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_44160897_sheiden_dunning203.jpgThere was only one place to watch the England tight five crush, destroy and annihilate the Aussie pack today, and that was in a pub in the middle of London, surrounded by dozens of gold-shirted antipodeans.

Oh sweet joy.

With a bit of luck I’ll be up at 6am in the morning to watch Lewis Hamilton claim the F1 World Championship in China, in his first season. If he pulls it off, it’ll be an outrageous achievement. Yep, God is an Englishman this weekend.

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10 thoughts on “Dame Edna Everage, Can You Hear Me?

  1. I listened to the match on radio and England deserved to win. Big relief, because as we all know, the Australians can be insufferable when they win.

    Question is, will the mighty England pack be enough to win a second world cup in a row. I suspect not.

  2. Australians can be insufferable when they win.

    no more than the english.

    though they definitely deserved the win. great game. france look set to collapse in the second half, on the other hand.

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