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By ATWadmin On September 21st, 2007

Now, I enjoy a good laugh and I think that one should be broad-minded about humour but I wonder what you make of Irish comedian Patrick string of jokes about missing Madeleine and her family?

At his show at Dublin’s Olympia theatre the former Love Island and Fame Academy TV host Kielty joked that Gerry and Kate should have checked Madeleine’s body in as Ryanair luggage to dispose of her! Kielty then joked that the McCanns had been backstage at 6pm, but when he checked two hours later they had disappeared. And in a joke which fell desperately flat, the Irish comic asked members of the audience to vote on whether the McCanns were guilty or innocent.

Poor stuff, in my view. But apparently he performed the same material in London two weeks without any complaints. So,  are the Irish too sensitive or are the London audiences open-minded? Your call.

25 Responses to “FUNNY GUY?”

  1. Funny how in this negative story Kielty is labelled as "Irish Comedian" – as opposed to Belfast born comedian, ‘Northern Ireland comedian, or what the BelTel would inevitably use – ‘Ulster Comedian’

    Reminds me of a friend of mine who used to laugh and say that Barry McGuigan was the best British Boxer on two legs – until lost – whereupon he was a poor little Irish C*** !!

  2. Nah! I wouldn’t have appreciated that humour. Oh no, I’m getting old aren’t I! 🙁

  3. When one is not funny, one goes for shock value.

    Kielty is a puke, and those comments are just proof of that.

  4. London audiences are totally desensitised, corporatised and impervious to everything. Sometimes thats good – joking about terrorists on July 7 as they stand around in pubs, sometimes its contentious (statue in Trafalgar Square) other times it allows them to be lulled into mud-slinging and crassness as in this example.

    I blame the Evening Standard. After so many scaremongering headlines from killer wasps to buses that kill, things no longer shock you.

  5. Re the Evening Standard – ive been able to follow the Madeleine case day by day, during the rush hour, without actually reading the paper and in itself its comedy..

    McCanns hid body!
    McCanns didnt hide body!
    Kate diaries hold clues!
    Kate diaries dont hold clues!
    Judge to question McCanns!
    Judge wont question McCanns!

  6. That’s not funny.

  7. Patrick Kielty is not funny but thinks he is. He would be my prime candidate for Celebrity Shark Bait

  8. Nah, Kielty’s the joke.
    You need a certain je ne sais pourquoi to make that kind of humour work; when it works it does so because it not only makes people laugh nervously, but also think a bit deeper about the subject- Kielty is too shallow to be able to carry it off.

    BTW anyone know, "Night in November"- was it a boxoffice success or not?

  9. I recall a comedian in New York City very very soon after 9/11 proclaiming "Great, thanks to those f-ing terrorists now we look like Boston."

    I laughed then, I’ll admit. The audacity and also a feeling of lets get back to laughter helped. Plus it was broad enough.

    I suppose that appreciation of dark humor can be one of taste, timing and audience. It is a tightrope and someone can easily overstep, as this comedian seems to have done. I don’t find any humor in the McCann tragedy, and I suspect very few folks would. I suppose it has to be on a case by case basis. Here, it just seems too deliberate (watch me shock you kind) to make much headway, and the little girl’s fate too tragic and too raw.

  10. Mahons

    That was funny. If you are going close to the bone it better be good and Kielty’s stuff wasn’t.

    But it is nice of ATW to consider him Irish for the day. Things have certainly slipped since Andrew left.

  11. Henry94 – I agree his stuff here didn’t seem to have any comic merit. I disagree on ATW slipping, why they have added a handsome witty chap to report weekly on the American election process. Stay tuned.

  12. " why they have added a handsome witty chap to report weekly on the American election process."

    I thought you were going to do that Mahons. 😉

  13. Judas in Texas: LOL. That is why I won’t be vlogging.

  14. Henry,

    It is Kielty who constantly refers to himself as "Irish" – ATW standards never slip.

  15. I was down the pub the other night with some friends. We were sitting at a big communal table outdoors (oh dear, I’m going to die from passive smoking!) and much of the talk was centered around the McCann’s.

    A few I can recall:

    There’s a new car being launched in Portugal with enough space in the boot for a child. It’s called the Renault McCann.

    A man died and went to heaven. St. Peter met him at the gates and showed him around. They got to a huge wall full of clocks and St. Peter said to the dead man "these are the lie clocks. Everyone has got one and they help god keep up on who is lying. Everytime you lie, the hands on your clock move a little. See, this here is Mother Teresa’s, hers hasn’t moved in 30 years. And this one here is Ghandi’s, his hasn’t moved in 60 years. At that moment, as they were walking down the wall, the dead man saw a door with a loud whirring noise coming from it. "What’s in there?" he asked St. Peter. "Oh, that’s Jesus’ office," he replied "he’ using Kate McCann’s as a ceiling fan."

    Q: What’s the difference between Pope John Paul II and Madeleine McCann?
    A: The Pope died a virgin.

    Thank God for the "Save Maddie" fund. Her parents can afford a babysitter now.

    Why did the paedophile cross the road?
    Because the McCanns were out to dinner.

    Q:What do Madeleine McCann and a submarine have in common?
    A: Both are 10 feet under and full of seamen!

    Wearing a yellow ribbon isn’t going to help find Madeline. They should try yellow shovels, yellow scuba gear and a yellow bloodhound.

    And best of all:

    Q: What’s the difference between Madeleine McCann and Madeleine McCann jokes?
    A: Madeleine McCann jokes will get old.

    Sick? Yes. But funny too.

  16. No not really CL. especially not the one about the child being full of seamen. Fuck, no. Not funny at all

  17. The RenaultMcCann was kinda funny- the rest- not to my taste.

  18. Not funny.

  19. I have to say they didn’t do it for me CL. There are plenty of better subjects.

  20. Not funny. Again.

  21. Not funny, at all.


  23. Heh, a lot of people were making jokes and laughing. Everyone agreed it was sick of course, but in the same way you consider a gory horror movie to be sick but still watch it because it’s fun. I would suggest it might be a generational thing but there were a few older people at the table too so perhaps not.

    In fact, the sick factor is what makes it funny. Anyone ever heard a good rendition of The Aristocrats joke? Same thing.

  24. Cynical Libertarian

    They’re not funny. If a "friend" of mine told some of those jokes, they’d be my friend no longer.

    I know about dark humor. Weeks after 9/11, my co-workers and I made jokes about the collapse being caused by a particular guy’s notoriously messy office.
    But we never would have thought about mocking the known circumstances of some of our departed colleagues’s deaths, about their suffering. You and your friends essentially did just that about a missing, probably dead, child. That’s not very clever.

    I hope to God that I never run into Patrick Kielty, Billy "Get On With It" Connolly, or you or those you call your friends.

    You’ve all got the worst karma in the world.I do not wish you well.

  25. "You’ve all got the worst karma in the world.I do not wish you well."

    Lol, doesn’t that sort of screw your karma?