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We should stand for a minute, in memory of the day when an era of short-cuts, penny-pinching, fraud and greed was to cost eleven lives

I am not, as many will recall, overfond of mass memorials. Yes, the Two-minute Silence in Great Britain at 11 a.m. on 11th day of the 11th month to remember those who gave their lives so that we might live without tyranny is, to my mind, one of the very few exceptions to my own rule. Anything proposed or formulated by the European Union is definitely beyond the pale as far as I am concerned.

But there are times when I believe we should pause, and remember those, who by a combination of arrogance, stupidity, greed, simple corruption and fraud have lost their lives while simply doing their jobs.

A minute, if you will, for the Dead of Deepwater Horizon!




The arrogance, stupidity, greed, simple corruption and fraud are all charged against the employers, the rig owners, the well developers and the people who exposed the workers to those terrible risks! I apologise if my words were misstaken in any manner whatsoever!


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14 thoughts on “For those in peril………

  1. not really sure how to read your post Mike, but I say this.

    In sincerity I will give them a moment of silence. They earned it. They lost their lives doing their jobs for a paycheck. Sometimes the hire the paycheck the higher the risk. That is part of why men work on rigs. High risk or High Crime. These men chose high risk to fill their pockets and their lives, and I salute that.

    God bless them and may they rest in peace

  2. You need to be deaf dumb and blind to even ask that question, especially in the dangerous and polluting coal industry.

    But in the age of low oil prices and very tight budgets, take it to the bank that the oil drillers will cut corners on safety, with resultant preventable injury and pollution.

    The BP oil spill was not an accident, and the next one likely will not be either.


  3. As respects Deepwater Horizon


    From 2013 trial

    the 76-year-old Bea testified Tuesday that he had warned BP executives multiple times about improving the British oil giant’s safety procedures, beginning as early as 2001.

    The failure to act fell squarely on the “upper leadership and management of the corporation,” Bea said, “not just on the rig but the system, all the way onshore.”

    Despite the risk of drilling in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Bea testified that BP had not put in place its new operating management system — which the company has described as a major improvement in safety management — at the Macondo operation, which exploded in April 2010, killing 11 people and sending oil gushing into the Gulf. BP describes the system, implemented in 2008, as its “guiding principles and requirements for safe, reliable and compliant operations.”

    This was not any isolated incident. The fish stinks from the head.

  4. BP is the best deepwater drilling company in the world. If you believe corporations want to kill people and polute the environment you’re a wackjob.

    Shit happens, people do get lazy, corners on occasion get cut. It’s called human nature, but to imply it’s intentional would put you in the loon catagory.

  5. They don’t intentionally kill people or pollute.

    But they cut corners, and try to avoid spending money on maintenance etc.

    You and those like you who are hostile to the very idea of safety regulation at every turn are very much a part of the problem.

  6. no I’m not and to say so is nonsense.

    That is part of your problem. If someone disagrees with you “Oh you who are hostile to the very idea of safety regulation”

    do you know how much of an ass that makes you sound like?

  7. Sorry, you, and the paymasters that you follow so slavishly, have a record.

    Which in your case would be support for abolishing ( not reforming ) the EPA, and very likely every other regulatory agency.

    But you say that you oppose pollution, so isn’t that nice.


  8. Phantom

    get off the High horse because you don’t belong on one.

    You judge me saying I don’t oppose pollution yet you and your lifestyle pollutes more than any on this site. How many Airplane flights a years do you take? If you were environmentally as conscious as you say you would be doing video conferencing instead.

    But you say you oppose pollution, so isn’t that nice.


  9. So the EPA’s a good thing? Didn’t Republican Nixon set it up?

    See I keep telling everyone Nixon was great and nobody agrees with me.

    So what about ‘gate ..he should have been allowed a few murders or break ins etc. Man was a colossus. Better than Barry by a country thousand miles.

  10. Lay off BP’s they’ve paid. and paid…and paid…

    Even paying Florida hookers for loss of earnings etc…they’ve single handedly supported the local economy of half your country ever since.

  11. BP has been very bad for a very long time.

    They have a horrible reputation in the industry. They have not purchased liability insurance at all for years – a really unusual thing in that industry – because no one would want to insure them. They have had a disproportionate share of bad incidents, from the Alaska Pipeline, the Texas City refinery explosion, the Mocondo oil spill.

    Exxon learned their lesson after Exxon Valdez spill. I am not sure that BP has learned any lessons at all.

  12. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/world-wide-cabal-leaders-covering-aliens-pol-article-1.2195513

    Private message to Allan

    Lookie another conspiracy. Can you believe how wicked these globalists are?

    Paul T. Hellyer, a former Cold War era Canadian defense minister, told a group of UFO believers that a “cabal” of world government leaders has covered up proof that aliens exist.

    The 91-year-old referenced a “New World Order” and the “cabal” in his keynote speech to a packed house at the University of Calgary Saturday as part of his Disclosure Canada tour, which calls for governments to open up their UFO files

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