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And so it is that the Liberal-Democrats voted at their annual Party conference yesterday to OUTLAW petrol-driven cars by 2040. That’s the sort of intolerance that typifies modern liberalism and which fits in so nicely with 21st century left-wing driven Britain – if you don’t agree with it – BAN IT. (Unless of course we are talking about the Religion of Peace)

Now of course the Lib-Dem’s have no chance of ever getting into a position where they will exercise power but the UK political system works on the ratchet principle, and this is one more lurch left which the other two parties will have to try and match. so whilst the Lib-Dem’s may as well vote to change the rotational direction of Planet Earth this is still an indication of the political future as all three main UK political parties express their hatred of the motorist and the freedoms offered by the car. They are seeking to tell us what sort of cars we will drive, where and when we can drive them, and god help any driver who does not agree with this deprivation of liberty.  

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  1. If the advance of technology produces an alternative to the petrol driven car which has real advantages over the petrol driven car then the petrol driven car will be replaced. If technology does not or cannot do this then the Lib Dems and any other party which follows their line, will look stupid.

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