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BECAUSE Friday night is Music Night: What did she wear?

Goodness I’ve been looking forward to this weekend, dear reader. It’s a jolly big one for me, taking in the two set piece sporting occasions tomorrow. I’ll be at Twickenham, Rugby HQ, first for the Bath vs Saracens Premiership finale. I hope Bath do the business. Their attacking rugby deserves success.

Assuming the rugby gods give us a result at 80 minutes, that’ll give me around 90 minutes to get from Twickenham to Wembley (Wem-ber-lee!) for the FA Cup Final between the famous Arsenal and Aston Villa. I know, London Transport, I’m asking for trouble, but I’ll be there, for Arsenal’s record 19th FA Cup Final. I’ve been to every one since my dad took me to the 1978 final. I’ve seen us win the cup a few times and I’ve come away gutted, but when your team’s in the blood painful days make the good ones sweeter. We’re the favourites with the bookies, and understandably so because we’re a better team than the Villa. But a one-off cup game is a 50/50 one and I have the feeling it’ll be tight.

So let’s have some of Kentucky’s finest with what I think is a pretty good rock n roll song. As always, feel free to share your likes and what you’ve heard.

Up the Gunners!

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  1. I hope Bath do the business. Their attacking rugby deserves success.

    Unfortunately not Pete. Saracens are the Chelsea of rugby.

    But at least the Arse did the business at Wembly 🙂

  2. Peter –

    True, Sarries are the Chelsea of rugby. They certainly demonstrated that today. What I meant is that I hoped Bath’s attacking ambitions and bravery would be rewarded with a win. But you have to do the business on the day to claim the spoils and Sarries are the deserved champions. They were superb.

    At least at Wembley I wasn’t a neutral.

    For once I’m happy to admit to being wrong. I really thought it would be a tight game, but from where I was it was never a contest.

    Right, must run, I have to watch that Sanchez goal on youtube a few hundred times …

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