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By ATWadmin On September 30th, 2007

Of course no one can really be surprised to read this morning that the Government has drawn up plans to slash the number of ships in the Royal Navy.  The Ministry of Defence has produced a plan to decommission five warships from next April, which would reduce the Navy’s capability to the level where it could carry out only "one small-scale operation". The TOTAL number of Navy ships could be cut from 103 to just 50.

navy130.jpgUnder the plan the Navy, once the pride of the Armed Forces, would be unable to provide anything like the 1982 Falklands task force. In what is likely to be a "worst-case" scenario, with no further commissioning of ships, total numbers of what the MoD terms "platforms" is slated to fall steadily from 103 to 50 within 20 years.The number of submarines would be cut from 13 to 11 in 2007-08 while there would be two aircraft carriers rather than the present three. Frigates would be cut from 17 to nine, while the number of destroyers would go up, from six to eight, but only because more have already been commissioned. There would be no minesweepers or patrol ships, while the number of landing vessels would be cut from eight to six.

THIS is the real face of Labour in power, relentlessly undermining our military capability to the point where Britain’s Navy is sunk in terms of operational and global effectiveness. I wonder how those many men and women who serve in the Navy feel about this? And how does this square with Mr Brown’s boast of supporting Britain?

4 Responses to “SINKING THE NAVY!”

  1. They havent covered off the new commissions effected though. The article doesnt give the full picture so isnt all that reliable.

  2. There’s a particular reason why the Royal Navy has long been a favoured target of the Left.

    The Army and Royal Air Force exist by statute. Their continued existence depends on Continuation Orders passed in Parliament – yes, that cabal of traitors, inadequates and thieves can disband the Army and Royal Air Force simply by not passing a Continuation Order in any year.

    This way stems from the Bill of Rights, which states that a standing army can only be kept with the permission of Parliament.

    The Royal Navy, by contrast, pre-dates the other services and the Bill of Rights. That is why it is the Senior Service. It exists by Royal Decree only and that is why sailors aren’t called on to swear the Oath of Allegiance – The Royal Navy is considered always to be loyal.

    So you see, the Army and Royal Air Force are of Parliament, the Royal Navy is of the Monarch. This state explains the constant hostility, even more so than is directed at the other two services, that comes the way of the Royal Navy.

  3. Rule Britannia, Britannia Rule’s the waves of the local park pond!

  4. I think the number of ships should be cut. We have far too many entirely useless vessels – destroyers, frigates and so on. Only a few destroyers are needed and I can see no practical purpose for frigates. Sell the surplus off and buy aircraft carriers and patrol ships.