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It’s a simple question. Do you think that Sir Ian Blair, head of the Metroplitan Police, should resign folllowing the intense criticisms of how the London police dealt with the shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes? The force broke health and safety laws when officers pursued Mr Menezes to a Tube station and shot him seven times, mistaking him for a terror suspect.

Health and Safety laws???? Look, militant Islam was AT WAR with London during the month of July 2005 and the officers concerned were doing their best to protect the innocent population. Yes, the Menezes killing was wrong and yes, the force needs to learn lessons from it but the awful truth is that if you want to apportion blame for the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, blame those Islamists who had already slaughtered Londoners and who were planning more attacks at that time. I do think Sir Ian should resign but that is because I believe that he, just like his predecessor, is a liberal politician first and a police officer second. I have heard him undermine his police force be agreeing they are institutionally racist for example, so we need less like him.

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11 thoughts on “SHOULD BLAIR RESIGN?

  1. It was a botched operation with tragic consequences. But if a police chief had to resign every time this happened they would not last more than six months in the job.

    Government ministers set a bad example – they hardly ever resign no matter how big the cock-up. The latest example is the immigration figures which they now admit were understated by a huge margin, but of course as usual it’s no-one’s fault.

  2. The fact that the Met Police were prosecuted under the Health and Safety Act is a clear indication of the Mickey Mouse nation we have become under the EU and our own pathetic government.
    Stop the world I want to get off.

  3. If Blair should resign it is because he tried to cover things up and spin just like any other apparatchik appointed by this wretched government. Not because an illegal immigrant who shouldnt have been in the UK in the first place lived in the same building as some terrorists and ran away from armed police and got shot for his trouble.

    And no, not interested in hearing the opinions of those on ATW who believe all the ‘eye witnesses’ who took a month to come forward and then told a totally different story to the people who came forward at the time as to what happened and were perhaps actually, you know, there at the time.

  4. Ian Blair got the job because he is the living embodiment of the post MacPherson police officer, more interested in spin and diversity than in competence.The recent investigations into the De Menezes shooting has revealed that the police officers in running the operation did not appear to know what they were doing and Ian Blair has to take responsibility for that.

    Besides which even if I personally thought he should stay it looks pretty obvious that the pressure on him will be to much to take. He’ll go in the end, it is just a question of whether it is quick and painless or slow and bruising.

  5. Its pretty clear in an unprecedented situation they had no benchmark against which to weigh their split second decisions. They made the right call.

    Im pleased the case against the police was only health and safety. Nevertheless i feel the terrorists themselves should have been charged with this mans death, along with putting the officers and public at further risk in this situation – in addition to terrorism charges. If someone is to be held accountable it should be the people who unleashed hell on London that day and the days preceding.

    No amount of dislike for Blair or his cronies would make me alter my opinion simply to serve a political ‘agenda’ regards liberals. If he were to be forced out it should be because of the way the case was handled in respect of the media afterwards. Though again I half wonder if in our media heavy and trial by media society they shouldnt get themselves a press officer.

    I agree with Ken Livingstone’s remarks today.

  6. It has been pushed that this was an unprecedented situation, – no it wasn’t. Quite apart from having had thirty years experience of IRA bombings in the capital, this was not the first instance of the police killing an innocent person, nor were the police new to being armed, – whether Menezes was an illegal or not, makes little difference, he was innocent…

    To spout the ‘terrorists are to blame’, is just stating the generality – we know they were to blame for the explosions, but then you may as well blame those that allowed them access to this country in the first place, – does that not also carry a degree of culpability? – they were not directly to blame for the shooting, – in that particular the police most definitly were to blame.

    Now whether it was the fault of individual officers or those in charge is another matter.

    In the light of the Met being driven ‘from the top’, rather than delegating such decisions to responsible trained officers to make their own judgement, it seems that responsibility is farther ‘up the line’.

    If those in charge require that every crucial decision be sanctioned by them, then when things go wrong they should be prepared to take the blame. After all Blair is never very reticent when there is a whiff of praise in the air…

    That Blair can never seem to put his cap on straight is beginning to irritate, with the peak off centre – pointing left – of course, makes him look like some middle aged Islington rapper…:-)

  7. David

    Did you see that the officers who pledged to track down the killers of PC Sharon Beveninsky got their man?

    This is the fella who escaped in a burqa after her murder last year. Excellent work again by the officers in charge.

  8. DSD posted:

    And no, not interested in hearing the opinions ….

    Quite so. Nothing beats a good debate, eh?

  9. Alison,

    Such a pity they aren’t so dedicated when it comes to members of the public getting shot. But then Blair or Dick didn’t run wearing a burqua did they – perhaps that was the clue the Met was looking for!

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