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This is hilarious. First we have Laura Bush sitting next to a shrouded woman against a pink background in a gob smacking image on several levels. Next we have a video clip (hat tip JW) from Weazel Zippers of a piece from Channel 4 news showing King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia being received by the Queen at Horseguards Parade on Tuesday, to the sound of the Guards Band playing the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars. Mary Jackson over at New English Review comments

The British mess a lot of things up, but one thing we get right is royal protocol. The Darth Vader march is deliberate, make no mistake about it.
Just into the video, look carefully at the Queen’s face, a face that has kept straight before many a cavorting semi-naked Maori. She’s having a bit of a giggle. In fact, if I may lapse into the vernacular for a moment, she is pissing herself.

The piece goes on to show Jon Snow and Dean Godson of the Policy Exchange questioning Inayat Bunglawala the Assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain about the dubious Saudi-funded literature on sale in the country’s Mosques.

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13 thoughts on “darth vader

  1. that is genius. LOL

    bill bailey done a jazz version of the death march last night in belfast.

  2. This is hysterical!

    The Queen as Princess Leia. Theres a scene in Empire Strikes Back where Princess Leia and Hans Solo have to have a formal dinner with Darth Vader too. LOL.

    (A jazz version, lol. I really like Bill Bailey too)

  3. The Queen as Princess Leia. Theres a scene in Empire Strikes Back where Princess Leia and Hans Solo have to have a formal dinner with Darth Vader too. LOL.

    yes, on lando calrisians cloud city. oops geek alert.

    best star wars film of all 6

  4. Hilarious!

    Also interesting to see the assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain refusing to condemn Saudi-funded books which call for the violent punishment of homosexuals and the oppression of women. Do we trust the MCB as "moderate"?

    Note also the constant referral to Wahabbism as the lone form of "extremism" within Islam. But in fact, the Wahabbis did not invent Islamic violence and oppression. Al Qaeda, for example, are not Wahabbis, and the same Qur’anic teachings were being used to justify atrocities long before Wahabbism even existed.

  5. I think it was Paisley who was done for hate mongering. Brilliant brilliant discussion, but I don’t see the queen smiling as anything other than that, she’s been at it too long. Pity they did that with the music – they should have stayed stately, its what they are good at. No point in bringing down a genuine monarch to meet the wierdo other monarch by playing stupid music, when they can do so much better.

  6. Blimey, I thought you were joking – they really did play the Darth Vader theme.

    What other tunes could match different world leaders or their representatives? Ideas anyone?

    How about the theme from Jaws for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.of Iran.

  7. Sharing his initials, I have a fondness for Darth Vadar – I thought the clip was hilarious. Wonder was it deliberate?

  8. Wonder was it deliberate?

    doubt it. surely protocol would have caught it earlier. fair play all involved.

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