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Moderate Conservatives Spring Into Action, Denounce Conservatism

By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2008

And so it begins. Those good old ‘moderate conservatives’, the American version of the grease-slick, media-obsessed Tories that have removed all but the last vestiges of Conservatism from our own Conservative Party, sense imminent victory. There’s blood in the water and they are flexing their muscles, to mix metaphors.

Yes Brit folks, you may recognise the style. For our intrepid moderates, the problem isn’t the fact that the Republican hierarchy has spent the last 4-6 years betraying virtually every principle of good government and social conservatism that the GOP was founded on that’s the problem, its that they didn’t betray those principles enough.

“College-educated Americans have come to believe that their money is safe with Democrats – but that their values are under threat from Republicans. And there are more and more of these college-educated Americans all the time.

So the question for the GOP is: Will it pursue them? To do so will involve painful change, on issues ranging from the environment to abortion. And it will involve potentially even more painful changes of style and tone: toward a future that is less overtly religious, less negligent with policy, and less polarizing on social issues.”

Well let’s just parse this out. Frum acknowledges the fact that the majority of college grads now vote Democrat when once upon a time they voted GOP without in any mentioning why this might be the case. It’s that gigantic elephant in the room that all RINO’s like Frum just cannot see – the good old Culture War, which has now seen its finest expression in the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency.

The reason why, as Frum puts it, college grads feel their values tie with the Dems is that the Left has been in complete, total charge of university education in the US for the past two decades, and therefore has ensured that 90% of those who have been fed through the disgusting, distorting meat grinder of Indoctrination U. vote the right way. Admitting the symptoms without acknowledging the cause and, oh I don’t know, maybe suggesting that a GOP administration might want to actually get off its backside and do something about it is quite simply surrender.

Frum also let’s slip his own dearest causes here, of course. ‘Painful change’ on the environment (gee, maybe a candidate who embraced the Global Warming Agenda to the max would be the thing – oh, hang on a minute, didn’t we just try that?) and abortion is needed. So once again, Frum’s message is that if you don’t surrender your values on what for so many people is an absolutely fundamental issue even further to embrace taxpayer funding of a practice you loathe and detest then you can’t ever ‘win’.

But it’s the last line quoted above where the mask really slips.

“Less polarising on social issues.”

There’s the keyword, folks. Polarising. Go Left, young man! Conform to the norm, to the MSM’s version of where America should be and don’t even think about calling it out on the most media-biased election cycle in history (which you will note Frum doesn’t). Embrace swinging job-destroying ‘Green’ taxation, embrace Taxpayer-funded abortion, cede eternal control of education to the Left and allow it to continue twisting the minds of America’s youth and just accept henceforth that all new voters can only be courted by as hard Left an agenda as possible.

In fact why bother with Conservatism at all? That’s the real message here, and one us Brits have heard loud and clear for a long, long time. The David Frum’s of this world are the Sirens luring the frustrated and disheartened men and women of the GOP onto the rocks, but if the Republican Party heeds those voices and steers even further Left than it has already done then it will destroy America as a force for good in the world far more effectively than any external enemy ever could.

And I’ll bet you a tenner he voted McCain in the primaries, too.


14 Responses to “Moderate Conservatives Spring Into Action, Denounce Conservatism”

  1. I have spoken to David Frum a few years ago and am disappointed by the approach he has taken. It’s a shame that republicans attack republicans. Frum wrote some excellent speeches for Bush so he has talent but this is a bad use of it.

  2. t’s a shame that republicans attack republicans.

    Indeed. And the vitriol poured on McCain from Rightworld was disgusting and continues to be disgusting. DSD himself described McCain as "a jerk" on ATW a few weeks back and the Troll has described McCain as a traitor.

  3. ‘Jerk’ is vitriolic? Yikes, you really need to get out more old son.

    McCain has acted like a jerk throughout this campaign. Vacillating between attack ads and then telling his supporters how great a person Obama is and how America would be safe under the man.

    I have the utmost respect for John McCain the private citizen and war hero. But I believe that in political terms, he is a jerk.

    Nice to see you defending him, though. Kinda proves my point about how he was the Left’s GOP candidate really.

  4. Jerk is a term of abuse. End of.

    Attack the man’s politics by all means, but you just can’t resist personalising it, can you?

    Out of interest, are there any politicians who do not share your views that you have any respect for, or are they all "jerks" like McCain? Just curious.

  5. You know what the problem with Frum is?

    He’s half Canadian, the liberal bastards!

  6. DSD,

    "Frum acknowledges the fact that the majority of college grads now vote Democrat when once upon a time they voted GOP without in any mentioning why this might be the case. "

    They got smarter? 🙂

    In all seriousness though, there are studies that show that smarter people tend to become tree huggers. Also, in the UK the way this pans out is that smarter people, generally, vote conservative. But of that subgroup, the really smart ones vote Labour.

    Results that should please nobody there. 😉

  7. Good god, yes. Joe Liebermann would be a really obvious example. A liberal of major proportions except on foreign policy of course, but he has the courage of his convictions. Nick Griffin, whose views I loathe but who had the political nuance to transform a ragtag nazi rabble into a serious force. Hate the man, but I respect his ability and conviction.

    Tito, bizarrely. A true Communist/Nationalist, who in my opinion thought he was always doing his best for his country, even if that best isn’t what I would agree with. Likewise Vlassov,though I don’t suppose you would call him a politician.

    FDR, of course. Domestically brilliant politically but a socialist at heart, internationally naive to a point where stalin was able to take huge advantage of it. But what a fighter, and the heart of a lion.

    I think that’s the key. Sincerity and the courage of your convictions. Something McCain lacked throughout this campaign. I can’t attack his policies properly because he didn’t act as if he believed in them, and has truly let down the GOP.

  8. "In all seriousness though, there are studies that show that smarter people tend to become tree huggers. "

    That wouldn’t surprise me, a lot of the green movement depends on people worrying about what will happen in hundreds or even thousands of years time, and more intelligent people tend to be concerned with longer term matters.

    "Also, in the UK the way this pans out is that smarter people, generally, vote conservative. But of that subgroup, the really smart ones vote Labour."

    I would be surprised at that, I thought that the more intelligent lefties tended to go Lib Dem. Did you see that study that was reported the other day, about the average IQ of people who voted for each party in the 2001 election? It was only for one age cohort and for one election so it shouldn’t be over interpreted (and the sample size for smaller parties is probably too small) but the results they found were:


    Green – 108.3

    Liberal Democrat – 108.2

    Conservative – 103.7

    Labour – 103

    Plaid Cymru – 102.5

    Scottish National – 102.2

    UK Independence – 101.1

    British National – 98.4

    Did not vote/None of the above – 99.7

    I suspect the fact it was in 2001 when Labour was picking up a lot of younger educated suburban voters who are now voting Conservative means that the gap between Conservative & Labour was unusually small.

  9. DSD,

    I am curious. How do you feel about Sarah Palin? What do you feel is her future with the GOP ?

  10. On a discussion on this topic today, on some of the TV shows, one commentator put it as ; ‘ The struggle between the Eastern Educated Conservative and the Fundamentalist Hillbilly"

    Who will win the conservative title?

  11. Frank,

    It couldn’t possibly be that a large proportion of our smartest go on to higher education, and while there, they are sufficiently brainwashed, bullied or otherwise obliged to conform to the ‘norm’.

    That universities, on both sides of the Atlantic, are hotbeds of liberal activism, is a well known, and accepted fact. so no small wonder that younger, apparently, ‘smarter’ voters, vote the way they do.

    It is also true that as one gets older, one gets smarter. Having to earn a living may have something to do with it. I’m sure I have no need to repeat that old Churchill quote on the matter.

    A life lesson in the triumph of practicality over delusion.

  12. Pinky,

    And who won the liberal title – the Academic Activist or the Welfarian Immigrant?

  13. I have no idea Ernest! I think there is a lot more to each party that those opposing camps. Don’t you?

  14. "I am curious. How do you feel about Sarah Palin? What do you feel is her future with the GOP ?"

    Great question, Pinky. McCain launched her forwards like a rocket aimed squarely at the GOP base, and if the popular vote breakdowns are anything to go by it seems to have partly worked. But the campaign acted as if embarassed by her right from the start and kept her on the leash for too long before finally letting her loose and then using her to issue what became contradictory messages to McCain’s. She was handed something of a poisoned chalice and I feel somewhat sorry for her. I also have a soft spot for any parent of a Downs child, but that’s the Special Needs work and the fact that my daughter’s best friend has it talking 🙂

    She was also ruthlessly attacked by the media, which still continues to come out with the most utter rubbish about her, distorting her views on pretty much everything such as the book banning nonsense and accusing her of wanting creationism taught in schools, even to the point of clearly biased selective editing in her first big interview, as the transcript showed. If she actually contemplates coming back for more of the spotlight then I commend her for her courage.

    That said, I just don’t think she has the gravitas to run in 2012. Obama will have been shown up for the cipher he is by that point, and a candidate of more serious mien will be needed to show up his immaturity and weakness on foreign policy. Ironically in some ways McCain’s strengths might have been far better suited to that situation than they were to 2008. Palin’s folksiness wouldn’t be.