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53 thoughts on “some things speak for themselves….

  1. Bibi won his mandate.

    All the polls, all those in the “know” had Netanyahu losing. They said his speach to the US hurt him. They said his hard line on Security over economics hurt him.

    Everyone said it except the Israeli people. Add to that fact that Bibi called for this election. He could have served 2 more years. He fired his coalition partners and demanded this election to get his mandate and 6 more years to get it done.

    He is the first man to ever be elected 4 Times as the Israeli Prime Minister.

    God bless you Bibi and today the world is a safer than it would be without him, the only real government leader in any nation of the West.

  2. Let’s go through the obvious bullshit in that statement.

    Everyone said they thought that Zionist Union would come in first but that Netanyahu would have an easier time forming a coalition. While Likud came first it has mostly done so at the expense of its obvious coalition partners. So even an imporvement for Likud doesn’t actually make it’s coalition building job any easier. It still ends up relying on Moshe Kahlon.

    “Everyone said it except the Israeli people.”

    Except they didn’t. The Israeli hard right (Likud, Bayit Yehudi and Yachad), the sort that were arguing security over economics, were all polling collectively at about 36-40 seats. They ended up with 38 seats. Likud did better than expected. But all of their extra votes, all of their extra seats they took from allies.

    “He is the first man to ever be elected 4 Times as the Israeli Prime Minister.”

    David Ben-Gurion won in 1949, 1951, 1955, 1959 and 1961.

  3. Netanyahu has WON the Israeli election ..

    The BBC is expected to go into five days of mourning with immediate effect.

  4. Harri, on March 18th, 2015 at 11:25 AM Said:

    Netanyahu has WON the Israeli election ..

    The BBC is expected to go into five days of mourning with immediate effect.

    Along with Obama and his bunch of Leftards.

  5. Troll’s idea of dialogue is a right wing figure giving the middle figure presenting the middle finger.

    As Republican idol GW Bush did

    As presented for years on the masterwork blog

    The City Troll,

    one of the finest works in the English language.

  6. Phantom, on March 18th, 2015 at 11:51 AM Said:

    a right wing figure giving the middle figure presenting the middle finger.

    The Labour party are not right wing, and they done exactly that to the British public for over 13 years 😉

    And still are.

  7. It’s a landslide, I tells yiz.

    He’s the spokesman for all the Jews, I mean Israelis.

  8. sometimes Phantom the middle finger is the appropriate dialog.

    In this case and in GWs case it fit. You can bitch and moan all you want, GWs second election and this one for Bibi have one thing in common, they are both war votes.

    GWs second election was a referendum on the war. That is what the left pushed it as, that is how they ran their campaign. They lost.

    The same thing with Bibi. Hell the left in his country was even aided by the left in this country, guess what Bibi won.

    The world is at war. The Middle East is on fire with Muslims killing each other to see which faction is going to Lead the attack against the rest of the world, and the idiot we have in the White House is negotiating deals with the number one state sponsor of terror. He says don’t worry it’s a great deal. Of course we can’t read it until it’s signed.

    So yeah you get the middle finger from the conservative right. Because it is the appropriate response to the lefts lunacy…. so says the people with votes.

  9. The people of Pennsylvania and the rest of the US who elected Obama twice are right wingers giving the finger to the liberals?

    How confused is that?

  10. hey EP name the Political party that has won a majority in any of the 20 Elections that have been held in Israel. When you find the answer you get back to me.

    In the mean time three times in a row four times total. More than anyone else in history.

  11. So yeah you get the middle finger from the conservative right. Because it is the appropriate response to the lefts lunacy…. so says the people with votes.

    The left do not like losing.

  12. “In the mean time three times in a row four times total. More than anyone else in history.”

    Utter bollocks. David Ben-Gurion won in 1949, 1951, 1955, 1959 and 1961.

    So encase you can’t count that is 5 times. In a row.

  13. Phantom if you want to break it down that every time I spout conservatism that Pennsylvania went democrat well go right ahead. It means nothing.

    Pa is A)a Union State loaded with Union workers that have no jobs because they drove all the industry out of the state, yet they vote them there Democrats in because they’ll get them work… knuckle dragging maroons. And B)we have two major Cities crammed full of people of color that have a voting percentage of 120% of the population voting even when the candidate isn’t black.

    Carvel described Pa best…. look it up.

    It’s ok though cause we are the number one Gun ownership state in the Country… stick that in your pipe and smoke it when your trying to figure Pa out, but I forgot you know everything don’t ya. You must of read it in the NYT or heard it on Al Jezeera…. lol

  14. What is Ben Gurion compared to Bibi? After all it was Bibi who founded the state, and who parted the Red Sea and all that.


    I suspect that a Ryanair transatlantic service will be very successful. O’Leary is a seriously competent executive, and Ryanair is a well oiled machine in its own way. If I were British or Aer Lingus or a US airline, I’d be concerned. This guy ate their lunch in Europe, and he will soon steal their dinner on the NY flights.

  15. well Seamus if that’s true and I don’t doubt you, than the News got the 4 times thing wrong. Seeing it came from cnn at 2am local time I should have known it was wrong before I repeated it.

    Thank you I stand corrected.

  16. If Bibi completes this term (not exactly a given as he has only ever finished a full term as Prime Minister once) then he will become both the longest continuously serving Prime Minister in Israeli history, and the longest serving Prime Minister in total years.

    Maybe that is what they meant.

  17. eww listen to the bitterness coming off of you Phantom.

    You really are distraught. That’s a shame.

    Phantom Bibi won in-spite of inflation, in-spite of all the crap thrown at him some of which was legitimate. The attacks on him over speaking to our congress were wrong. They helped him more than anything at home.

    The night before the election the Jordanian news broadcast that they were concerned of an imminent attack from IZZY in Jordan. That broadcast was heard all over Israel.

    Despite personality flaws or economics the people trust Bibi to keep them safe. That’s what won the election.

  18. Might have been Seamus, at 2am watching a channel that wasn’t really happy the guy won I should have double checked what the info babe said. I’m sure she probably was told exactly what you just wrote and put her own spin on it.

    It was something I hadn’t looked up myself.

  19. oh we are counting the “didn’t votes” are we?

    Phantom it was an extremely high turnout. Everyone had the man losing, you and A Million others were rooting for him to lose, but like we have to accept that Obama won. You have to accept that Netanyahu won.

  20. What Phantom meant Troll was that 77% of the people who voted didn’t vote for Likud.

    If we were to take the entirety of the electorate, instead of just those who voted, into account then 84% of people didn’t vote for Likud.

  21. //The attacks on him over speaking to our congress were wrong. They helped him more than anything at home.//

    Just a day or two ago you were saying they harmed him.

  22. no Seamus where technically you’re right. That didn’t vote thing is a new spin line from the left.

    When the republicans took control of the Senate and the House Obama said he got his mandate to keep carrying out his agenda from all those that DIDN’T vote.

    Phantom was trying to go down a line of spin.

  23. because Noel everything I read said that that talk harmed him. It was one of the primary reasons he was losing in the polls a day or to ago.

    Funny thing though the people that voted said in the exit polls that the speech was one of things that swayed them.

  24. I don’t really by into the didn’t vote arguments either.

    But equally of the people who did vote only 23% backed Likud. 77% of the people who voted didn’t vote for Likud.

    It isn’t exactly a defining mandate. While no Israeli party has ever won a majority (Ma’arakh briefly had an inter election majority in 1969) most of the parties of government have had a substantial amount of the vote (pretty much up until Bibi).

    1949 – Mifleget Poalei Eretz Yisrael (Mapai) – 35.7%
    1951 – Mifleget Poalei Eretz Yisrael (Mapai) – 37.3%
    1955 – Mifleget Poalei Eretz Yisrael (Mapai) – 32.2%
    1959 – Mifleget Poalei Eretz Yisrael (Mapai) – 38.2%
    1961 – Mifleget Poalei Eretz Yisrael (Mapai) – 34.7%
    1965 – Ma’arakh – 36.7%
    1969 – Ma’arakh – 46.7%
    1969 – Ma’arakh – 46.7%
    1973 – Ma’arakh – 39.6%
    1977 – Likud – 33.4%
    1981 – Likud – 37.1%
    1984 – Ma’arakh – 34.9%
    1988 – Likud – 31.1%
    1992 – Mifleget Avoda Yisraelit – 34.7%
    1996 – Likud/Gesher/Tzomet – 25.1% – Bibi’s first election win
    1999 – Yisrael Ahat – 20.2%
    2003 – Likud – 29.4%
    2006 – Kadima – 22%
    2009 – Likud – 21.6%
    2013 – Likud Yisrael Beiteinu – 23.4%
    2015 – Likud – 23.3%

  25. actually Seamus I believe this is the first election he actually came in first place.

    I believe he never placed Higher than 2nd. The thing is with the Israeli government hell It’s probably more like the British Parliament than anything here in the US. They cobble together coalitions. You know ahead of time who your group is going to align with.

    There was a huge Arab turnout this election. Largest one ever (they say) They won 20% of the seats and they weren’t for Netanyahu. That get out the vote effort was done by the Obama V15 group.

    Netanyahu made his coalition promises last week and lined up the inter-party votes as part of his base. People are speculating forming the government will take weeks. I doubt it.

    So just as Bibi was counting on which of the other parties were going to line up with him so was Herzog.

  26. The ( Jewish ) wisecrack is that if you have two Jews, you will see three opinions. Israel is built on those lines. A robust democracy of many views.

    Netanyahu clearly made an impressive 11th-hour surge since the pre-election polls of last week. It is hard to know what is more depressing: that Netanyahu went for the gutter in the last few days in order to salvage his campaign — renouncing his own commitment to a two-state solution with the Palestinians and race-baiting Israeli Jews to get out and vote because, he said, too many Israeli Arabs were going to the polls — or the fact that this seemed to work.

    To be sure, Netanyahu could reverse himself tomorrow. As the Yediot Ahronot columnist Nahum Barnea wrote: Netanyahu’s promises are like something “written on ice on a very hot day.” But the fact is a good half of Israel identifies with the paranoid, everyone-is-against-us, and religious-nationalist tropes Netanyahu deployed in this campaign. That, along with the fact that some 350,000 settlers are now living in the West Bank, makes it hard to see how a viable two-state solution is possible anymore no matter who would have won.

    ( Friedman )

  27. He came in first in 2013. Likud Yisrael Beiteinu won 31 seats, of which 20 were Likud. It put them just ahead of Yesh Atid on 19.

    As per the coalitions the UK is not coalition friendly (the current coalition is an anomaly). But yeah in most coalition countries there are obvious blocs. In this election the blocs where:

    Pro Bibi – Likud & Bayit Yehudi – combined for 38 seats
    Anti Bibi – Mahane Zioni, Yesh Atid & Meretz – combined for 39 seats

    There are then two parties that are broadly right wing (one is very right wing the other centre right) and so would be more at home with Likud but both of the party leaders have huge personal problems with Bibi

    Middle – Kulanu & Yisrael Beiteinu – 16 seats

    You also then have the sectoral interests.

    Arabs – Reshima Meshutefet – 14 seats
    Haredim – Shas & Yahadut Hatorah Meukhedet – 13 seats

    In order to form a coalition Bibi needs to keep his entire camp (should be easy), convince the entirety of Haredim to join him (again should be easy but could make things like budget negotiations very difficult), and both Kulanu and Yisrael Beiteinu to join him (again should be relatively easy but there is a lot of personal animosity there).

    All told it will probably be a broadly neo-liberal coalition (but will have some key left wing provisions due to the Haredim), with Moshe Kahlon and Lieberman in positions of high importance (Kahlon will probably be Deputy Prime Minister and Finace Minister, with Lieberman either as Foreign Minister or Defence).

  28. so says one of the prophets of the holy NYTs….

    Friedman was once a good analyst from Beirut to Jerusalem was an excellent book. What he has become however is a joke and just another mouthpiece.

  29. Seamus I’ll lay dollars to donuts that Bibi already made the deals he needed to make with Kulanu & Beiteinu with the proviso that if he pulled off the victory who would get what.

    I know he met with Kulanu last week, I didn’t hear that he a meeting with Beiteinu.

    I’m banking that most of the pieces were hammered out before the first vote was cast. Remember this election was Bibi’s choice. He had to prove he could deliver or walk away. He told them this is what we are going to do, these are the policies we are going to concentrate on. There were a lot of objections in his government to his positions.

    So he fired his cabinet and put out the ultimatum that they would have an election. If he won they would do it his way, if he lost he would walk. Well he won.

  30. the loooonitic left Phantom.

    Friedman’s ship left the dock of reality in the early 2000s.

  31. But it doesn’t work that way. He has to maintain a coalition with 6 different parties with pretty much a situation that if any of them walk away then it collapses the government. Keeping it together will be very difficult.

    Firstly Bibi pisses people off. It is a simple as that. He is not a pleasant man on a personal level and he alienates even his most natural supporters.

    Secondly there will be political differences. Likud, Bayit Yehudi, Kaluna and Yisrael Beiteinu are all broadly free market neo-liberals. Shas and YTJ are more interventionist economically. Keeping all his partners happy economically (especially as four of them serve particular sectional interests – Settlers, Russians, Sephardic Haredim and Ashkenazi Haredim – and so could through the teddy out of the plan if their section don’t get special considerations) will be very difficult.

    There is also the Tal law. Bayit Yehudi and Yisrael Beiteinu are very much so pro Tal reform (getting Haredim to serve in the IDF). Kaluna pitched their tent to a couple of liberals during the campaign and so some of their MKs will also be very pro Tal reform. On the other side the it is a red line issue for the Haredim.

  32. What lunatic left positions does Friedman hold?

    The left does not even like him, because he is pro Israel and pro free trade. For a time, he was pro Iraq War.

  33. Seamus yes it will be difficult to keep together which was the purpose of this election in the first place.

    This election took place now because Bibi wanted it to take place now. He could not allow his differences with the current administration in Washington to allow his country to be put in danger. His dispute with the Obama administration and the leverage of the economic issues was causing him to many problems to maintain control of Israel until the regime in Washington changes.

    By having his election now he solidified his position until the reigns of power in Washington change hands. He bought himself solid control for the next two years. That at least is his strategy, and from the looks of things he pulled it off.

  34. Again that isn’t necessarily true. First and foremost it is assuming that the next President of the United States will be more pro-Israel than Obama is. You can’t guarantee that. Secondly it is assuming that he can hold his coalition together, in the face of the economic challenges, social differences and increasing international isolation, for two years.

    He could only hold his last coalition together for about 18 months.

  35. Phantom I enjoy Friedman’s books I’ve read most of them.

    His verbal and written commentary suffered severe Bush derangement syndrome after the beginning of the Iraq war, add to that he is a green energy wackjob.

    He has the right view of the problem with oil, but the wrong solutions.

  36. no one knows what will happen here in the states.

    I believe what he just did was guarantee his control until we all do know. On that point the whole world is holding it’s breath.

    18mths from now it will be decided. These next 18mths are all he has to worry about for now.

  37. I think you also overestimate the level of control an Israeli Prime Minister has. It isn’t the sort of control the US President has or even a British Prime Minister has. Bibi will be beholden to his coalition partners. They will be picking the tune as much as he will, especially Moshe Kahlon.

  38. no doubt, the amount of control however was just what this election was about.

    He was having a hard time. Then they all started to move against him. Then the spinmeisters convinced everyone he was lost. Yet he won so lets see how the next week pans out.

  39. Seamus thank you for the conversation.

    I’m going to take a break now, because as the title of this post states some things speak for themselves.

    Ernest’s actions on the other thread do just that. I need to step away.

  40. Bibi will continue the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank and wait for a Neo-Con GOP POTUS and then he will attack Iran. WW3 could well be the result:

    “In the closing days of the campaign, Netanyahu promised that as long as he was prime minister he would block a Palestinian state and would continue building Jewish settlements on what international law recognizes as Palestinian land.

    To further rally his right-wing Jewish base, Netanyahu warned that “Arab voters are streaming in huge quantities to the polling stations” – an alarm similar to racist politicians in the United States motivating the white vote with claims about loads of blacks being bused to the polls. With his crude appeal, Netanyahu undermined the longstanding denial that Zionism is a form of racism.

    Even before Netanyahu’s last-minute histrionics, he had exploited his relationship with the United States to burnish his reputation as a world leader by appearing for a record-tying third time as a foreign leader addressing a joint session of the U.S. Congress. (Only Great Britain’s Winston Churchill had appeared three times before Congress.)

    Acting as almost a stand-in for the President of the United States, Netanyahu gave what amounted to a faux State of the Union address filled with scary tales about Iran and with dire warnings against international negotiations seeking to ensure that Iran’s nuclear program remains peaceful.

    Though some Democrats boycotted the speech because it represented an unprecedented insult to an American president, the Republican majority and many Democrats gave Netanyahu more than 40 ovations as they cheered his vitriolic attacks on Iran and his denunciations of the negotiations supported by President Barack Obama. [See Consortiumnews.com’s “Congress Cheers Netanyahu’s Hatred of Iran.”]

    Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran

    Then, last weekend, a prominent neoconservative Joshua Muravchik admitted that the almost certain outcome of Netanyahu’s scuttling of the negotiations would be to bomb Iran. Muravchik laid out this scenario in a Washington Post article headlined “War is the only way to stop Iran” in print editions and “War with Iran is probably our best option” online.

  41. I see bibi has already given the finger to principal and the people who voted for him.

    He is every inch a politician

  42. As the Yediot Ahronot columnist Nahum Barnea wrote: Netanyahu’s promises are like something “written on ice on a very hot day

    Boy didn’t take long for that to be proven true!

  43. ethnic cleansing…. right there shows you to be an ignorant ass Peter.

    Let me ask you How many Jews in Gaza? How many Jews have the right to vote in Gaza? How many Jews are protected equally by the law in Gaza?

    The answer to all those questions NONE ZERO NADA!

    Yet there are 100s of thousands of Arabs in Israel, 100s of thousands of Arabs have the right to vote in Israel, 100s of thousands of Arabs are protected equally by the law in Israel.

    When you make claims and false accusations like you just did it shows how truly ignorant and dangerous people like you are. Yes dangerous.

    Facts mean nothing to you, reality means nothing to you.

    Fault can be found with plenty of Israels policies. You could easily advocate for the Palestinians on legitimate grounds, but because people like YOU make statements like that, that have no basis in truth. You clear the path for people like Allan to line the Jews up and shove them in an oven.

    And don’t scoff, it is people like you that allowed it to grow and helped it fester in the 30s. You are just repeating history.

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