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Nothing like a big sports weekend to stir the soul.  The New York Yankees play their hated rivals the Boston Red Sox.  The Football draft is on.  A pretty good boxing match is tuned up for Saturday.  Hockey is in playoff mode and the running of the Kentucky Derby kicks off the first leg of the Triple Crown competition.

The Kentucky Derby puts me in the position of a lot of men my age, namely explaining why something that only lasts for two minutes still gives me enjoyment.  Perhaps it is the Mint Juleps.   In any event it is a fun event, even though we haven’t had  Triple Crown winner since 1978

Probably the best sporting event is my son’s soccer game.  He is five.  I am not really sure it is soccer, more like herding cats, but it is fun.  I coach, which basically involves avoiding a coronary event.  So far, so good.  So if you are on the field or in the stands this weekend, have a good time.

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11 thoughts on “Take Me Out To The Ballgame

  1. Mahons

    You blog about two underwhelming sports while the single most spectacular spectacle in professional sports occurs makes me sad for you

  2. He can only mean Toulon vs Clermont Auvergne this afternoon. BT Sport at 5pm.

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao would have been significant five years ago when they were in their prime, but Mayweather always chose his opponents wisely. It would be nice to see Pacquiao win, but Mayweather will step out of reach and win on points.

  3. I agree that Mayweather is likely to win. Yes, he has the reach advantage etc.

    Boxing is the most corrupt sport, but it can produce some of the most compelling personal stories.I admire Pacquiao greatly. If he were to find a way to win, it would be a national holiday in his beleagured homeland the Philippines. He has a punchers chance. Here’s hoping.

  4. EP/Pete, whenever I use rugby analogies or talk about games, I always get the WTF look from others. While I’m no where near the fan/follower that you guys are…we are a cult… 🙂 I mean that in the nicest of ways. In a problem-solving session onThursday I used a scrum analogy and talked about our need for a lock and a hooker. Had one Bostonian not stepped in to translate, iI might have been escorted out of the building. Nice post, Mahons.

  5. mairin2 –

    You need to beware people who give you those looks! The USA women’s team is pretty good. I imagine that rugby’s lexicon raises a smile in that dressing room.

  6. one of the only sports that I will go to a stadium to watch, there is nothing like being in the stands for a Flyers game.

  7. Ha! Proof that you can please some of the people some of the time…but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

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