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I was reading that Belgium’s Health Minister, Maggie de Block, is launching an ‘anti-obesity programme for Belgian schoolchildren’. You could not make it up.


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16 thoughts on “BELGIUMS DON’T DO IRONY

  1. Not even Monty Python could have made this up.

    I am surprised there are Belgian schoolchildren left, this morbidly obese woman looks like she has eaten most of them 😉

    I am just wasting time and effort here, this is actually way beyond parody.

  2. The photo doesn’t show it, but on the back of her strange looking overall is printed: “I Beat Anorexia”.

  3. I wouldn’t want her sitting next to me on an airplane.

    I went to university with a big fella, a farmer’s son from Cumbria. His three brothers were just as big, and I know because I met them. They told me that all four flew to Spain once, and the cabin crew spread them out across the plane. As I said, they were big.

    A bit like this fella, who was forced to pay for two seats on a flight and found that they weren’t next to each other.

    Absolutely glorious.

    Before he boarded the plane, 37stone Les Price had already been forced to pay for an extra ticket.

    The airline’s rules for passengers weighing more than 20stone required him to buy two seats for himself.

    But when he got on board, insult was added to injury. For a dismayed Mr Price found his seats for the flight to Ireland were not even next to each other – they were either side of another traveller’s seat.

    And on his return journey the situation was even more farcical, with his allocated places two rows apart.

  4. Harri

    If your computer is still playing up try taking your ‘mouse’ apart. (If you have one that is)
    The centre scroll wheel recycles dead skin & debris from your finger onto the tiny circuit board underneath and short-circuits it. Mouse and keyboard are linked electronically.
    Happened to me a few months ago. Had to clean it with a toothbrush and methanol. No more problems.

  5. We should do an ATW competition. Lets guess how many Brussell Sprouts Maggie has scoffed. I say 2,376 !

  6. Colm

    I think we would have to start to guess in the metric tonnes to get anywhere close.

  7. Belgiums Don’t Do Irony

    Actually it’s Belgians, not Blegiums. Let’s not let the Daily Mail style xenophobia carry us away.

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