and beyond through an ideology of theocratic terror. Behind their language of religion is the ambition for absolute political power. Ruling cabals like the Taliban show their version of religious piety in public whippings of women, ruthless suppression of any difference or dissent, and support for terrorists who arm and train to murder the innocent. The Taliban promised religious purity and national pride. Instead, by systematically destroying a proud and working society, they left behind suffering and starvation.

    Many Middle Eastern governments now understand that military dictatorship and theocratic rule are a straight, smooth highway to nowhere. But some governments still cling to the old habits of central control. There are governments that still fear and repress independent thought and creativity, and private enterprise — the human qualities that make for a — strong and successful societies. Even when these nations have vast natural resources, they do not respect or develop their greatest resources — the talent and energy of men and women working and living in freedom.

    GW Bush, 2003

    He spoke in good faith and with a good heart – and got it completely wrong, as did Obama. He was for the Arab Spring before there was an Arab Spring.

    Any and all failures of US policy in the Middle East are deeply bipartisan. I see nearly zero policy differences in GW Bush / Obama policies towards the Arab Spring or in antiterrorist policy. Fox News and Dick Cheney etc are seeking to rewrite history, but the facts are not friendly to their case.

  35. As for the Arab Winter.

    The disaster of how we have handled the events over the past 5 years have been a total disgrace.

    Yes every president our entire lives has promoted democracy, but the past 5 years can only be blamed ONLY on this administration. No one else can be blamed for this disaster.

    Now hear me out. The seizing of control of this region by radical islam is the fault of the people that live in the region. The threat it posses to the rest of the world is ours.

    The stance that this administration has taken has encouraged the threat to expand by not holding our positions.

    The discussion was briefly touched on on another thread. “Might Makes Right” no Might sends the message of Stability.

    We have fled 3 countries. We have betrayed allies by getting involved internally in their nations with the wrong people, as in Egypt.

    By the complete removal of the American presence on the ground and a lack of response to aggression on our personnel has sent the message that we can be attacked, and attacked without consequence.

    That falls directly on Obama and his policies. He has been running things for six years. This started less than 5 years ago every decision on how we have handled ourselves are his and no one else.

    We can not and should not be or try to be in control of what happens in any nation. It can’t be done and it is not our job. Our job is the security of assets and our interests. That can be done quite easily.

    You choose to blame the withdraw from Iraq on Bush and Malaki and there is no debating you on that because you refuse to hold Obama responsible for any events in the withdraw and ongoing collapse in Iraq. I believe in this you are wrong.

    That being placed aside last week 30 Jihadist attacked an airbase in Iraq where our troops are stationed. They are there training the Iraqi air force which is a joke, but nonetheless. That attack complete with suicide bombers was stopped before it reached our personnel, but there was no response by the administration to this aggression.

    You can not point to one location in the ME where the stability has increased, and you can point to a dozen our personnel have been attacked and no response was given. That encourages the enemy.

  36. The only stable parts of the Middle East are Israel and Kurdistan.

    The Jews and Kurds are the only peoples who have shown any ability to govern their own affairs.

  37. First off Bush is not President. I find it amazing that you believe a President that served his two terms is responsible for not just his eight years but the eight years after him. While at the same time saying that the man currently in his second term is not responsible for his first term let alone his second term that he is halfway through.

    Was Bush that great of a Man that not only was he not effected by the President before and crippled by it as you say Obama has been, but he was so good and cut such a powerful presence that it has carried six years into the next Presidents Administration.

    What you claim is Bush was such a powerful figure that his presence still controls the events of the day 6 years after he retired to Texas. I don’t know how you portray GW Bush as such a man of influence and power.

    I liked Bush as a person and a politician. He was affable a poor speaker, but a decent man. In him however I saw no keystone of history like Reagan or Churchill. Yet that is the level of influence you assign to him.

  38. I only point out the undeniable fact that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Bush and Obama policies on Arab Spring, drone use, Iraq withdrawal, or anti terrorism policy in general.

    On these matters, we have effectively seen the third and fourth GW Bush terms.

    Despite the history rewriting efforts of Dick Cheney and assorted Republican spin doctors.

  39. Phantom, on February 17th, 2015 at 3:48 PM Said: Edit Comment

    The only stable parts of the Middle East are Israel and Kurdistan.

    The Jews and Kurds are the only peoples who have shown any ability to govern their own affairs

    Agreed and we’re screwing the kurds they are still waiting on their supplies.

  40. On these matters, we have effectively seen the third and fourth GW Bush terms.

    That is utter nonsense.

  41. It may not be welcome news, but it is true.

    The only significant differences in policy are

    that Obama is negotiating with Iran ( which he should be doing )


    that he is not a rubber stamp for Bibi Netanyahu ( also good )

    I will be happy to criticize Obama but I can never abandon the big picture.

  42. I do thank you for responding. Listen to the other piece there are parts you’ll enjoy.

    What worries me about your position is it provides an excuse for inaction and a refusal that a president has the ability with the office to address shifting events that are occurring at the moment.

    He has the greatest set of tools at his fingertips on the planet to deal with whatever is occurring. He portray Obama as a eunuch bound by the constraints of his predecessor, no president is.

  43. good conversation.

    I have to slow down a few minutes. I’m not having a good morning physically so please bear with me.

  44. Dave- it is a good article, Troll linked to it a couple of days ago, the way ISIS differ in ideology and practice from other jihadi groups like Al Qaeda explains a lot about the approach they have taken.

  45. I want to ask. When you watched this video did you feel comfortable? I didn’t.

    The internal politics of our country are always dirty and a mess. I disagree with everything that this group of politicians on both sides has been engaged in. Our foreign policy however I would like to be able to feel some sort of confidence with.

    I didn’t like Bill Clinton, but I didn’t view him as incompetent on maintaining the nations security. Obama is.

    His actions have encouraged attacks on us here at home.

  46. Troll

    You –absolutely– regarded Clinton as bad on security.

    On these pages, you repeatedly have said that Clinton ordered missile strikes solely to divert attention from the Lewinsky affair – a view that put you on the same page as Arab and Russian conspiracy guys on that one

    Clinton tried to do something about Al Queda and you criticized him for it!!

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