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The peace process establishment looks after its own and the quango merry go round always obliges. The media reports that former PUP leader and former Marie Stopes director has applied to be the next Victims Commissioner. I thought this was a good response from Ruth Dudley Edwards…

Dawn Purvis’ background as an apologist for killers cannot be erased.  I am appalled that Dawn Purvis is to be interviewed for the job of Victims’ Commissioner.  I don’t understand how she could have thought she should apply for the job. I understand even less why her application wasn’t immediately binned.

I have nothing personally against Purvis, who is a pleasant person to meet. And although there is plenty on which I disagree with her, she has courage. But let’s go back to basics. In 1994, she joined the PUP, which was linked to the UVF as closely as Sinn Fein was linked to the IRA. She stuck with it throughout the years when, even though it claimed to be on ceasefire, it murdered something in the region of 30 people.

Like Sinn Fein spokespeople, she argues against there being a hierarchy of victims. “Hurt and pain is the same for every individual”, she has said. And so it may be, but while we still have a moral compass we have to make a distinction between those who murdered and those who were murdered, those who bombed and those who were mutilated.

Is it so difficult to explain to potential applicants that the appointment will not be open to anyone who has ever been a member of, or an apologist for, any of the paramilitary organisations that have brought misery and devastation to Ireland? And to tell Dawn Purvis that a mistake has been made and she does not qualify?

It is ludicrous that someone who spoke up for murderers and bombers should be a serious contender for the job of comforting those bereaved by them. It is also wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Ruth is right and so she can expect to be condemned. Those such as Purvis are lionised by the morally bankrupt establishment here and so we may end up with a Victim’s Commissionaire who once led a collective that created so many victims. The UVF and Red Hand Commados were utter scum and whilst Purvis was never involved with them she nonetheless postured for years as their political spokesperson.

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4 thoughts on “INAPPROPRIATE

  1. Well yes she has the right to apply for the job but I agree, NO she should not get it.

  2. So obviously Ruth thinks that no one from the UUP or DUP is suitable for the job either!

  3. Ruth Dudley Edwards is absolutely correct. Purvis has no shame in applying for this position. Then again, it probably pays well and may have support from ‘principled’ politicos.

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