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The Empress of Empty Talk is running for President again.  At the moment it looks like she could win the Democratic nomination.  God Help Us.

I voted for her in her last campaign, when let’s face it, she was outflanked by Obama in the we shall overcome department.  Her caculated vote for the Iraq War also backfired in the Democratic primaries.  She was simply not the politician her husband was.  My hope she would be a more center candidate was real, the idea that she would be a better one was without merit.

The Clintons are known for their shared falsehoods and their unshared  fornication.  They have always benefitted from worse opponents on the right.  Their shameless accumulation of money from dubious sources and with a complete lack of ethics doesn’t make them stand out in a lineup of politicians across the political spectrum, but they do stand out in their core supporters willingness to ignore that fact.

Perhaps a decent candidate will emerge to counter her this time, but I have my doubts.  If anyone can provide an original thought from her I would be obliged.  She clearly wants a vapid and shallow campaign in which the voters support her one core belief – that she is entitled to power.

Her husband will laughingly be known as the President after Bush.  One can disagree with much about him, but no one can deny he had political skills.  Hillary just is, and she demands that be enough.  It is a demand I can not accept this time.

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3 thoughts on “Over Here – Perfidy in Perpetuity- The Clinton Campaign

  1. Well said Mahons. The presidency is becoming a prize for oligarchs, bought and paid for by their funders, not at all what the Founding Fathers intended.

    But you are right that no credible Democrat alternative is in the field. Very depressing.

  2. a sincere and honest post very nice Mahons.

    As Hillary was Secretary of State she oh excuse me the “Clinton Foundation” was receiving bribes donations from the Russians so that they could acquire 100% control of the Americab Company that supplies 20% of all our Uranium.

    Now in all fairness this deal had to be approved by the State Dept but the Entire Obama Cabinet would also have to sign off on it given that it concerned the material used for Nuclear Weapons.

  3. They are a slippery couple, those two.

    There will be much to learn about this foundation, and its donors, and the unusual contracts that the connected have received.

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