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rug07.jpgWell folks – another weekend is on the horizon and I’m off to watch New Zealand play France in the Quarter Final of the Rugby World Cup in Cardiff! The All-Blacks versus Les Bleus. Should be a good game with my money on New Zealand to dash the hopes of the French, but a lot of pride is at stake here so may the best team win! I’ll be taking a complete break from blogging until my return on Sunday evening so you’ll have to argue amongst yourselves whilst I am gone!


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9 thoughts on “OFF TO THE WORLD CUP!

  1. Im rooting for Lewis Hamilton! Oh sorry wrong sport…;)

    Have a great rest David …allez les Bleues!

  2. I’m looking forward to the weekend of Rugby. All the matches will be interesting but you are going to the pick of the bunch David. Enjoy.

  3. What’s baseball?

    Have a good one, David. Not jealous at all. Oh no …

    The Kiwis will win by 15 points.

  4. Pete: That American sport the championship of which we have the hubris to call The World Series.

  5. Ahh now then Mahons, even I know that’s down to the original sponsor of the series.

  6. I was in Cardiff last Sunday. The Milennium Stadium looks magnificent but I was too rushed to get the guided tour.

    I hope France win but fear they will be flattened by the All Black juggernaut.

  7. Grwon men rolling around in mud together, sticking their hands between each others legs and showering together and engaging in mysoginist behaviour.

    Repressed homosexuality anyone?

    But if that is you kick do have fun.

    As long a you don’t have anything to do with that anti-British discriminating Ireland team.

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