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By ATWadmin On September 28th, 2007

Better get used to the flood of immigration that is so afflicting our Nation State – because immigrants will swell the British population by almost two million in the next decade, according to official predictions. Whitehall now believes the record immigration levels of the past few years are likely to continue. The projection drew an immediate admission from the Government that it has "worries" over migration.

Rubbish. The Government LOVES the idea of millions of more immigrants coming into the country and I dare say that this two million figure is a massive statistical understatement designed to disguise the true scale of what is happening. This deluge of immigration  shows no sign of let up, and you can be sure that be it Labour or Conservative in power, neither of them will do anything of substance to stop the demographic transmogrification of the United Kingdom. 

8 Responses to “AND STILL THEY COME….!”

  1. This backs up what I have written on a previous, related thread. The facts are there and beyond dispute, but can the left really argue that it’s a good thing, this massed immigration? It is, after all, their policy.

  2. Of course they will. They love the idea of allowing the lodgers to take over the house.

  3. Theres no room for the poor Brit in their own country IMO.

  4. emigration becomes a more appealing prospect to me, with every passing month.

  5. It is remarkable how the political clique are completely unaffected from the pains imposed on the people of the country. They have protected pensions, huge allowances etc and don’t have their pay undercut by outsiders. None of the crime or disease attributable to migrants affects them and those who are affected probably don’t vote anyway so "f*ck them". Life is so good for politicians and their lackeys.

  6. we have a goverment that wants the English out of England.. I haven’t quite worked out what fate they have in store for the Irish, Scottish and Welsh yet, although they may sort that out with independence from the new multicultural part of europe that they plan to rule as a third world country.

    don’t forget the figure may be 2,000,000 but with free benefits they tend to breed fast.

    all the peoples over the centuries that have tried to destroy this Island and it’s a trojan horse from our own goverment that may finally succeed……

  7. 2,000,000 more people. statistically equals 1,800,000 more labour voters. The Scottish Broon knows few of them will go to Scotland, his homeland, and that nearly all will go to England. The other two Scots Campbell and Cameron have similar views and in any case they are socially insulated from immigrants and don’t much care what happens among the non-political unterclasses. The ruling elite political class will do whatever is in their interest, and in any case they know that the bovine electorate have been sucessfully indoctrinated to believe that one does not talk about immigration without a flush of pseudoguilt.

  8. Well Hal and Frakked, why not do what I’m going to do and support the BNP? It should only be for a little while until Cameron either resigns or he and his entourage are booted out.

    The bottom line is that there is no ‘mainstream’ opposition to this invasion.