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I re-made my will this week. When I say re-made, I went to a professional; a solicitor, who happily pointed out the pitfalls of home-made legal documents, laughed gently and signed me up. When a man gets to my time of life, and have seen the signs, and read the runes, you get the message that it might be the best thing to get your affairs in order. I also commenced the generation of a Lasting Power of Attorney so that , if my time comes early, my wife’s affairs are in the hands of my daughter and my sons; and not subject to the whims of the so-called civil servants who run an uncaring, cold and grasping Court of Protection.

After signing my Last Will and Testament, I thought it appropriate to meander through nine-odd years of blogging, and to select the one post which ‘rang all the bells’ for myself at least. I have written, harangued, fulminated, and wondered; but the Post which did indeed make me proudest is one regarding the most precious beings I have nurtured; namely, my family. I reproduce it here, just because!


A true panorama


Once in a while, when I view my world in a rosy light, and consider what my life and my world has given me, instead of what I have lost, I take the time to glance out my front door; and view the true glories which could not have been captured by a Constable, or a Canaletto, because those views last all too briefly.



I balance the positives and the true treasures of my own life, which can be catalogued as three strong, intelligent, successful and vibrant adult family members, along with the added bonus of three noisy grandsons; against the negatives, of which I have written previously.

I hope, when the time comes for remembrance, and for long after, my sons and daughter will speak of me kindly, remembering my awful jokes in between reminiscence  of a man, and a father, who did his best.


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8 thoughts on “Intimations of Mortality

  1. Troll,

    Nope, its just whats on the tin; no hidden messages, just a hope that I shall be viewed as I hope I have lived.

  2. Well done, Mike. Wise decision.

    But it’s never too late to look forward.
    As they say, you will never again be as young as you are now. Go for it!

  3. Mahons,

    Not sole heir, obviously family comes first; He is however mentioned; he gets an extra-stong pair of boots, so he can continue to stamp all over the politicians who continue to betray Northern Ireland.

  4. Ah! – sunset, always a good time for contemplation, whether at the end of a good day, a good year or a good life, – especially for us ‘seniors’. Of course contemplation covers a large field, from satisfaction with time well spent through to regrets for those times when things just don’t go according to plan, for us ‘old ‘uns’ we have the added dimension of wondering how we will be remembered by our kith and kin when the inevitable happens.

    For most of us the desire to have our name in lights or other such nonsense, is no more than of trivial consequence, it is really all about family, and how they will remember us, – and quite rightly so, for are they not the real reason, one might say, the one and only reason, why any of us are here?

    Their memories of us are as much a part of their inheritance as any worldly goods we may have passed on to them, for most us, as we reach our personal ‘sunset’, it is the prime concern, after all, is it not how well we are remembered by those we have loved and cared for is really the one and only true summation of our lives – and is it not everyone’s ambition to have made the most of our short time here?

    Memories may be intangible, but are nonetheless very long lasting… Nice post Mike!

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