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By ATWadmin On September 21st, 2007

Did you read about how Police chiefs have defended two community support officers (PCSOs) who stood by as a 10-year-old boy drowned in a pond?  Jordon Lyon leapt into the water in Wigan, Greater Manchester, after his eight-year-old stepsister Bethany got into difficulties on 3 May. Two anglers jumped in and saved Bethany but Jordon became submerged. The inquest into his death heard the PCSOs did not rescue him as they were not trained to deal with the incident.

First, what a brave act for young Jordon to try and save his little sister.

Second, how on EARTH could ANY adult watch on and not try to help this poor boy?

Third. what in gods’s name sort of Police have we got out on the beat that they would a child drown?

As I say, I feel so sorry for the Lyon family and I feel nothing but contempt for the Officers concerned.


  1. Just to be clear – these are not police officers.

    An officer did arrive at the scene and jump in to save the boy.

    These guys were 2 community support officers (a form of voluntary service) – they stood by like a couple of berks and did nothing. Community support opfficers are usually MUPPETS.

  2. What a horrible story. We have a police auxiliary force in New York and one of them rushed into a gun battle while unarmed and lost his life just this past year. Training or no, standing by while a child is drowning is disgusting.

  3. Alison,

    Yes, that’s fair and I was aiming at these Community Support bozos. What is the POINT in them if they stand by in such circumstances? It’s not about their poxy training, it’s about common humanity – a drowning child and they do nothing. Makes me sick.

  4. I dont object to the principle of them and i know there are some who have been commended for their assistance in some situations but by and large they recruit from the thickest thickest people. I didnt know we had modeled the idea on New York. How annoying. Id just prefer more *proper police*.

  5. Id just prefer more *proper police*.


  6. Pinky: Funny.

  7. Watch a statement from a member of the ‘real’ Police Force…it is all a little different to what you think.

  8. why maggie what happened?

    NYC went all upmarket – and as the rich rolled in the scary characters moved out!

  9. Alison –

    PCSOs aren’t volunteers, they’re paid £20-25,000 pa. In other words, we have all the costs of the police, but few of the benefits.

    Maggie –

    Yes, I know the police defence, and the police defence contemptible..

    I have no doubt this stems from the occasion about a decade ago when a policeman died chasing a suspect across a factory roof. The policeman fell through and was killed falling onto machinery. The Health and Safety Executive took legal action against the Met – something to do with the officer not being specifically trained in how to run across factory roofs, no doubt.

    In any case, these two cowardly, unmanly PCSOs ought to have ignored the rules. The uniform is actually incidental – they are members of the public after all and any adult should have done the right thing.

    Note – 10 year Jordan Lyon died after going in to rescue his 8 year old stepsister. He did what these two cowards did not. The rules are irrelevent. They can be ignored. Like the fireman who ignored the rules and saved a child from a river, they can take the rap for it afterward.

    Next, of course, the Queen must strip them of their uniform. They are unfit to represent the law or enforce it.

    Long term, we can turn to the matter of the feminisation of the western male. It is unthinkable that a man can stand there rigid while a child drowns. These two PCSOs are clearly products of a dysfunctional culture, one which has failed to inculcate the moral spirit we sometimes need to act in the right.

  10. How could any adult not try to rescue the child?
    That’s completely beyond understanding.

    You may have a good point Pete.

  11. Pinky has a great idea – I would definitely support exporting Clinton to the UK.

    Hell, you can have both of them! Two for the price of one, what a deal.

  12. It now seems that the boy had disappeared from sight before the officers arrived, so much of the Media reports were very inaccurate.
    I havn’t heard anyone ask why an eight year old girl was swimming without adult supervision in what is probably quite a dangerous place. Not a good idea I would have thought.

  13. Someone dragged the body of the boy out of the pond/lake. I think it was the stepfather (but I am open to clarification). Meanwhile the PCSOs apparently requested police help. They did not try to rescue the child.

    A Policeman from the Police Federation was talking on the BBC this afternoon. According to him neither Police Officers nor PCSOs are required to be able to swim as a qualification for employment now and only minimal life saving training is given even to Police Officers.

    Meanwhile, Senior Officers backed the actions of the PCSOs as they have not had training for such an event. They did not see anything untoward in their stance. God help us if this is what we are to expect in the future.

  14. LOL Daphne.

    Hillary as President of the US and Bill as PM of Britain ( to help with the crime and police shortages).

    What a GREAT world that would be.

  15. Pinky: That would change the special relationship to the unfathomable realtionship.

  16. It would free Bill up to pursue his passions – he’ll probably love this idea.

  17. Daphne: If he had to pick island nations he’d go to Cuba (for the cigars of course).

  18. LOL Mahons, cigars are so passe.

    These days it’s Tom Ford products 🙂

  19. I think youll find it comes down to compensation culture. Stick a uniform on and basic human instinct is trumped by possible lawyers fees

    Maggie – i just caught the news on this and there is more to it so i see what you mean now.

    Rod is right – the waters were very dangerous and apparently it was signed as such – ludicrous that *anyone* had to be placed in that position because parents wont supervise kids

  20. ‘as they were not trained to deal with the incident.’

    Key words right there!

  21. Pete – how do you know the officers were men?

  22. Funny isnt it – McCanns GUILTY for leaving kids alone. Parents here: Its all SOMEONE ELSES FAULT that my kid died.

  23. Alison, without getting dragged into the Mc Cann guilt thing:
    I have never stated their guilt or innocence on their woeful negligence of their children.

  24. I wont be drawn either but: I wont state if the parents here are innocent or guilty of the woeful negligence of their children – given a get out of jail free card because they arent middle class

  25. If these useless swine cant even enter a pond to grab a drowning child what possible use are they to us?

    Sack the lot and spend the money on some real police.

    Actually what am I saying, with our PC PCs we might be cheaper actually hiring some specially Diversity-trained Social Workers instead.

  26. Daphne –

    It would free Bill up to pursue his passions

    It wouldn’t. Rape is illegal here also.

    Alison –

    how do you know the officers were men?

    I don’t know if they were men. But it makes no difference if they were women. When you purport to represent and enforce the law, you must adopt a certain mindset. It explicitly recognises right and wrong, is moral in its basis and adopts a soft cloak of guardian and protector. Traditional manly virtues, in other words.

  27. lol

  28. so sorry to have to ask this , does anybody have any idear of the ethnic background of the pair ? imagine the uproar if the boy was from a ethnic background