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rugby_ball.jpgHi All – just back from my Rugby weekend in Cardiff.  Mind you, Cardiff was actually full so we stayed in Bristol. I had decided to support France – Allez Les Bleu – on the basis that I figured the New Zealand team would probably wallop them and I prefer to support the underdog and so it is that I must confess to you all that I waved my little French Flag, and donned a French Beret, and cheered on Les Bleu! I became French for the evening!! Zut alors.

First half it looked like the All Blacks would cruise to victory but second half France played a blinder and thoroughly deserved their victory. Some of the tackles being put in were brutal but as with so much sport it is the team that shows the greater will to win that comes through.  The French fans were also highly entertaining and dare I say it ratherr LESS arrogant than some All Black enthusiasts. So well done France. I wasn’t overly enamoured to hear All Black fans cheering on Australia against England in the afternoon game!

Finally, I was pleased to see England winning against Australia and next week, they will meet France in the semi-final. I will of course be supporting England next week and hope they can produce a famous victory to get to the Final!

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13 thoughts on “THE DAY I BECAME FRENCH!

  1. I don’t know much about rugby, but I certainly don’t understand how tackles can be made like that without serious injury. In our American football, there’s serious hitting and tackling, but the players are padded and helmeted to the hilt.

    Anyway, as I’, 1/4 French, Vive la France!

  2. Charles,

    The physical abuse taken is enormous – you gotta admire the courage of these guys.

  3. Typhoo,

    A lovely sporting weekend! Flights were on time, hotel great and the short break was timely. I hope you have all been good when I was away!!

  4. Two great matches yesterday and two surprise results . Australia and New Zealand were strong favourites but England and France deserved their wins.

  5. David: Turning French? If you are willing to accept a tricolor flag, a mostly Catholic population, and some folks with a lingering resentment of things British, is they day you turn Irish really that far off?

  6. French rugby brings out the inner Francophile in me as well, they’re so erratic, and can go from sublime to ridiculous and back in the space of one match.

  7. Charles in Texas –

    It’s all part of the fun!

    David Vance –

    It’s a shame there was no room at inn. Cardiff’s always a good place for a night out and it would have been a a great atmosphere on Saturday.

  8. Great weekend of Rugby. Fantastic to still have 2 Northern Hemisphere teams still in the competition when they were all but written off before both games. Also well done to Scotland on a credible performance against Argentina. Think a France v Argentina Final would be a most fitting finish to this World Cup.

    On another note, congrats to Rory McIlory on becoming the youngest player ever to earn a European tour card from tournament play.

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