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Stealing our heritage

By ATWadmin On September 25th, 2007

I see that everyone’s favourite race baiter, Trevor Phillips, has told a fringe meeting at the Labour conference that British history is insufficiently "inclusive", on account of the fact that it is dominated by white people, and has said that it needs to be rewritten, to rectify this fault. Thus, whereas in the past it has always been thought that the Spanish Armada was defeated in part by Lord Howard of Effingham’s fleet, and in part by the vicissitudes of the weather ("God blew, and they were scattered", etc), children will now learn that, to quote a noted historian (T. Phillips, Esq), "it was the Turks who saved us". Whether or not this is actually true is irrelevant as far as Phillips is concerned: all that matters for him is that non-whites (and, in this particular instance, Muslims) should be represented as having made a sizeable contribution to the development of British society, throughout the last thousand years or more. Perhaps he will also suggest that, as the 100 Great Black Britons website has laughably claimed, Edward III’s wife, Queen Phillipa, was in fact black, and that, accordingly, her son, the famous "Black Prince", was a half-caste. Maybe we will now be told that Shakespeare was black. And perhaps that Queen Victoria was Chinese, Dickens Indian, and the Duke of Wellington an Australian Aboriginal.

The fact is, that, regardless of the specifics of what happened to the Spanish Armada, it is simply not true to claim that non-whites have made a substantial contribution to British history. Rather, their contribution has been completely negligible, because their numbers have, historically, been negligible. Our history is overwhelmingly dominated by white people, because we are a historically white country, and those non-whites who now live here are unlikely to have roots in this country stretching back any more than sixty years. This simple fact, of course, is not one which finds favour with the likes of Trevor Phillips. After all, it does tend to undermine the repeated assertion that Britain has always been a "nation of immigrants".

Trevor Phillips’ demand that our history be rewritten is yet another example of the willingness of many on the liberal-left to abuse the education system in order to further their own ends. It does not matter to them whether what is taught as being British history is true or not. Rather than schools teaching our children what is true, they want our children to be taught what they think ought to be true. And since they think that it ought to be true that Britain was historically multiracial and multicultural, that is what they want other people to believe. I very much doubt that they will actually succeed. No matter what people like Phillips may claim, I think (and hope) that the majority of ordinary people are sufficiently intelligent and well-informed to realise that our society has historically been neither multiracial nor multicultural. But for Phillips and others in the race relations industry to claim that one of our greatest naval victories was in fact someone else’s victory, or that our national heroes, or our greatest writer, were in fact black, constitutes nothing less than a racist assault upon the cultural heritage of the native white British.

14 Responses to “Stealing our heritage”

  1. FR: Well said indeed!

    I wrote this earlier to DV on the same subject:

    British history ‘needs rewrite’


    I had to write to you having spotted this appalling piece from race-industry guru Trevor Phillips.

    Now I’m no great historian but I recoiled when I read this this which went on to say:

    He quoted the example of the Spanish Armada, which was held up by the Turks at the request of Queen Elizabeth I.

    "It was the Turks who saved us," Mr Phillips told a Labour fringe meeting.


    When we talk about the Armada it’s only now that we are beginning to realise that part of it is Muslims," Mr Phillips told the meeting.

    "It was the Turks who saved us, because they held up Armada at the request of Elizabeth I.

    "Now let’s rewrite that story, let’s use our heritage to rewrite that story so it is truly inclusive"

    It’s total bollocks. Yes, the Spanish fought the Turks for domination of the Mediterranean, notably at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 as part of their ongoing resistance to Islamic domination. Any parallels there to modern times?

    The fact that the Spanish were fighting the Turks and Britain on very different agendas is one thing. But to say "It was the Turks who saved us" – when in 1588 130 Spanish ships with 26,000 sailors and soldiers departed Lisbon heading here – is palpable, totally inaccurate, disingenuous and dangerously misleading rubbish. Had the Turks had beaten the Spanish, who do you think would be next up on their list?

  2. Good post FR.

    Outrageous remarks by Phillips. Even worse, he has the ear of the educational establishment. Watch out for even more "culture studies" in lieu of history teaching.

  3. He simply can’t be allowed to get away with this. I’d like to think this sort of thing will actually backfire and cause more people to rebel against the ‘multiculturism’ project.

  4. It wann’t the only race baiting that was occurring at the Labour Conference today, on Radio 5 today there was a discussion with a couple of outher racial grievance industry professionals demanding that Labour (and presumably the other parties) start introducing all black parliamentary shortlists, the Model T Ford option approach to free choice.

  5. Not many people are aware of the fact that at the height of the Battle of Britain Churchill was just about to sign a declaration surrendering to Hitler when he decided to go for a walk just before signing. While crossing through St James park he bumped into a half Polish half Albanian Plumber and his half Nigerian half Bangladeshi wife (both Muslim converts) . He told them what he was planning to do and they replied "No mate you don’t wanna do that, you wanna go tell that Adolf we’ll fight him on the beaches….

    So now you know who really turned the corner for us in WW2 🙂

  6. I like the way Philips says `It was the Turks that saved Us’ considering he is black and his `lot’ came later…

  7. Maybe someone should tell Phillips that in so doing he is eradicating the unique female leadership of the time and undermining feminism. Or something.

  8. "Let tyrants fear" as she would have said had she been around

  9. I always love it when the "multiculturalists" talk about how people from India fought for us during WWII, they always forget the thousands that fought for the Germans. That’s what it’s going to be like for History tought in the UK, full of factual omissions and false inserts! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indische_Legion

  10. COLM said:

    " While crossing through St James park he bumped into a half Polish half Albanian Plumber and his half Nigerian half Bangladeshi wife (both Muslim converts)"

    As a Muslim of Bangaldeshi/Nigerian origin, I recall as a child, my grandfather who was a Muslim convert and had claim to the British throne tell me this story whilst lunching with the queen at Buck Palace on pickeled tikka masala.

    Hidden British history you should all know.

  11. The history of the Waffen SS took an academically amusing turn when they started getting desperate and recruiting their own ‘Foreign Legions’. Some national/ethnic groups were more eager than others to serve of course…I always remember that during the final battle for Berlin in the Tiergarten area there were French Nazis from the Charlemagne division ferociusly fighting ‘Volga Germans’ who were fighting for the Russians! Crazy world…

    The Indians did have a lot of form in fighting for the opposition, though in their case it was often more wishful thinking than anything else. I always like the image of Chandhra Bose being carted off in the dead of night by a Japanese submarine after spectacularly failing to raise a decent rebellion at home…

  12. What next Phillips, the longbow archers at Agincourt were actually pygmies and the charge of the light brigade was actually a troop of berber nomads on camels? This multicultural nutter needs to check into the priory or better still move to Iran or some other ‘democracy’ more to his liking. British history is dominated by white people because Britian and I include Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as England in my ‘Britain’ because as we all know the history of these islands are intertwined and the International history includes people from all of these countries. Prior to the 20th century I don’t see any contributions from black, muslim or asians to the battle of the roses, the civil war, culloden and so on. He’s talking complete utter tosh and proves what a plank he is. Oh by the way did he also tell you that stonehenge was in fact built by Nigerians and Jamaicans and the vikings were in fact chinese in dragon boats who had flown here on a magic carpet!

  13. Eddie,

    LOL – good one!

  14. The battle of Lepanto and the debt we owe to Don John, the Venetians, Spanish and all those who stopped the Turks reaching the Atlantic is what our children should be taught. This battle, as much as Poitiers and Vienna kept those barbarians from our shores.