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By ATWadmin On November 9th, 2008

Let’s be clear. We are at war.

Some seek to deny it – particularly those in political power here in the UK, but the truth remains fixed. Islam has thousands of 5th columnists in the UK and they seek to carry out acts of mass murder with Birmingham, London and the south-east of the country being most at risk.

The Sunday Telegraph provides us with some more details of the SCALE of the problem that confronts our nation and the one irreducable fact is that secret enclaves of al-Qaeda extremists based in London, Birmingham and Luton are planning mass-casualty attacks in Britain. One day, perhaps sooner rathet than later, they will succeed. The valiant efforts of our security services largely go un-noticed, taken for granted. The Government is still seeking to win “hearts and minds” of these demented Islamic killers – pure folly.

I fear for the lives of my fellow Britons. I have lived through decades of terrorism here in Northern Ireland and yet I was sickened by the events that took place on 7/7 in London. There are evil people living in the UK who want to replicate those horrors and I fear that we lack the political leadership to confront them and put them behind bars or under the dirt.

There is no room for complacency in the war on terror and yet as Obama prepares to retreat in Iraq the question can be posed whether Osama disciples are preparing to advance in Britain?

12 Responses to “NO ROOM FOR COMPLACENCY!”

  1. DAVID

    This war is an unconventional one. The United states and the UK are fighting ghosts.Albeit deadly ghosts.

    Unlike WW-I & WW-II where the enemies were clearly defined on the world’s maps today’s fight is like trying to eliminate a virus which travels through the body multiplying amd morphing on the way.

    The "X" generation has little interest in persuing ghosts, especially when they have not been directly effected by the terrorists. To them, the war on terrorism is nothing more than a telly series. And they’re tiring of the same old story line. "Suicide bombers kill 30 in Bagdad"……"Coalition forces kill 20 civilians in air strike"…….Etc.

    The main Stream Media fuels the flames of discontent. The Liberals are in denial and those who still see the threat as REAL are the warmongers.

    We’ve lost.

    The fight is over.

    The sheep will continue to be slaughtered, one-by-one in the name of Muhammad.

    Welcome to the world of Islam!

  2. These people were allowed into the country by a treasonous clique which is fully aware of islam’s intentions – these are stated in the koran and are evident from the conduct of muslims wherever they are found in the world. But although the US will sink into the 3rd-world, Europeans are just waking up.

  3. I think both you lads have got it wrong, or at least you are premature in your conclusions.
    Prior to the 9/11 attack on the US for example, the country looked ready to slip into a pacifist/isolationist mode, but the resultant attack prompted the US to rear up and slap itself bang into the middle of the Middle East & Afghanistan without a by-your-leave. It was a tremendous counter-punch that the Muslim world least expected, and was a magnificent response by Bush.
    It shows what happens when a true democracy is pushed too far.

    Ralph Peters, retired US army officer and now writer, put it pretty succinctly when he said that Europe and Britain have a centuries old warrior tradition, and is just waiting patiently to be "pushed too far". I think he’s right.

    That ‘liberalist’ pendulum will inevitably swing in the opposite direction. History can’t be denied.

  4. in the spring it will begin one attack after another and not just in england

  5. You and lived through and through your attitudes have contributed to decades of violence in my country and you resent any effort made to end that violence and therefore you are now the problem. Or, rather, you would be, if anyone ever voted for you.

  6. Jo,

    So refreshing to hear from you. Is there a full moon tonight?

  7. David

    Are you atteempting a Moonlight Serenade 🙂

  8. No his serenade is more Abba-orientated, I think, Colm… 😉

  9. I’m trying to work that one out ?

  10. Money Money Money, Colm. 😉

  11. Jo, how about we do a quick whip around for you here at ATW?

  12. Noel,

    Why? is her trust fund running out?