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tell that to the marines!

By ATWadmin On September 24th, 2007

"And the reason the people of Britain have been so shocked is that amongst the vast majority of us there is an abhorrence of guns in our society.

That is why we took the right decision to ban handguns. And now we need to deal with the illegal supply of guns."

These fine and noble words are taken from our illustrious Prime Minister’s speech at his Party Conference; and my comment is contained within the accompanying illustration:-












I carried a gun for ten years in South Africa, the licence was given me because of my need for a means of self-defence in a violent society, and I always point out that the politicians who speak of the need to ban handguns etc. in Britain have themselves personal protection provided by armed men, so they never have to worry about the fear felt by so many others.


6 Responses to “tell that to the marines!”

  1. I also had pistols in the U.K. until Blair banned them ,
    only he did not ban them , he reclassified them as Section 5 firearms .Following the " ban " I obtained legal authority to have multi-shot shotguns and repeating rifles because they are much "safer " .
    I only use my firearms to put holes in paper , hopefully in the centre .

  2. Well said Mike. The swine in charge leave us defenceless while they pander to the criminal gun-toting class.

  3. Love the graphic!

  4. Thats interesting Doctor. That hasnt been previously discussed on ATW!

  5. Has it not? I shoot regularly, although I hadn’t really got into shooting before the handgun ban. Oh, but to have been born sooner (or in a free country)! As of today I have murdered.

    Since the handgun ban, the number of legal gun owners has fallen but deaths and injuries from the illegal use of handguns has doubled and deaths and injuries from the illegal use of all firearms (excluding air weapons) has increased ten-fold and yet we have the strictest gun control in the western world. Why must our politicians cry "let’s do it again, only this time HARDER!"?

  6. By the way Alison (or anyone else) if you fancy trying your hand at shooting, or just enjoying the beautiful scenery and atmosphere, you should definitely go to the bi-annual open day at the National Shooting Center at Bisley. Here’s some piccies:





    You’ve just missed the last one this year, but it should be on again in March.