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The other day I wrote a post  complaining about the informal shunning of Republicans in Hollywood.  

Several ATW readers thought my analysis was incorrect.  Vehemently.  I can’t be right!   There is no shunning because liberals are open-minded and tolerant.  Right??  Hollywood blacklisting ended when the McCarthy Era was put to bed. Right?

Unfortunately, no.  

There is an informal shunning of conservative points-of-view, and an informal shunning of those individuals who express them.  Of course, not all Conservatives are shunned.  And not all Republican opinions are ignored or ridiculed.  But, there is a trend.

Express ideas outside of the Democrat, liberal box and you might be facing some pretty scary censorship.   From UPI.com

Film director David Zucker says conservatives are so uncomfortable in Hollywood that being a Republican is “the new gay. (my emphasis)

“You sort of feel like you have to hide it,” Zucker — director of “Airplane!,” “Top Secret” and “The Naked Gun” — told EW.com. “When you meet, you give each other a secret look, ‘Are you a Republican, too?’ It’s the new gay.” 

Zucker and some of his fellow Hollywood Republicans — including Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammer and Dennis Hopper — collaborated on the upcoming movie, “An American Carol” EW.com characterized the movie as “Hollywood’s first unabashedly right-wing comedy.” “

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56 thoughts on “Republicans in Hollywood

  1. Patty

    You suggested people could not turn in scripts direct, attend meetings or produce films. Zucker and pals just proved you wrong.

    Of course Hollywood is liberal but his mildly satirical take on it, promoting a non PC film you suggested he could not ever produce, is much better balanced and funnier than your overly serious suggestion of complete nazi censorship.

    I think Bruce Willis is a closet gay too. So he can join the conservative parade.

    Thank you for your emphasis.


    actually Brucey sounds like my kind of conservative

    "Q: You are one of the few major Hollywood stars who are proud to be Republican…

    Willis: Let me stop you right there. I’m a Republican — and everybody write this down because I’m sick of answering this fucking question.

    Q: Can I continue –

    Willis: You can continue, but let me answer that part of it. I’m a Republican only as far as I want a smaller government, I want less government intrusion, I want them to stop pissing on my money and your money, the tax dollars that we give 50 per cent of or 40 per cent of every year, and I want them to be fiscally responsible, and I want these goddamn lobbyists out of Washington. Do that and I’ll say I’m a Republican. But other than that, I want the government to take care of people who need help, like the kids in foster care, the half a million kids who are in orphanages right now, they call them foster homes but they’re orphanages. I want them to take care of the elderly and give them free medicine, give them whatever they need. There’s tons, billions and billions of dollars that are just being wasted. Okay? I hate government. I’m apolitical. Write that down. I’m not a Republican."

    Go Bruce!

  2. Alison: "complete nazi censorship."

    Oh my God, ALison! you are funny. You are bringing in the "Nazis" to this discussion! Where’s "racism." Is that next?

    What’s with you lefties that you can simply not discuss an issue with bringing up the Nazis? I don’t get it.

    I was going to seriously counter your mischaracterization of me when you write "you suggested people could not turn in scripts direct, attend meetings or produce films," because I did no such thing. Pinky suggested this and you seconded the emotion.

    But since you have descended already into screaming "Nazi" I don’t see the point.

  3. ‘Pinky suggested this and you seconded the emotion.’

    Patty you resorting to blatant lies now?

  4. Patty

    Man oh man, you silly woman. The nazi/fascism jibe was yours.

    "Are you joking? If you’re not joking, then you don’t know how deep this lunacy really goes. I live here. Trust me. Hollywood is extremely left, and those who are not far left are considered/called "Nazis"

    I am not far left and have never been called a Nazi. People take the piss in politics in this liberal industry but a lot of us are quite capable of taking the piss right back. Like Zucker. And morevover if they have the bucks they can do what the hell they like.

    Your allusions to nazi/fascist censorhip to the extremes you portrayed it undermined your overall point, one which is well known – Hollywood and the artworld is (drumroll) liberal.

    "If you are an ordinary writer, actor, director, grip etc. it is simply going to hurt your chances of getting cast in a role, or hired for a project if it is known that you are a Conservative or Republican. People will not work with you. THey will choose someone else to work with in this very competitive industry. (most of the time)"

    Nonsense. And here are a bunch of people proving you wrong.

    I’m a conservative. I realise that because I won’t trot along lockstep with your hypocritical "pro life", wholesale feminist bashing, socially curtain twitching agenda this sits awkwardly for American Republicans like you (not all) who square everything away in those neat little boxes and cannot think for themselves.

    I’ve never commented til now on your style of writing Patty but when you talk out your arse on something I live and work in I will call bullshit on it. Hey at least I’m commenting on the content of your post though sweetheart eh!

    You should go back to bed anyway it’s too early for cocktails.

  5. Patty

    You seem to be the only person who thinks this movie is funny.

    It did the same box office as Religulous on 3 times the screens, looks like its going to be a flop

  6. Sean

    Would you see it if it was funny?

    I see most libs/lefties as being fundamentally humorless creatures. They can laugh –haw haw!– at the stupid conservatives and liberals but they can never see what is ridiculous and funny in their own worlds

    Spike Lee’s movie crashed. Good. Confirmed flop

  7. Phantom, I would like to see it if I get the chance. I will laugh heartily, I am sure, just the same way I laugh at Hannibal, O’Lielly, and that fat guy with the prostitute/drug problem

  8. I may see it tonight just on general principles!!


    I think you need to listen to Michael Savage. Him you might find charming.

  9. "I see most libs/lefties as being fundamentally humorless creatures."


    In Europe that is reversed. Most people think it is conservatives who have no sense of humour.

    You’re wrong about liberals and we’re wrong about conservatives; having a humour bypass doesn’t depend on your politics (unless you’re a zealot).

  10. "In Europe that is reversed. Most people think it is conservatives who have no sense of humour."

    There was an article in the Guardian (of all places) yesterday on just that subject. It isn’t so much liberals per se, but a style of satire that basically involves flattering your audiences prejudices:

    "So much political comedy these days upholds the cynical and even mainstream view rather than challenging it. It will be a nippy day in hell before anyone is surprised by something Rory Bremner says. His routine ("routine" being the operative word) reads like a list of the petty prejudices passed around the dinner party circuit of London N1. Used to love Tony Blair but now hates him: check. Thinks there should be a legal inquiry into Iraq: check. Reckons all politicians are liars and connivers: check.
    Marcus Brigstocke does stand-up routines on how global warming sceptics are evil and deluded, which, seriously, at a time when sceptics are publicly branded as "deniers" and serious commentators say they should be denied air-time, is about as fresh or challenging as making a joke about Thatch. What next, a comedy routine on how awful paedophiles are? "

  11. In my previous comment I quoted part of Reg’s comment when I actually meant to quote this bit of Phantom’s comment:

    "They can laugh –haw haw!– at the stupid conservatives and liberals but they can never see what is ridiculous and funny in their own worlds"

  12. Reg makes a good point. I am liberal on some issues, conservative on other, and laugh at damn near everything.

  13. I guess we’ll have to say they are whitelisted.

    If you generate enough box office you can be a Republican, A Cannibal or a Flat Earth Advocate.

    There is certainly a liberal trend in the Arts, has been for some time, but I doubt many folks feel that it is exclusive.

  14. Mahons: "I doubt many folks feel that it is exclusive."

    I think you meant to say "I doubt many LIBERAL folks feel that it is exclusive."

  15. Reg

    I dunno about that. I like Bill Maher ( who is PC for the most part despite his many disclaimers ) and loads of all lefty all the time comedians

    Most of my lib friends will never see "American Carol" and would not even if every review said that it was the best film ever made.

    The only right wing entity that liberals watch is Fox News. For some reason, loads of them watch it for hours on end just so that they can say how shocked they are about the fact that it exists.

    Like with prudes who watch pornography all the time just so that they can see what evil exists in the world.

    As for the humor thing, I think that a lot of libs think that they are morally right and that anyone who disagrees with them is morally wrong. Total bullshit, but it makes it hard for someone w to laugh at being mocked by someone who is morally inferior to them. And who is a capitalist oppressor who starves the poor, bla bla

  16. Pinky and Alison: What can I say to such calm and reasoned folk such as yourselves? Can I say that you don’t know what you’re talking about? Would that do? Because you really don’t know what you’re talking about…

    It is a well-known fact that in 2008 Hollywood is overwhelming liberal. And the liberals in Hollywood are not liberals in the "liberal" sense – open-minded and willing to hear and live with other points of view. Every Conservative in Hollywood knows that broadcasting a Republican preference for, say, President, might be a career limiting move.

    Can we have a little nuance? (sarc)

    People in Hollywood are for the most part like sheep. Not all. But many. Actors, Directors, etc. Creative perhaps. But emotional conformists. And they desperately want/need to work. I don’t blame them. But I don’t pretend it is otherwise, either.

  17. ‘Pinky suggested this and you seconded the emotion.’

    Patty you resorting to blatant lies now?

    nice dodge attempt there Patty!
    Can you please show the readers where I suggested anything related to what you said above?

  18. Pinky

    Do a quick survey and see how many known actors support the Messiah as opposed to how many endorse McCain

    If its not five to one or much higher I will be very surprised.

    Don’t get cute.

    And this is hardly a recent development, the political tendencies of the Hollywood philosophers

  19. Alison: "And here are a bunch of people proving you wrong."

    Actually, Zucker is agreeing with me. (or, more to the point, I agree with him.)

  20. And, Pinky, don’t call me a liar.

    I will call you a liar when you lie.
    You made the claim that I suggested something on the thread discussed. The onus is now on you to prove that you are no liar by showing the relevant comment.
    So show us the comment of suggestion I made to Alison?

  21. ‘Pinky

    Do a quick survey and see how many known actors support the Messiah as opposed to how many endorse McCain

    If its not five to one or much higher I will be very surprised. ‘

    Phantom, with all due respect, HUH?
    p.s I can’t help being ‘cute’ I was born that way.

  22. uh oh

    I always always try to avoid loaded words like " liar " in business and in normal life and in places like this, because it is so hard to get back to a civil discussion once that word is used.

  23. Yes and it is even harder to be civil when you are the target of the LIE.
    Its there in black and white!

  24. Well, for what its worth, I’m not going to read the history. On this issue I will exit stage left, having said my piece.

  25. Pinky: you threw the mud, and now you’re dirty? just stop talking in hyperbole, ok. This is a discussion forum, not a court of law.

  26. ‘Pinky: you threw the mud, and now you’re dirty? just stop talking in hyperbole, ok. This is a discussion forum, not a court of law.’

    I threw no mud, and I am clean.
    You lied. The proof is there for all to see.
    If you do not have the manners to admit what is there for everyone to see, that is your problem Patty, not mine.Not that you ever had much credibilty, this puts your ‘mistake’ of yesterday into context.
    Anyway no skin of my nose. You are a liar.

  27. Seems like a simple enough thing to resolve. If she did something its there in black and white, if she didn’t then an apology would seem fitting, or at least an admission of stepping over the line.

  28. Mahons, it is there in black and white. I made NO comment on said thread, despite Patty’s assertions.

  29. Pinky – I know. Moreover, so does Patty. Now admit that Ayers got you to come back to ATW!!!

  30. Personally I think Hollywood and most people who work in that industry are quite clearly socially conservative and reactionary and strongly supportive of the Republican party.

  31. Patty if your last comments were right this dude wouldn’t even be working much less making his cool remarks. I re-read the thread earlier today to get your comments and Pinky isn’t even on it. You owe her an apology. And you were way off the mark about my alleged ‘nazi’ slur too. You got it backwards. Must be an off day.

  32. Screw six packs.

    We in Brooklyn only buy twelve packs.

    Saves money and you get a nice workout carrying the box which is environmentally friendly and does not use plastic can holders. .

  33. Well, the only mistake I’ve made is directly addressing "Pinky." Won’t happen again so we can now all can rest easy.

    And Alison, you just don’t know as much as you think you know about Hollywood. I’m sorry, but you don’t.

    BTW: American Carol is hilarious.

  34. .Well, the only mistake I’ve made is directly addressing "Pinky." Won’t happen again so we can now all can rest easy./

    No Patty, you dragged me into your misguided argument, when in fact, I had played no role in the previous debate. Argue with me anytime, call me names even, but I HATE lies. Worse, I HATE when someone can not own up to being dead wrong, even with the evidence staring them in the face.
    It takes grace to say,’ I was wrong, and I apologise" That is a grace you do not possess.
    You are a LIAR. Simple as that really.

  35. When words like liar are tossed around, friendly resolution of disputes becomes nearly impossible.

    There is the possibility that the other party may be wrong, dead wrong even.

    If I’m going to start lying, it won’t be over some minor point in a debate read by a few people.

    I’ve had cross words with a number of people here and in other blogs, but I don’t know if I’ve concluded that any of my arch-enemies of the moment ever lied. It’s quite obvious that they were simply wrong

  36. OMG Pinky…just relax, would you…if I have mistaken something I’m sorry.

    We are writing comments here. Not affidavits. I don’t have time to look backwards and document where things start etc. Who said what. And, furthermore, I refuse to do it. It’s a total waste of time and not even that interesting. We are talking about NOTHING!

    So, if I said something that wasn’t correct about nothing, just correct me. You don’t have to go ballistic.

    And if I wound you up too much with my responses, sorry. It’s really simple stuff here. Nothing to get overwrought about. OK?


  37. Phantom

    If i had the time I would gladly go but I don’t so I won’t

    And I probably would laugh as I laugh at almost everything.

    As for Holywood being liberla well duh, its full of wasters who get paid buckets of money to do nothing and take drugs and fornicate like bunnies

    The only thing similar in rightworld is Limbaugh and all the rest of the talking heads

    Oh yeah and bush before he saw the light

  38. Patty

    I feel the same way when you comment on European issues but I ignore the fact you have cut and pasted it from somewhere else and give you an argument from which you can debate. The fact is I do have some grounding in the macchinations of Hollywood seeing as that is my job. I don’t have as much knowledge on something like say, women’s voting patterns in the US but researched it slapped it up and here and one of ATWs few American commentators who could contribute to it chose to forgo any debate or information on that in favour of ironically criticising the way I presented it. So honestly I don’t put much by anything you say anymore as it’s all aimed at point scoring or being bitchy rather than any actual fact.

  39. We are writing comments, Patty, not affidavts. But even comments are meant to be honest or at the very least an attempt to be honest.
    Knowingly telling a lie in any arena, is unacceptable to me. Do you understand that att all? I suppose it is just an honesty thing for me, and I am sorry to see you do not value honesty at all.
    Patty, you did not wind me up at all. In fact,what you DID do was reveal yourself as a dishonest broker, who is incapable of forthright debate. If you revel in that, good for you.
    Dishonesty is as inherent to a person as the colour of their hair- it is just who and what they are.

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