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polish-advert385_212156a.jpgI am informed that seven naked women on billboards across Poland are stirring passions in the country’s already overheated election campaign.

The poster is an  attempt by the newly founded Women’s Party to alert female voters to what it believes is the real political problem in Poland: male chauvinism. Polish politics, says the party’s founder, the novelist Manuela Gretkowska, is run by men in suits on behalf of other men in suits. The party has taken up the cudgels against right-wing religious parties – such as the League of Polish Families, which wants to tighten the already restrictive abortion laws – and the male-dominated political spectrum. They argue that the status of women in Poland has deteriorated, especially undert the nationalist Government of Jaroslaw Kaczynski. It wants free contraception, an increase in the number of gynacologists, a right to pain-free birth, expanded child care, equal pay and pension rights. “The poster is intended to shatter stereotypes in the anachronistic world of politics,” said Ms Gretkowska. “We are beautiful, nude and proud.”


Not quite sure if getting naked  is the ideal way to smash the political status-quo in Poland but it always gets the attention of the media! I dare say there may well have been the odd car accident across Poland as foolish men gaped at the Woman’s Party credentials. Here in Northern Ireland, we also had a Woman’s Party. When I think of those who led it, such as Monica McWilliams, I thank God that they never decided to pursue this idea of electioneering. It’s the naked lust for power tha disturbs me most!

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67 thoughts on “NAKED WOMEN VS MEN IN SUITS?

  1. Good luck to them! it seems to have done the trick publicity wise. Anything to undermine the big swinging dicks. Of course THAT imagery is what men in suits like to have you think is going on underneath the ego and the y fronts. The reality is probably a darn sight more hideous.

  2. The sky fell in everywhere – the day that women got the vote!!!….:-)

    As ever, they just have to resort to sexual innuendo and blackmail to get their way, or even just to get noticed!

    As Shaw once remarked to a young lady: "Madam, would you sleep with me for million pounds? – she replied: ‘Sir, that, is an interesting offer.’

    After a short pause Shaw then asked; ‘Would you sleep with me for a fifty pounds? – she replied, indignantly; ‘Sir, what do you think I am, a whore?

    To which Shaw replied, with the classic; ‘Madam we know what you are, it is just the price we are arguing about’.

    I think I have said enough…..

  3. As ever, they just have to resort to sexual innuendo and blackmail to get their way, or even just to get noticed!

    Ernest – we are talking about the women in the photo not Bill Clinton.

  4. Battling male chauvinism … by getting your kit off … and then hiding behind a banner.

    I’m sure there’s some logic there.

    Anyway, I just hope they’re not planning on staying naked for long. You can get a nasty burn from an iron or a cooker.

    I did think that blonde one in the middle looked a right old misery, but then you have to say they all look like miserable birds. What’s the point in getting naked if you’re not going to adorn yourself with a smile? Clearly, these chicks have a lot to learn.

  5. When are women going to learn that stripping off is not exactly the ideal way to gain respect. This kind of nonsense make me shake my head most wearily. It’s almost as bad a PETA ad. Bad move ladies. Get dressed, use your brain and I might take you seriously.

  6. The logic guys is this. Youve posted it David and the Times and other msms are running it. This is a sad reflection of our culture not theirs. And that things are so desperate in Poland they even need a uniquely female party.

  7. Ask yourselves whether this would have garnered even half of the fleeting interest here or in the international press had they not.

  8. FMC: Interesting point. But to be honest Peta remind me of pro-life. This lot seem to be angling for the publicity Calendar Girls got. Strikingly similar. And succesful.

  9. Alison, I get that they’re looking for publicity and I understand their frustrations, but objectifying themselves to do so hardly makes me want to take anything they say seriously. Honestly, what exactly does striping naked have to do with ‘free contraception, an increase in the number of gynacologists, a right to pain-free birth, expanded child care, equal pay and pension rights"?

  10. FMC: my thoughts precisely when i heard about the campaign. But when they started appearing in the Times and people are now talking about Polish contraception, an increase in the number of gynacologists, a right to pain-free birth, expanded child care, equal pay and pension rights etc i changed my mind. Politics is only about publicity. And this publicity is what currently works. In America and the UK is where we need to change the status quo in that respect. We set the publicity benchmarks and everyone else just follows.

  11. FMC: if you are still about ..what do you think of the ad campaign against anorexia being run in Milan Fashion Week (see link below). I get what you are saying about Peta – their latest campaign is sleezy. They also go in for extreme shock tactics that overstep the limit by a country mile. However, the anorexia ad campaign has sparked debate about similar issues (objectifying women, the message conveyed)


  12. ‘(objectifying women, the message conveyed)’

    Identifying and objectfying, – as what? as fine an example of little girl syndrome shouting; ‘Look at me! look at me!.’ – or perhaps the a touch of ‘green eye’, as exemplyfied by the ‘Anything to undermine the big swinging dicks.’ remark..

    I thought how sad they all looked!

    How could, and who, would take them seriously?…

  13. Ernest – they would look sad when they cant give birth without pain killers, get basic contraception and abortion is being outlawed further to include not saving the life of a woman if pregnancy = death. Laugh a minute over there. Regards taking them seriously heres the funny thing. Before they took out the ads the press and the rest of the mysoginists refused to give them any platform or indeed take them seriously. Now theyve garnered all this international attention, apparently up to 60% of women might vote for them in the October polls and the country is alive with debate over them. In an ultra conservative place like Poland the tactics appear to have paid off. Needs must where the little boys drive.

  14. If you break anything in a rugby match and they ever deny you painkillers Pete ill try hard not lecture you on parity.

  15. Alison, I saw it and thought straight away it was for shock value and the dude who took the Benetton ads was involved. The girl clearly states she became anorexic as the result of a difficult childhood, so what the hell has it got to do with fashion?
    The second thing I thought was -this one seperates me from a lot of women and usually gets someone’s back up so let me just say at the start that this is MY opinion and not one I push on others- I don’t give a rat’s ass about anorexics. If someone wants to starve themselves to death then let them. I DON’T consider it a disease, I don’t consider it full stop.

  16. Alison –

    Is that all? So what’s with the big swinging dick, mysoginistic, where the little boys drive language all about then? You can make a point without sticking it to men, you know.

  17. "How could, and who, would take them seriously?…"

    "apparently up to 60% of women might vote for them in the October polls"

    Well from what you say, even the women appear not to have take them seriously in the past.

    "Needs must where the little boys drive."

    I wonder how they, or indeed any feminist, expects to get support from the male voters, if they keep on making similar snippy ‘little girly’ remarks that you seem to take pleasure in making! – truly a strange way to win friends and supporters.

    I don’t think there are many men here, who would take exception to their demands. Perhaps it is a Catholic thing, where one would expect abortion and contraception issues to be paramount, and as much among women as among the men.

    The battle is surely more religion, rather than gender based.

    It seems strange that in some of the most male centric countries, such as India, Pakistan and Israel and others, there have been some excellent female Presidents, and all without espousing the feminist agenda…

  18. Ernest, out of polite curiousity, what exactly is the ‘agenda’ feminists are plotting? I consider myself a feminist, but I’m not currently plotting any agendas, perhaps I missed the news letter? Can you fill me in?

  19. Also just as a point of reference fellas, since it got under your skin so much – the expression ‘Big Swinging Dick’ was invented by a fella in reference to ‘ the cowboys who pulled in the big bucks’. Its also the name of a book about the lives of the so-called ‘Big Swinging Dicks’ that inhabit the corridors of power – again – written by a fella.

  20. As already mentioned it got the girls noticed so perhaps now the issues they are fighting for will be noticed. LOL re your remark Alison on big Swinging Dicks being written by and about fellas. You are way too sensitive guys lighten up.

  21. No FMC and btw are the women in Poland allowed to use birth control or is it still catholic roulette?

  22. I have nothing to say on this topic but I can’t resist joining a thread with such smutty potential πŸ™‚

  23. Alison –

    You’ve only insulted me and mine four times in this thread. You’re slacking there.

    FMC –

    I know you have a habit of of disappearing at times, but please stick with it. Now Ernest Young can speak for himself and what he sees as a feminist agenda. For me it comes down to feminists and other wierdoes successfully propogating the idea that normal male behaviour is actually abnormal. Christina Hoff Summers set it out perfectly in The War Against Boys:

    This book tells the story of how it has become fashionable to attribute pathology to millions of healthy male children. It is a story of how we are turning against boys and forgetting a simple truth: that the energy, competitiveness, and corporal daring of normal, decent males is responsible for much of what is right in the world. No one denies that boys’ aggressive tendencies must be checked and channeled in constructive ways. Boys need discipline, respect, and moral guidance. Boys need love and tolerant understanding. They do not need to be pathologized.

    As I said, Christina Hoff Summers wrote that book. She’s a bird.

  24. Pete, let me just give you the gist of what this feminist thinks.
    Men and women are different. If boys want to play cowboys and indians all day long, shoot each other with ball bearings, climb trees, build forts, fight, make up two seconds later, I think it’s terrific and better than having them sit around all day being ‘good’ and chomping ritalin. I think boys needs their father to look up to and gain moral guidance from. I think they need their father to learn how to be good men. I also think men are men and not a sub species of woman and vice versa. I think men need time to go do men shit, be it sunday football with the lads or a few pints watching the match or a game of golf or whatever. I think women are perfectly capable of changing tyres, lightbulbs and mowing the lawn.
    I think good couples come from the understanding that despite rings and mortgages you are individuals who chose to be together.
    I think sex is important in a relationship, doesn’t matter if it’s new or rocking on to 50 years.
    And yet I’m still a feminist. I want the right to vote, the right to own my home, to garner equal pay if I do the same job as a man. I want to keep my name when I marry. I want to be able to voice an opinion without a man thinking I say what I say is because I have an agenda. I don’t. I want to be treated as a person. End of. Not a delicate flower, not a lay-dee, not a ‘feminazi’. I try not to rude and I try not to resort to stereotypes. Maybe we should all try to do the same.

  25. FMC, Alison,

    Feminist agenda, – I don’t think that most of you are capable of following any sort of agenda, however there does seem to be a pattern. It seems to be to imitate and adopt the worst male traits, to be aggressive and as insulting as possible, and as often as possible.

    Such a pity that they see this as being the equivalent of some ideomatic version of gender equality. It does make me wonder just what sort of men they have associated with, to aquire such a sour and distorted opinion of men in general.

    If all they really wanted was equality, then surely their tactic of aggravation is counterproductive. I suspect it isn’t equality, but domination that is really the goal.

    In their imagined battle of the sexes, all they have succeeded in doing is becoming mirror images of the type of men they despise so much – they have become female chauvinist pigs! – and just as with the male variety, they are doomed to miserable failure. As with so much today, if there is a choice, the worst option will be chosen…

  26. FMC,

    Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, I agree with almost everything you say.I just get very tired of being stereotyped, as do you!

    The gist of my comment was that if it’s equality you all want, antagonising the people you want equality with, is a very strange way of achieving your aim.

    I agree that when ads appear such as the one posted here last week, and to a degree, this one, do devalue the cause of equality. If you have to resort to sexuality to achieve your ends, it just isn’t equality, it’s manipulation…

    Now make jokes from that comment Colm…

  27. ernest

    Your use of the word manipulation is sexist and derogatory to all males. In future I would prefer if you used the gender neutral term personipulation.

  28. That’s my whole point in a nutshell Ernest, not all feminists are strident or fundamental. Not all men are privileged dicks. Therefore sweeping generalisations from either camp does nothing but a disservice for the genders.
    Now, let us sit back and wait for that smut merchant Colm to arrive. I do love his bon mots.
    Goodnight folks.

  29. I still think Alison is right in her 11.06 comment, where she says good luck to them it seems to have done the trick publicity wise. I don’t see the problem with this poster, there are adds on tv much worse. Isn’t this really a move against religious attitudes rather than male domination?

    Interesting to note the word agenda, and FMC’s setting out of what feminists think. Interestingly enough I read a letter very recently in a local womens mag about women keeping their name when they married. This woman was writing in because she signed her name Mrs..and then the husbands initial of his first name and his surname. She said she had been married a long time and had ‘earned that right’. So many women like many feminists differ in what they want for women.

    Anyway the reason I say this is that I don’t think there is any clear ‘agenda’ among feminists/women, nor do I think in this case all they want is parity with men. There are womens issues out there which are being denied to them due to antiquated attitudes of the church. Especially in societies where the church and state are not seperated. It was like this in the republic until recently. Contraception was banned, even condoms couldn’t be bought.

    Fair play to these women for taking on these attitudes and trying to change them. Even if they don’t make it into politics, the issues are now raised and women will begin to think. Thats why I agree with Alison, that publicity wise the poster did the trick even if they don’t make it big time in politics this time.

  30. Mary Wollstonecraft of the 18c. Plain and simple liberal feminism, not feminazi or anything else, just feminism. Marvellous.

    Good luck to them indeed Typhoo.

    And funny you should mention FCPs Ernest – read Ariel Levy, she coined the term.

  31. Maggie – its good old fashioned cross your fingers. And if you get pregnant and it ever becomes a risk for you, well thats just too bad.

  32. "Interesting to note the word agenda, and FMC’s setting out of what feminists think."
    I did no such thing, I set out what I thought, not what all feminists think.

  33. I agree with FMC’s earlier posting – what has the lurid posturing got to do with the issues they are raising? Sure it gets them publicity but why resort to acceptable standards of naughty poses so prevalent in western advertising when what they are promoting is actually very serious. Is this the only tactic available – why not go for shocking un-sexy imagery to reflect their concerns – our media could adequately cope with this.

  34. Alison,

    There is no need to ‘coin the term’, female chauvinist pigs, – chauvinism applies to either sex, and is not solely a masculine noun…

  35. FMC

    You’re right! Sorry about that.


    Shocking un-sexy imagery? Would that be like the cigarette ads, and couldn’t this un-sexy imagery be countered with equally un-sexy imagery like shocking anti abortion adds. Perhaps this is a safer area – where it shocks (slightly ) and highlights, and gets the message out and nothing too nasty or shocking can come back at the party.

  36. The expression is largely unused Ernest, whereas it should be. Terrific book. "The Rise of Raunch Culture: Female Chauvinist Pigs", Ariel Levy. Centres on the women in the US media industry who either endorse or brush off porn culture and how more showing flesh has been remoulded to equate to feminism.

    Typhoo –

    i think where we lead others will follow and this is the case here – particularly somewhere so conservative that this shock value will pay off. Reading more about how they were treated before they posed for this shot is interesting. They seriously had nothing to lose here (pun intended). The awful situation in Poland has been festering so long now im not going to begrudge them this publicity coup, though id prefer it wasnt even necessary – on many different levels.

  37. That’s the sort of nonsense that happens when they are allowed to think for themselves. In Ireland it all went wrong when they started getting names, we should go back to calling them bean an ti’s (women of the house).

    In all seriousness not a great idea to try and gain credibility by stripping off like a common whore.

  38. Amazing what you find when you google this.
    The newly founded party has created quite a commotion, it has the support of Polish movie and pop stars and promises to safeguard women’s rights at home and at work, act in the name and in defence of women, which we now need (we didnt used to need this). It is not even seen as a feminist issue in Poland. For the previous time the response has not been that significant, that has now changed with this clever campaiugn. Chris Gaskin, Where i come from beautiful naked women do not immediately equal common whores, only the politicians do.

  39. "Chris Gaskin, Where i come from beautiful naked women do not immediately equal common whores, only the politicians do."

    Where I come from women who strip off in order to gain something are called whore, be it money or in this case votes!

  40. Bad luck Chris Gaskin. and also that this is so much the case for you, you cannot work out the point (joke) in the advert.

  41. Chris

    When the hunger strikers took their clothes off and refused to wear prison uniform were they common whores also? Or was that ok because they were men?

    Taking your clothes off to highlight an issue doesn’t make a person a common whore in my book.

  42. Where have you all been for the last ?,000 years…the only things that ever work or make a difference are sex & violence. It is the stuff of life goddamit. If that’s what it takes to get pension rights who are we to make a big deal of it.

  43. Oh come on men get real, you know you all like this naked stuff…it’s what makes you tick and it has had the effect of putting the girls claim for a few ‘rights’ into perspective. Why can’t they have a pension and if stripping (big deal) advertises their lack of basic human rights then go for it girls. As I have said before (and so has Colm), if they were black and told they could not get a pension god the world would go mad.

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