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rug07.jpgLast Saturday evening I was in Cardiff, watching France beat New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup quarter-final. In just under one hours time, England will meet France in the first semi-final and I will be at home cheering on England hoping they can beat Les Bleu! Last week, I was French, tonight I am English – talk about changing identities!! Should be an absorbing game and I reckon the first 30 minutes will tell the tale as to which team is going to the Final. I hope Johnny Wilkinson’s kicking is better than last week and I will be back here after the game has finished! 


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11 thoughts on “COME ON ENGLAND!

  1. Thank you David!

    At last, after four years of waste, we remembered that we are English. The French play their rugby predominantly in the south of the country. The Wallabies, All Blacks and Boks play theirs under the southern sun.

    We Anglo Saxons play our rugby in the rain, ankle deep in mud. Not for us any of that fancy-dan, frilly knicker running rugby. No, we’re at our best when we’re stuffing the ball up our jumpers, getting low and grinding forward – as the Wallabies found out last week.

    There’s no doubt the French pack is made of sterner stuff than we faced last week and won’t be swatted aside so easily. But the recipe is the same: Regan, Sheridan and Vickery to grind them in the scrum, the back row to drive them back in the loose and the whole pack has to batter them at the breakdown. That, and keeping Serge Betson away from Jonny ensures success.

    Now, I must run, I have the spirit of Mick Skinner to summon ….

  2. Yay. Great result! I’m sure the French have always known rugby was a dubious sort of game, a bit beneath their wit and subtlety. Now proven.

  3. VICTORY!!!

    Dear Lord, I can’t take these games any more. My nerves are shredded. Jonny misses five – or was it six? – attempts at the posts, we let them off the hook, we give them their 9 points with three brainless penalties, and still we win in Paris against the French.

    I’ve played rugby, I know the game, and I haven’t got a clue how we did it.

  4. Pete,

    Never giving up – that’s how they won it. Grit and determination – and a French team that failed to live up to the occassion. Wilko’s form could be better.

  5. I have to admit that was a great display by England. Naturally I was supporting our fellow euro-zone republic but credit where it is due.

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