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You trusted us on the Nazis.

You trusted us when we told you those small children would be entirely safe with our priests, despite overwhelming proof to the contrary.

You really trusted us when scandal erupted over the totally-crooked and criminal activity of the Vatican Bank.

You also trusted us before the Adoption Scandals broke in Spain and Australia.

So please, even pretty please; Trust us when we speak out on Climate Change, because we know of what we speak, and its all for the poor people, anyway! Ignore the fact that we are ordinary fallible people leading a Religion; ignore the equal fact that we quote no realistic science at all; ignore the truth that the vast majority of the science studies, statistics and volumes of so-called ‘proof’ come from sources tainted by government grants, from endorsement by crooked and venal politicians, ignore the fact that those who speak out against the Gospels of Climate Change are unbelievers, indeed even Deniers; and when you think of that awful charge against anyone that he is a ‘Denier’: just return to the One True Fold, and accept that We know what is good for both you, and the World.

Your Brother on High



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17 thoughts on “Dear People worldwide…..

  1. //You trusted us on the Nazis.//

    It’s an unfair and lazy jibe to suggest that the Catholic church sided with the Nazis.

    Although the Church was at first firmly on the side of the fascists in the epic struggle between right and left in Europe in the 1930’s, it quickly saw that the Nazis were as repugnant to Christianity as – in its eyes – Communism was.
    Until the war broke out, the Catholic church was without doubt the strongest single force opposing the Nazis, and the only force that prevented it from being totally successful with its brand of barbarism in Germany.

    At a time when Hitler was still considered a negotiating partner by all western democracies, the Pope personally issued that great encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge (With Burning Concern), had it smuggled across the Alps, distributed to the churches through the Catholic network (the Gestapo controlled the postal services) and read in all German churches on Palm Sunday.

    As the title suggests, it was an impassioned appeal specifically to Germans (it was the only Vatican encyclical ever written in German), reminding them that the Jewish scriptures had eternal validity, denouncing race as an instrument of national policy and ridiculing Hitler as a “mad prophet”.

    It was read in over 11,000 churches to packed congregations on Palm Sunday. The next day, Hitler was beside himself with fury. Nothing like that had ever been attempted against the Nazis before. Next day, the Gestapo raided all churches and confiscated the copies they found, but the church had published and distributed a third of a million copies among German Catholics and many survived.
    Ultimately, thousands of Catholic priests were arrested and ended up in concentration camps.

    The White Rose, the Stauffenberg conspiracy and many other resistance groups all later cited the church’s stance as the start of their opposition.

    Later the Vatican helped Jews and Allied POWs escape, and compromised its neutrality by giving them refuge on church property in Rome, usually under the management of that indomitable Irish priest Hugh O’Flaherty, helped by the singer Delia Murphy.

    Irish Catholics have a right to be proud of them.

    You can at least be sure that more religious went to concentration camps than conservative racists, who practically supported Hiter to a man.

  2. Thanks, Phantom.

    Whatever about our religious views, no sane person can be indifferent to the decline of organised Christianity in the west, or anywhere else.

    Yes, we all know about its many sins in Ireland and other places where it had too much power. But the Christian churches can be as good as a constitution or a supreme court in protecting society from overreaching or tyrannical government.

    The church’s strength lies in the fact that only it can, provided it’s organised enough, offer a parallel state as it were, an alternative to the official government line. As I said, the churches were the backbone to the German resistance against the Nazis (another interesting fact is that so many of the conspirators in the bomb-plot against Hitler came from the same Jesuit school, as if they required those old-school ties for the degree of trust and loyalty such an undertaking needs).

    Then the church in Poland was fearless in defying the Communists when it was still very dangerous to do so.

    Finally, the movement in E Germany that brought down the Berlin wall and an end to totalitarianism there started in the (Protestant) churches. People used to meet for church services in the evenings and then walk silently through the cities in protest, and there was nothing the regime could do to stop the movement growing.

    There are countless other examples.

    Of course it’s good that the churches lose a lot of their control over people’s lives, but from a political point of view, we also have to be very careful we’re not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  3. Mike Cunningham’s repeated attacks on the Christian churches generally and the Roman Catholics in particular, are tiresome in the extreme; even bordering on misleading propaganda.

    His first link is to the ‘American Jewish Committee’ website, a virulently anti-Christian organisation first established just after the last war, so it’s no surprise he has his head filled with hateful crap that Noel has eloquently corrected.

    Look Mike, just stick to what you know about: Ships & Engineering.
    Okay old bean?

  4. Nice work, Noel.

    The Catholic Church has made plenty of dreadful errors but it seems all objectivity has now gone out the window (certainly in Ireland) and it has become the devil itself.

    A bit of balance is most welcome.

    Nicely done, sir.

  5. Bernard, on June 16th, 2015 at 8:45 PM Said:
    …yes Harri…so you keep repeating.
    A bit like Mike in fact.


    I will pray for you 😉

  6. Harri, on June 16th, 2015 at 8:27 PM Said:

    Simple, all religion sucks

    Are you an Anti-Theist Harri?

  7. Dave.

    I do not believe in any religion, deity or supreme being.

    But, I have thought about it many times, (my wife is sort of religious, along with my girls) I suppose if, and it is a very big if, someone could prove there are ghosts/spirits and have definitive proof beyond any shadow of doubt, then I would have to rethink my stance on belief in a God. But as for religion .. it definitely sucks.

  8. Harri, on June 17th, 2015 at 7:17 PM Said:

    I do not believe in any religion, deity or supreme being.

    I already know you’re an atheist Harri that’s not what I was asking. What I was asking is; are you an anti-theist. Do you believe that religious belief is bad and we would be better off without it?

  9. I already know you’re an atheist Harri that’s not what I was asking. What I was asking is; are you an anti-theist. Do you believe that religious belief is bad and we would be better off without it?


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