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Adolf Hitler! Unbelievable but true. Hitler’s name was put forward in 1939 by a Swedish politician, E.G.C. Brandt, for a Nobel Peace Prize thus proving that craven appeasement instincts are timeless.

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  1. I reckon that Fidel is long overdue acknowledgement of his achievements. The Nobel prize for something, anything, should go to Fidel Castro.

  2. A little aside about peace lovers. I believe when they opened up crumlin road jail to tours they invited the chukle brothers to go there to do the honours! But they wouldn’t. Why? Because at one stage they’d BOTH been inmates.

    So I say the chuckle brothers should get it.

  3. Slaughtering people isn’t the only way to win a peace prize, narcissistic ‘peace’ activism that doesn’t achieve any actual peace is another time honoured method of getting the prize money, so I nominate these guys.

  4. Pinky

    Surely you mean Ian and Martin Gerry doesn’t get much of a look in nowadays with the chuckle brothers beaming away.

  5. ‘Slaughtering people isn’t the only way to win a peace prize.’

    Tell that to Henry Kissinger! When he heard the news mathematician and sometime composer/satirist Tom Lehrer went back to the day job.

  6. COLM

    You are obviously entitled to your opinion but i don’t think the families of the victims of the ANC would agree.

  7. Hitler was nominated for a Nobel Prize? Aside from Bono’s that must surely be the most ridiculous nomination ever.

  8. Yes Yes, You all very proud of your very uninformed and Idiotic Opinions.If you had the even slightest hint at what you are talking about with regards to Bono, I would buy your Wife/Sister a pretty red dress.

  9. What a farce. Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize, and thinks we can control the weather. Who are these crazy people who vote for who gets the Nobel Peace Prize? I got someone I want to nomianate.

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