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As is already widely known, I hold absolutely no opinions on, or interest in, any sporting activities at all, with the one exception being shove-halfpenny. Football, athletics, F1 racing, they are all the same to me, totally useless but amazingly profitable exercises in mass hypnosis. I mean, what pervades the brains of perfectly lucid and sensible human beings when it comes to supporting or watching ‘your team’ lose, or win? I just do not see the point. My late brother, who was the ‘sporting nutcase’ in our own family, once unguardedly asked if I had watched the ‘Triple Crown’ on television. When I replied that I had been watching a rivetting documentary upon the African Fish Eagle, he moaned that ‘I had no soul’.

Well, perhaps I lack the competitive spirit which features so much in just about all forms of sporting activity; but even a man such as I can find just a touch of humour in one town’s allegedly refreshing attitude to the volumes of crap which seem to be cascading down upon FIFA, and especially the Qatar venue for the 2022 World Cup.

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