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By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2007

Interesting to see that immigrants were given the keys to 10,000 council houses last year!

The Government figures reveal the pressures which immigration is putting on housing and public services. Foreign nationals are legally entitled to social housing – including housing association properties – after spending more than four years in the UK or successfully claiming asylum. Some EU migrants are also entitled to be given taxpayer-subsidised houses, which are in short supply nationwide. Last year only 25,596 new "social housing" (State housing)  homes were built. The figures, released in a written reply to Tory MP James Clappison, represent around 5 per cent of all lettings to new social housing tenants last year.The average cost of social housing is £133,941 a home. The Government contributes an average of £62,000 of taxpayers’ cash with the rest coming from developers or social landlords. Based on those figures the value of the homes given to foreign nationals was £1.3billion – including a £ 620million subsidy from the public purse.

One Response to “10,000 KEYS TO THE KINGDOM!”

  1. "Allocation must, of course, be on the basis of need. But the Government must look again at how that need is defined.

    "At present, it favours those who have large families."


    The basis of need does indeed need to be redefined, and Hodge was correct that British families have a feeling of a right to entitlement. This was more or less the basis of the racial attacks which happened in the village area last year. Houses were being let to immigrants and the whole area was changing and the sons and daughters of the people living there could not get homes to let.

    However, political interference on housing associations and local authorities needs to be removed along with the basis of need being redefined, otherwise nothing will change.

    I received a pamphlet through my door recently from the workers party, (obviously gearing up for an election) which had this to say about East Belfast (which contains wards such as Ballymacarret, Island and the Mount)

    ”The local branch of the Workers’ Party will take up the OFFER from the Executive to participate in this (consultation) process and are putting together proposals which we will submit to them.”

    Considering the WP doesn’t have a mandate in East Belfast AFAIK – and East Belfast is also mainly a unionist electorate I’m wondering what a socialist and unrepresentative party in that area is doing getting an invite by the Housig Executive to put in their pennies worth in the first place?

    Political pressure and interference on housing providers mainly by the left is a major factor in the allocation of homes. It’s no surprise then that once a large immigrant family presents its self for housing it will be allocated over a British family who have been on the housing list for a long time. Queue jumping on the basis of need and helped by the left.

    It’s time to change the rules surely..?