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Marco Rubio, freshman Republican Senator from Florida, has jumped into the pool of candidates for the Presidency.  However, no matter how many times he shouts Marco I don’t think many voters will be caught shouting Rubio back.

Rubio as a candidate provides Republicans with something many of their recent candidates don’t have, and that is the ability to appear on screen and not immediately repell voters from the other half of the country.  As a young man of 43, who just paid off his college loans in 2012, married with 4 kids, he brings a spirit of youth that wasn’t exactly flourishing in the campaigns of Bush Senior, Dole and MCain.  Plus he is Latino, the favored right wing kind (Cuban), and let’s face it the GOP could use a little salsa instead of their usual mayo.  Plus he is a Catholic who attends Protestant services which may raise an eyebrow in the Bible Belt, but not both eyebrows like Romney Mormonism did.

He also hits most of the trees in the right world forest, prolife, pro-Gitmo, pro-Gun, pro military, pro torture of noncombatants for intelligence purposes, anti gay marriage, and anti-science.  Ordinarily that list would make him a tea party poster boy, but he stepped on his dick when he supported modest immigration reform and the howlers on the right called for his head.  He has since backtracked on his immigration stance, so much and so quickly you think he is talking about someone else when he disavow it.  In any event it hurt him with the loud part of his party, and I doubt they will forgive him as a Presidential candidate, though they might very well as the Vice Presidential candidate.

Rubio is giving up a rather safe Senate seat to run for an office, the Presidency, that he can’t believe he would win.  Thus I think he wants to be Vice President.  As a younger Latino male he offers not just freshness to a ticket, but real inroads into the critical State of Florida.

Personally I find him rather empty.  His sspeeches are notably content free in an error notorious for content free speeches. Even in the age of Hillary Cinton, the content free Queen.  I’d like to think the child of immigrants wouldn’t become so intolerant of immigrants, but he has always been a tad kooky on the issue.  His parents left Cuba BEFORE Fidel, a fact he glossed over until it was found out.

So I think Marco Rubio is positioning himself to be VP, which would allow him to gain necessary experience (his resume makes Obama look like a village elder), and he could launch a later campaign for the Presidency.  Let us see.

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22 thoughts on “Over Here – The Man Who Would Be Vice President

  1. Not a bad way to look at it.

    I agree that there is no way that this guy, who has never run anything, wins a national election for president, but that he could be a ( deeply cynical ) choice as Vice President. He could help in Florida, but I doubt that he helps anywhere else.

    Now, if only the Republicans had any realistic timber for the top of the ticket.

    Of course, if Jeb Bush gets the nomination, Rubio can’t be the VP candidate, as the VP must be from another state than the presidential candidate.

  2. Jeb Bush is in a way just as ” hispanic ” as this guy is.

    Jeb speaks perfect Spanish, is married to a Mexican American ( there are of course many more Mexican Americans than Cuban Americans ) , and lived in Venezuela I believe for two years.

  3. Jeb is dead he’s not getting anything, and Marco is good but Mahons called it. He stepped on his dick and pissed off half the people who vote in primaries.

    The positives on Rubio is he spans both sides of the internal party. He is a washington inside the beltway politician. He has been groomed for the job he is the non family heir of the Bush Dynasty. Jeb and the Bush machine mentored him coming up in Florida.

    He also apeals to the fundemtal wing of the party and I will steel and repeat Mahons words.
    He also hits most of the trees in the right world forest, prolife, pro-Gitmo, pro-Gun, pro military, pro torture of noncombatants for intelligence purposes, anti gay marriage, and anti-science. Ordinarily that list would make him a tea party poster boy, but he stepped on his dick when he supported modest immigration reform and the howlers on the right called for his head.

    That fuck up scared him mortally for the lead spot this election, but make no mistake until that faux-paw he was the Tea Party’s golden boy. They looked at the gang of 8 thing as a betrayal that they will not soon forget. I mean christ he joined with McCain. He tainted himself.

  4. Mahons, I feel your anger and I find this very interesting. I guess Rubio really does stand a chance.

  5. Pro-gun, pro-war, pro-Wall Street, anti-science, anti-choice. So identical to the other GOP wannabes, no?

  6. He’s a small government guy except when he thinks that the votes are with big government

  7. As shit as our general elections are, at least we’re only put through six weeks of mind-numbing tedium and shameless lies. I see polling day in the US is 8th November … 2016. That’s 19 months away!

    What an extraordinary waste of time, resources and hot air.

    Anyway, I see that Rubio is backed by Bill Kristol, friend of Mossad, friend of many a powerful man, and son of neocon-in-chief Irving. Just saying.

  8. Billionaire Casino Magnate Sheldon Aldelson’s Israeli Paper Is Obsessed With Marco Rubio

    Flim-flam man, meet flim-flam man.

    For years, Republicans who aspire to the presidency have sought the support of Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino magnate and GOP mega-donor. Adelson spent $150 million backing Republicans during the 2012 election cycle, and the candidate who secures his support this time around will get a big boost in a crowded GOP field. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who announced his campaign on Monday, already has one billionaire backer—Norman Braman, a Miami car dealer. But Rubio also seems to have impressed Adelson himself.

    Israel-watchers on Twitter have pointed out that Israel Hayom, the daily newspaper owned by Adelson, has been particularly interested in the junior senator from Florida

  9. Apart from Rand Paul, is there a single candidate who is not a neocon? And that includes Hillary of course, and gives Rand the benefit of the doubt.

  10. There is not a single “neocon” running. A Neocon is a Jew that used to be a Liberal and became a staunch Conservative.

    When you grasp the terminology you might get closer to understanding the candidates, but as long as your asking democrat liberals which Republicans might have a chance which is what you’re doing when ask Mahons and others you’ll continue to not understand anything.

  11. //is there a single candidate who is not a neocon? And that includes Hillary of course//

    The reemergence of neocons so soon after the fiasco of the Iraq war is as strange really as the emergence of a Barack Hussein so soon after 9-11.

    Great stuff, Mahons, and a big Welcome Back to the legendary Over Here series.
    I’m looking forward to more reports on the candidates as they emerge.

  12. it is nice to see Mahons actually write a post, he doesn’t do it enough. The shame is on this subject the old rule of computers applies.

    GIGO garbage in, garbage out.

    The German thinks he’s cute saying The reemergence of neocons after the only Conservative in the room points out that using that term just makes you look like an uninformed ass, he uses it exactly because he was told it was wrong.

    What do you expect with Noel though he can’t help himself, it is who he is.

    The shame is he’s not alone. Several of you think it’s a descriptive term and only slightly derogatory to conservatives.

    Let me put it in perspective.

    What do you think of a person that calls black people niggers? Do you consider them well reasoned people?

    The term “Neocon” is the same thing. You will hear the term used amongst the left, but always just between themselves never with a conservative in the room. It’s like a group of ignorant white boys using the “N” word amongst themselves but the second a blackman enters the room they wouldn’t dare.

    Half of you are like Noel however and will yell Neocon at conservatives the way inbreds would yell nigger at a bunch of Blacks. (as long as they are in a larger group or at a safe distance)

    So think about that. Every time you use neocon to describe a conservative the conservative and any other reasonable people hear the word nigger, and you are looked at and thought of the same way someone who uses the N word is thought of.

    No go forth proudly calling people niggers, spics, neocons since your fathers married their sisters I guess you can’t help yourselves.

  13. Troll – please increase your meds and decrease the hostile comments. Profanity is most effective when used sparingly or humerously. Thank you.

  14. I have not used profanity unsparingly.

    It’s sad that you choose not to discuss points of disagreement. However seeing that you lack the ability to do so objecting to “language” is about all you have.

    Here wait I’ll turn off the spellcheck then you can really ignore the salient points and concentrate on the proper spelling and usage of your/you’re….

  15. Rand Paul is more interesting than the other GOP contenders, and is far more interesting than his daddy.

    He is reaching out in a sustained way to black voters, which is something that Republicans don’t do enough of. They have left those voters to the Democrat Party by default.

    A significant number of blacks are religious, socially conservative and hard working. I see these people all the time, including when I’m on the subway at 6am, as they ride with me, striving, studying, working, every day.

    If Paul II or someone else can crack the code and can attract significant numbers of black strivers to the Republican side, that would be a really important development.

  16. regretfully you never fail to disappoint Mahons, surely you could do better.

    Maybe I give you more credit than you deserve

  17. That code can only be cracked by the black community itself. The only way the black american culture changes their perspective is internal evaluation. I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  18. Well, that is a very typical Republican approach to the issue, despite all the fine words that some of them sometimes speak.

    I think that coalitions can be made, and it takes two to tango, don’t ever forget that.

  19. Phantom you’re right it is a very typical Republican approach to the issue. It’s called honesty.

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

    No one outside the black culture at this point in time is going to break the cultural chains that the black community is bound with except the black community itself. For decades they have been sold a bill of goods that has destroyed their community.

    90% of Blacks are born into single parent households. The Democrat policies have destroyed the black culture in our nation. Celebration of Success through hard work, and the stability of the family have been removed from the black american societal structure.

    This can only be reversed through self evaluation and an honest assessment of where what they have been promoting to their children has led them. Until they come to that on their own the conditions in their culture will only worsen.

    No Black Democrat will vote for rand paul, and the majority of republicans won’t vote for paul either.

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