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Shake that tin, and see the cash drop in!

By ATWadmin On September 28th, 2007

The idea which used to inhabit my mind when I saw any mention of Charities, was peopled with dedicated volunteers, those people who gave freely of their time, energy and knowledge to further the Charity’s ends and objectives. As a former Officer in Britain’s Merchant Navy, I had established a steady connection with a Charity which seemed to be of my way of thinking and beliefs, which was the Royal National Lifeboat Institution; in that the only people who were paid were the coxswains of the large fleet of rigid sea-going rescue boats stationed around the coasts and harbours of the British Isles. All the other crew members were volunteers, and there was usually a long queue to be chosen as a crew member, as those positions were viewed as being an honourable and worthy ideal to attain. But, that was rather a long time ago.

Caught sight of a advert for one of the innumerable charities which abound on the various digital channels as well as on commercial radio, and it was all about how, with only £XXX pounds a month, I could bring real joy, help and education to yet another bunch of starving children/refugees/african villagers/idle bastards; (strike those inapplicable). I took the time to check on the appropriate websites, and discovered that they pay £23,000 fora Media Officer, whatever they might do, £32,800 for a Policy Officer and a massive £57,000 for a Fundraising Director. So what used to be an area for dedicated people to give freely of their time and endeavours has become, well, just another industry!

If you wander idly through the audited accounts of the various charity organisations registered with the Charities Commission, one phrase occurs time and time again, and this is "No remuneration or other payments have been made to the trustees of XXXXXXX  XXXX for their services as board members for other services provided to the organisation in 2006."

Dead honest and above board, all of these Charities and Trustees, with never a wrong’un around! Remarkable, isn’t it?


13 Responses to “Shake that tin, and see the cash drop in!”

  1. I agree that charities, like everything else, have to be monitored for abuse. Some do require professionals, given the scope of their services. I would hope that our conservative friends so fond of advocating private charity are now not turning on private charity per se.

  2. I would hope that our conservative friends so fond of advocating private charity are now not turning on private charity per se.

    The ironies of life.

  3. Mahons –

    Private charity is all well and good. But at least on this side of the pond many charities have been co-opted by government into being little more than instruments of state policy. They are manned by many on the greasy pole up the increasingly lucrative charity industry. In this respect it’ll be a long time before Oxfam, the RSPCA, RSPB, RSPCC or Scope see any of my money.

  4. Pete: I am sure that your contributions to other institutions will make them green with envy. AS for myself, I give to the family of the unknown soldier.

  5. I remember as a kid helping to sell flags one saturday.At the end of the day when I took my full tin of money back to the hall, all the `charity commite..etc were all sat around a big table eating nice things.
    They never even offered me a drink tea. I was just told to leave the money and go…

  6. A lot of so called charities are nothing of the sort, but rather pressure groups, lobbyists or disguised Quangos. Many of these are heavily funded by the taxpayer and often provide sinecures for politicians who are in between full time roles.

  7. Why do I doubt that Mike or Pete have ever drop too many bobs into the can of any charity?
    Just a feeling I get, I suppose.

  8. Pinky –

    Your doubts are placed. Apart from the British Legion, it’s a long time since I dropped any cash into a charity can.

    That’s because standing orders transfer funds each month.

    Now go and mark some homework.

  9. Like so much else these days, what was once a vocation is now just a job or a step on some political ladder.

    The advent of the more modern global charities such as Oxfam, Greenpeace, War on Want, and many others opening the eyes of a certain specie of entrepreneur to the large amounts of cash available, and all largely untraceable and uncheckable.

    Of course the trend spread to the more established charities, and now they all seem to owe more to the ethics of industry, than to those of charity.

    The altruism and virtue of personal and private charitable giving, is not transferable to the statist idea of being a benefactor, which seems to owe more to political ‘income redistribution’, rather than the charitable ‘helping hand’.

    When the State dons the mantle of ‘charity’, via such quango organisations as those mentioned above, the concept of charity changes from being a personal gesture, to that of one of a ‘State handout’,- the individual thus being separated from any feelings of satisfaction at having done something, thought to be generally worthwhile.

    And all the while politicians and celebrity figureheads hypocritically bask in the glory of their pseudo generosity.

  10. Now go and mark some homework.

    Are you thinking I am a teacher Pete?
    Wrong again, I have a much more interestingjob than that. ( Altgough I am laid up at the minute but hope to be back in action in next two weeks).

    Now how did I know you are just not the charitable type. 🙂

  11. I think I must be missing something here but I don’t understand the significance of the comments about trustees not receiveing payment and paying those who work for the charity.

    I am a trustee of a charity and I do not receive any remunration for doing so. If we had £57,000 a year to play with and by paying a fundraiser that would bring us a profit then I’d be all for it. Yes it would be nice if we could get someone who could bring us in mega bucks and not get paid for it, but the workman is worthy of his hire.

    Are you assuming that the Fundraiser etc are trustees?

  12. Pinky –

    Do you know what a standing order is?

    Commiserations on being laid up by the way. I’m really upset for you.

  13. I have a confession to make. I once collected money for the church from people attending a big open air Catholic mass. I was about 13 at the time. My mate and I didn’t hand a penny of it over to the priests. We went off and spent it all, and no-one ever asked us anything about it.