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By Pete Moore On June 8th, 2016

I HEAR that some people cannot imagine life outside the EU. The Prime Minister and Remainiacs, mainly. Maybe you have to live in the UK to realise the scale of their lies. One lie involves the PM in particular. He has stopped talking about “the EU”. He always talks now of “leaving the Single Market”. It’s not only a lie, but a psychological trick, however you can understand why the Remain camp don’t want voters hearing “ee-you” all the time. But it’s a lie because the EU and the Single Market are two separate and distinct entities. This diagram shows the relationship –


The Single Market is the EEA, the European Economic Area. No-one is proposing to leave it, no-one is campaigning to leave it, and the UK will not leave it. The referendum is about whether or not the UK will remain in the EU. The question has nothing to do with the Single Market. If Brexit prevails, we’ll just slide across to another circle.

Bottom line: when you next hear the PM or a Remainer talk in dread tones about “leaving the Single Market”, it’ll be a lie.

If you’re interested, these fine chaps have more detail.


  1. No-one is proposing to leave it

    No Pete, the Brexiteers have clearly stated that they wish the UK to withdraw from the Single Market as well as from the EU:

    “Britain will quit Europe’s single market if the country votes to leave the EU, Michael Gove, the Leave campaign’s most senior figure, has confirmed for the first time…”


  2. Peter –

    Alas, I don’t pay for the FT’s virulently pro-EU comment. Either the paper misrepresented Gove, or he was sloppy with his language. This is how the BBC describes it:

    The UK would still be able to trade freely within Europe even if it left the EU, Michael Gove has said.

    The justice secretary said the UK could be part of Europe’s free trade area to avoid trade tariffs, even if it was not a member of the EU single market.

    Again, the EU is not the Single Market. The EU is a closed, protectionist customs union. I suspect the BBC is not too particular about getting the detail correct here.

  3. Alas, I don’t pay for the FT’s virulently pro-EU comment.

    Nor do I Pete. But Gove and other Brexiteers have been quite clear. For the simple reason that if the UK was to leave the EU and remain in the Single Market it would have to accept Single Market rules. That means ten tons of red tape as well as (probably) free movement of labour.

    The EU is a closed, protectionist customs union.

    Until the Mastricht Treaty that was true. Since then, it has been more and more blatant about its ambition to become a federal state. That’s why we must leave.

  4. In any case, I’m always amazed at the Remain camp’s claim that “the UK would have to negotiate a free trade agreement with the EU…”

    Given that the trade balance is strongly in the EU’s favour (for Germany it’s 4:1) it should be a case of the UK offering to negoiate a free trade agreement with the EU, not begging for one.

  5. Always makes me chuckle when people say we’re leaving Europe. Like we’re jacking the island up and towing it 500 miles closer to the usa. Right?

    Course we’ll need a visa to do a French day trip and I think it’ll cost a million new pounds. Our aircraft won’t be able to use European airspace and all new non UK vehicles will be unobtainable. No imports of any kind will be permitted in the French channel and we’ll be forced to learn Swedish.

    Still worth it.

    Vote out.

  6. The Single Market is the EEA, the European Economic Area. No-one is proposing to leave it, no-one is campaigning to leave it, and the UK will not leave it.

    Pete, why are bringing up the EEA red herring when we dealt conclusively with it last night?

    The payment mentioned wasn’t in financial terms it was referring to EEA regulations which permit free movement of workers from all EU and EEA members countries to live and work in them all.
    This means you’d have even more countries than you have now whose citizens would be eligible to live and work in Britain.
    You’d agree to that?

    No, I’ve said that in the event of Brexit, and if uncontrolled immigration is a must for any trade deals, then the UK should tell them that WTO tariffs will apply (if other countries want to be so stupid).

    As I said last night, everyone on ATW eligible to vote in the referendum have their lines firmly drawn and nothing is going to change that.

    This kind of inaccurate muddying of the waters just reflects on yourself.

  7. Our ancestors died in their millions – in trenches, in the air, and at sea, so we could be free from foriegn rule – the very least we can do.. is to say ‘No’.

  8. Interesting.

    Mohamed El-Erian is the co-founder of Pimco, a legend in the investing world who is now the Chief Economic Adviser to Allianz, the world’s largest insurance and financial services group which is also the largest company in Europe according to Forbes. He has just told a conference of money managers at the FundForum International in Berlin that a Brexit could resolve key issues within the EU.

    “There are two fundamental divisions of the EU: There’s the British view — that it’s a super free-trade zone, that it’s a destination. Whereas the Germany-France view is that it’s a means to something else — to an ever closer union. These are fundamentally two very different views on what the EU is about. If the referendum [results in the U.K. remaining in the union], we don’t resolve these different views. It means we are going to have tensions over and over again, because they are pursuing two different objectives, within one institutional agreement. So, ironically, over the longer term, an exit may actually solve one of the basic inconsistencies of the European Union.”
    His argument is that Brexit essentially secures the future of the EU, at short-term volatility cost. No one got rich betting against Mohamed El-Erian…


  9. When all else fails revert to shmaltzy, mawkish emotional blackmail eh Harri?

    I’d love to hear your explanation of how those millions died in the trenches of WWI so the UK could be free from foriegn rule.

  10. Look Harri don’t bring facts into the Brexit campaign. Unless there’s some fear and dread involved the Remainaics don’t care.

  11. What facts would they be DIG?

    Perhaps you’d like to explain how those millions died in the trenches of WWI so the UK could be free from foriegn rule?

  12. Harri didn’t mention WW1, and trenches didn’t exist only on the Western Front.

  13. They died in their millions in Flander’s fields so the Luftwaffe couldn’t raze Coventry and blitz London.

  14. Have you seen London lately – It appears petty blitzed to me.

    Coventry doesn’t fair much better.

  15. Crass vapid sentimentality with no substance in fact.

    That’s what I thought.

  16. They died in ww1 so we could be ruled by the Germans? Was your team the guys in ghe pointy hats?

    My grandfather was in the RFC ….so not remotely German. Sorry.

  17. They died in ww1 so we could be ruled by the Germans?

    The Kaiser was going to invade and rule Britain in WWI?

    Ridiculous emotive befuddled rubbish.

    So not remotely German. Sorry

    Unlike the ‘British’ Monarchy at the time you mean?

  18. What Regiment was he in, the Wurrtemburgers?

  19. Glib superficial flippancies, magnificent ‘facts’

    Is it a fact that your grandfather flew daring missions over Belgium in WWI so that Polish Air Force pilots wouldn’t have to defend Britain in 1940?

    Keep up the good work.