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In the aftermath of the events in Paris how safe do you feel?

100s of people from all of our countries have gone to Syria to join the fight with ISIS. Dozens have returned to their countries of origin. Imams all around the world preach death to the Infidel. Muslims born or raised in our countries have attacked us without ever even going to Syria.

So how safe do you really feel? Whether you believe all this is the fault of GW Bush, A Conspiracy by the Jews, or god forbid actually the fault of Radical Islam, how safe are we and what do you believe should be done about it?

Should Bush call a press conference from his ranch and apologize, should the U.S. apologize, should every Christian and Jew apologize? I ask you, what is your solution? What do YOU believe will appease the Radical Islamist?

Let’s hear your opinion. Let’s hear what you think will make the Radical Islamist say oh Ok we won’t kill you now.

I see people here and all over the world pointing fingers of blame. Ok you all have picked who is to blame, so what pray tell is YOUR solution? Spell it out, add your answer to the conversation. I’m sure the French want to hear it.

In the last couple of weeks the Islamist’s killed a plane load of Russians and a 129 people in Paris. What do you want to see the rest of the World do that in your view that will end it?

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22 thoughts on “Do you feel safe?

  1. All western countries should intensify intelligence work – the one thing that really does disrupt terror attacks – and be a lot more proactive in deporting/jailing individuals involved in supporting or associating with jihadism. Not a very exciting proposal I know, but a workable practical start.

  2. Kill our political correctness. Then start rounding up radicals and put them in camps. Strip citizenship and deport. No more pussy footing around. It’s an infection. Treat it accordingly.

  3. There’s no short-term solution.

    But at least IS is on the wane and its “state” in the ME will soon be no more. No number of bombs in Europe or elsewhere will change that happy fact. Once the Ruskies get stuck into it, and France and possibly its European allies, possibly even NATO, will also move in, then it’s maʿ al-salāmah Islamic State.
    Even the Kurds acting practically alone – and with the Turks on their neck – have been able to drive the Jihadists back. They will now get better support and have more success.

    The enemy within is, as usual, a more difficult challenge. One key element in fighting them will be, must be, the local Islamic communities themselves. Pete Moore suggested that we must start by permitting the free speech to attack and expose them. I agree. They will then soon move from the current mindset, where they feel victims and have a list of demands, to a realisation that their ways are foreign to the host community, and that it is their responsibility to adapt and cooperate if they want to stay welcome. This will in turn drive a wedge between the moderates and the Islamists in their midst. Only then can the latter be isolated and destroyed.

    Apart from that, Colm’s proposals are practical and will work. We must, I fear, also be prepared to allow further security snooping on phone calls and mail etc, until the situation improves. I know the NI situation is very different, and, compared to Europe, the republican areas of Belfast are ridculously small and easily monitored, nevertheless British intelligence was, without beating the IRA, still able to prevent almost all IRA attacks in Belfast for decades, often using pretty primitive methods. With much better technology today, security services in the West should be able to learn from that experience in getting on top of the Jihadists.
    News of defeats in the ME, continuing arrests in Europe, and the gloomy realisation that your organisation is riddled with informers, – all will destroy morale in an organisation made up for the most part of immature and unstable young men.

  4. all sound answers to start with.

    The one point I just can’t see any of our nations doing though is camps.

  5. Colm, on November 15th, 2015 at 8:58 AM Said:

    All western countries should intensify intelligence work

    Given the powers that the French agencies acquired following the Charlie Hebdo, events, there’s no way that the communications necessary to arrange the attacks in Paris by a gang of jihadists could have been missed.

  6. Bernard – I doubt that the government would have ignored it. There can only be two explanations as to why it wasn’t evident: either the vision was disabled internally, or those who carried out the attack had the means to do so by arranging externally and executing internally – both of which require more logistics than a mere gang of six terrorists would have. Seriously, if a ‘tweeter’ can be arrested and jailed then surely a gang of terrorists would be on the radar, unless heavy support got them off the radar?

  7. Maybe Allan, but can you explain why ISIS would do this to Paris, knowing that the result would be closure of all European borders with the increased exclusion of their fellow Muslims from coming in? It’s counter-intuitive.

  8. Bernard –

    They want a crackdown on muslims in France and Europe. They want an overreaction to “eliminate the grayzone”, as they call it. The grayzone is that place where many muslims aren’t violent but not keen on Western ways. They want a crackdown to fuel that perennial muslim resentment, in which young male muslims are unmatched.

    There are already at least tens of thousands of muslims ready to be violent across Europe. They want a crackdown to draw a line through that grayzone and draw many more sympathetic recruits to their side of it.

  9. Colm, on November 15th, 2015 at 8:58 AM Said:
    All western countries should intensify intelligence work

    I am pretty certain they will triple their efforts in tracking down and arresting anyone who commits a ‘hate’ crime or is deemed to be a ‘racist’.

  10. //can you explain why ISIS would do this to Paris, knowing that the result would be closure of all European borders with the increased exclusion of their fellow Muslims from coming in? It’s counter-intuitive.//

    Pete’s right. They want to see the Muslim population excluded and alienated from mainsteam society, in the hope that many will be radicalised and join their campaign.

    They may not even need this. For some reason I’ve never understood, young men abroad often become more attached to their home culture when exposed to foreign ways that they can’t understand or accept. Almost all the 9-11 terrorists, the Boston bombers, the 7-7 killers, etc. were radicalised by their experience in the free West.

  11. Right on time …


    Woman arrested over beauty salon’s ‘no Muslims’ Paris attack post

    A 43-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with a “racially abusive” posting on a beauty salon’s Facebook page.

    Thames Valley Police detained the woman after the posting – made following the Paris terrorist attacks – said that people from the “Islamic faith” were no longer welcome at the Blinks of Bicester spa and beauty salon.

    What, did anyone think we live in a free society? If you get the feeling that senior Thames Valley doughnut munchers are no strangers to common purpose, and are feeling proud of themselves tonight, you might be right.

    What the woman was doing is applying exactly the kind of soft social pressure we need. The police, who always claim to be protecting us, are the enemy inside in this regard.

  12. Perhaps if all owners of beauty salons did this….

    ….then the police couldn’t do much about it.

  13. Troll

    In the aftermath of the events in Paris how safe do you feel?

    About as safe as I felt before the attacks to be honest. The chances of my being killed in a terrorist attack are a lot less than say, being killed driving and I don’t worry too much about that. You just have to get on with life of the terrorist scum win.

    My thoughts are with those who lost their lives in Paris as well as their relatives and friends.

  14. Troll – who’s more likely to come after me: ‘ISIS’ or the police? The police would want me for doing 32mph in a 30-zone, or for ‘inapproppriate’ nouns or opinions. For the great majority, the police and the government which they represent are the danger.

  15. Always safe?

    I don’t know about that, but I try never to be afraid.

    I re-entered Manhattan in 2001 as soon as I could, as my London brothers rode their Underground again in 2005 as soon as they could.

    We have had catastrophically bad national leadership across the board on this matter, at the top and in all the legislatures,, in America, UK, and Europe and the west generally, but we get up in the morning and we do the best we can.

    Not afraid.

  16. “Do you feel safe”

    Not with lunatics like this on the loose.

    Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission,

    We tend to respond to horrifying events by shrinking into our comfort zones. When something shocking happens, our first reaction is often to say: “This proves whatever it was I was arguing a moment ago”. Thus, for example, Bernie Sanders, the far-Left candidate for the US Democratic nomination, blamed terrorism on climate change.

    Still, even making allowances for this human tendency, Jean-Claude Juncker’s response to the Paris abomination was extraordinary. At the G20 summit in Turkey, he lashed out at those – the vast majority of Europeans, if polls are to be believed – who think open borders might be weakening the Continent’s security. “My belief is exactly the opposite”, he declared, “and therefore there is no need to review the European refugee policy.”

    Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, arrives at the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey

    As usual, he took the opportunity to chide his opponents for their narrow-mindedness. “I would like to invite them to be serious about this and not to give in to these basic reactions. I don’t like it.”


  17. There should be no meetings of the European commission in a Middle Eastern, and ( in the recent crisis ) useless nation such as Turkey.

    Let the corrupt, cowardly, bad NATO ally, Israel hating, Turks form a Middle East commission along with the Syria and Iraq that they border with. They can smoke hookah pipes and talk about the empires that they used to have.

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