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Thought this was interesting.

Barack Obama pushed his Iranian nuclear deal today in a major speech in Washington DC. During his speech he compared the Iranian “hardliners” to the Republican Caucus.

Interesting. Does Obama then think that the GOP seeks to wipe Israel “off the map”? Does Obama think that the GOP seeks regional military supremacy in the ME? Just WHAT does Obama think? I notice that he has also gone on record suggesting that to vote AGAINST his deal with the Mullahs it would mean war. So, in effect, he is the Iranian’s biggest asset.

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  1. To “wipe Israel off the map”? I’d thought that mistranslation had been clarified on ATW recently. Here it is again:


    My recent comment piece explaining how Iran’s president was badly misquoted when he allegedly called for Israel to be “wiped off the map” has caused a welcome little storm. The phrase has been seized on by western and Israeli hawks to re-double suspicions of the Iranian government’s intentions, so it is important to get the truth of what he really said.

    So there we have it. Starting with Juan Cole, and going via the New York Times’ experts through MEMRI to the BBC’s monitors, the consensus is that Ahmadinejad did not talk about any maps. He was, as I insisted in my original piece, offering a vague wish for the future.

    A very last point. The fact that he compared his desired option – the elimination of “the regime occupying Jerusalem” – with the fall of the Shah’s regime in Iran makes it crystal clear that he is talking about regime change, not the end of Israel. As a schoolboy opponent of the Shah in the 1970’s he surely did not favour Iran’s removal from the page of time. He just wanted the Shah out.

  2. Since when does the US own the world and get to dictate terms to the rest of us?

    Except for the western Taliban most of the world seems reasonably satisfied with the deal.

  3. EP , To answer your question ; it is when an entire country suffers from a psychosis , in this case delusions of grandeur . It is demonstrated by the American claim to Exceptionalism , which must be the worlds greatest delusion .

  4. EP

    As eloquent and succinct as thedoctor1 may have been in answering your question, he really isn’t qualified to answer at all, not having been fortunate enough to have been born in the USA. Such questions should be addressed to Troll, and Troll alone.

    (Laughs up sleeve)

  5. This is quite simple. Congress will defeat the deal, but it seems unlikely that the war-mongers will be able to muster the 75% needed to over-ride a presidential veto, so the deal will probably go through. If it does not go through, the Iranians will also reject it and the hard-liners there will have the advantage. Which is maybe what the GOP Israeli sock-puppets want, because it will bring armageddon war betwen the USA and Iran much closer.

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