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TOMORROW (Tuesday), Crown and Parliament will attempt to deceive the British people. The deception will take place at the Palace of Westminster; the occasion will be the State Opening of Parliament.

d95c2142-eb23-4cd4-ab84-7353fad02f52.jpgIn the morning, the Queen will proceed from Buckingham Palace to Westminster escorted by the Household Cavalry. She will arrive at the Sovereign’s Entrance and enter the Robing Room, where she will put on the Imperial State Crown and parliamentary robe. A procession then leads through the Royal Gallery to the Chamber of the House of Lords, where the Queen takes the Throne. ‘Black Rod’ will then be sent to summon the Commons.

In a statement of the Commons’ independence, the door to their chamber will be closed to him and not opened until he has knocked on the door with his staff of office. The Members of the House of Commons will then follow Black Rod and the Commons Speaker to the Lords Chamber and stand behind the Bar of the House of Lords to hear the Queen’s Speech. Following the State Opening, a motion that the House sends a ‘Humble Address’ to the Queen thanking her for the Speech is introduced in both Houses.

Being a conservative, I know that the old ways are best and that the right time for change is only when it can be resisted no longer. The State Opening of Parliament consists of ceremonies and symbols which date back to the 16th Century, remind us of who we are and of the greatness of our nation. Yet it is a lie, a deception and all involved ought to be denounced.

Her Majesty alone may dissolve or recall Parliament. She is the Head of State and the Governor of the Nation. Her title – Queen – is recognition of the physical embodiment of the sovereignty of the British people. It allows for no compromise. Sovereignty, by definition, can only be absolute. It cannot be limited or partial. Like the concept ‘unique’, either a country is sovereign or it is not. A monarch is sovereign or he is not. It is for the protection of the Monarch’s sovereignty and state that the Laws of Treason were formed in the middle ages.

Yet we know that Her Majesty is no longer sovereign. She compromised her own rank and position when she enacted the European Communities Act 1972. Ever since then, foreign law has been supreme in the United Kingdom, foreign councils and courts our supreme governors.

As the sovereignty of the Queen remains with her until the moment of her death, any attempt to kill her or depose her by stripping her of the sovereignty is an act of treason. To remove the Queen would be to remove the protection the Crown provides to us so that we may remain a sovereign, independent nation, able to govern ourselves without foreign interference. We can either have the Queen as the constitutional head of a sovereign country, or we can have a president of the European Union. But, by definition – and despite John Major’s claim after Maastricht that the Queen was henceforth a citizen of Europe – we cannot have both.

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56 thoughts on “The Tricks They Play

  1. Ah FFS ! Who is playing the tricks Pete? The old girl?

    Her whole family are a useless bunch of wasters but the old girl? Her position as sovereign may be compromised somewhat due to Europe’s encroachment, but she isn’t playing tricks. Besides she doesn’t need Europe to compromise her, the kingdom is fragmenting from within.

  2. Typhoo,

    "the kingdom is fragmenting from within."

    How very true, we are a divided,fractured and splintered society. Without a Leader worthy of the name, or with the integrity needed to make the right,if somwhat difficult decisions.

    We are a conquered and invaded nation, as never before.

    I think that in all reality we have to admit that this is the final phase of WWII, – and we are not the winners…

    No longer is it "Rule Brittania’, perhaps ‘Fool Britannia’ would be more apt!…

  3. Typhoo –

    Read more carefully. I didn’t say ‘Europe’ compromised Her Majesty. She compromised herself when she signed away our sovereignty.

    It’s interesting you should recognise how fragmented her Kingdom is. Think of what a contented, civilised and gentle nation we were in 1952 and compare that to now.

    What a crap monarch she’s been, eh?

  4. For f*** sake. Just watched a gut wrenching programme about British soldiers fighting and dying in Afghanistan as Her Majestys troops and here you are again p*ss*ng on her from a great height. You know what? This sh*t p*sses on them all from a great height. Theyre fighting for her. F*****g grow up Pete

  5. Been drinking again, Alison? Maybe our concerned Monarch could one day direct her subordinate ministers to pay and treat her military decently, don’t you think?

  6. Pete. I think shes been a very good monarch for her people. She stood with them in times of war.How could I fail to recognise how fragmented her kingdom is. A poll was taken not so long ago and the welsh public believe that the assembly have had a bigger impact on their lives westminister. Scotlands SNP are knocking on the door of independence, the ulster unionists are as much a victim of the psychic of partition as are their nationalist counterparts, the conservative party is arguing for a grand committee for England. Of course I see it fragmenting.

    British society comprised of different ethnic groups each competing for resources, with no social cohesion. Britain is sick….but the old girl a bad monarch? Playing tricks on her people? NO.

    I’d hoped to see a UI but I never for one minute thought Scotland would beat us to it.

    Saw the programme Alison. Sad…..

  7. Alison,

    You really are a potty mouthed juvenile. Is that language really necessary? I can understand swearing in a conversation, but there is no excuse for it in the written word…

    And you are very wrong about remarks re the Queen reflecting on the troops, they don’t, – and further more, they are no more ‘her troops’, they are our troops…it is her, and her excuse for a Cabinet that has bought them to the reduced state that they find themselves in. Where is she fighting and demanding that ‘her troops’ are well equipped, she isn’t! she just maintains her ‘stately silence’, it being beneath her to lower herself to actuallly supporting those who supposedly are fighting for her.

    She is the epitome of European royalty – all curtains and no knickers. What would we do without them?…

  8. Typhoo,

    You are correct in what you say, UK is being fragmented, and yes she followed her parents lead during the war, since then, nothing, but pomp and bloody circunstance.

    She has been a disaster….

  9. ERNEST, He’s part of the ‘dark force’ the Queen is worried about, although I do believe he’s much lower down that ladder

  10. Ernest

    Theres been a tonne of swearing on this blog of late from every one of the regulars so you can take aim at them all, old man.

    Whens it called for eg when someone like Pete forgets we are approaching Remembrance Sunday and Her Majestys forces – men who serve The Queen – are out there fighting an dying so he can chalk up this trite nonsense then its called for.

    They very much DO reflect on anyone and everyone to whom she is relevant.


    No I havent. Relevance?

  11. I think that in all reality we have to admit that this is the final phase of WWII, – and we are not the winners…

    That just about sums it up, ERNEST.

  12. Alison,

    So because others do it,you have to do it, only more so. – How juvenile…

    And don’t patronise me with your ‘old man’ jibe.

    Peter didn’t pick the Queen’s speech to coincide with Remeberance Day, which happens to be 11/11, and his remarks are quite justified, indeed more so, than your faux outrage. She is performing in an annual pantomime, and that is all it’s value – tourist entertainment!

  13. Alison –

    You simply seemed to switch from your usual sweet self earlier today to being a foul-mouthed nutcase. It had to be down to something.

    By the way, my call for is for therestoration of our sovereignty, which Her Majesty took from us and gave to a foreign regime. How you make the leap from this to me being disrespectful to our military is a mystery to me.

    You seem to forget your own support for the EU, whose putative Rapid Reaction Force makes claims on our sovereign military, will force our men and women to break their oaths of allegiance to the Crown and whose budget eats into our own military’s spending and is in great part responsible for their poor treatment and equipment.

    I geuinely admire your cheek.

  14. Ernest

    Your generation were the disaster. The trick played if any – was also – by your generation. Look at the evidence.

    You agreed to, voted for the successive governments that undermined her power, and of course you voted us into the EU in the 70s – you stood by and watched all the immigration that Enoch Powell spoke against so honestly, flow into the country unchecked and now you have the cheek to pretend its all the Queens fault, no doubt decry OUR apathy – will the British blame mentality never cease!!

    Its called whining – after the horse has bolted. Its entirely down to your generation and your generation alone that we are in any perceived ‘mess’ – that the rest of us, have to muddle through it and would like to see it managed honestly, without hyperbole and with some common sense is to our credit – but quite why you allowed this to pass after WW2… probably down to a desire to just get on? Like the rest of us.

    The UK being fragmented will of course be further fragmented if the UK pulls out of he EU – which Pete has acknowledged on another thread – so weve that to thank you for too. Bravo all round. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it – whilst its still legal of course!

    Ulster Scot

    Its out already and is *very good*, though not as good as the first one. Rome has condemned it as anti catholic – of course.

  15. By the way, similar to Ernest’s point, I chose this evening to post on the State Opening of Parliament as it happens to take place tomorrow morning. Again, what this has to do with 11th November is a mystery. But hey ho.

    I do have a juicy post saved up about Christmas. Expect to see it next June.

  16. That should say whining and closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. ATW cuts lines from comments at the mo, very odd.

  17. Its out already and is *very good*, though not as good as the first one. Rome has condemned it as anti catholic – of course.

    Alison, Of course they would, how else would they create bigots and heathens? lol. I suppose if the Pope hadn’t excommunicated Elizabeth and announced her throne and kingdom as fair game she wouldn’t have had anything to fear from Rome or the Spanish Inquisition.

  18. Alison,

    That right, try and turn it around, do you think we didn’t try and stop all this nonsense, didn’t you read what your much loved tories did to Enoch when he spoke up. It was pretty much the same then as now, the politicians just did what they wanted and everyone else was shouted down as ‘Little Englanders’, xenophobes and much else.

    Pretty much as you are trying to do with me, and others who keep telling you that things are just not right, just shout me down and call me names!

    It wasn’t ‘my generation’ that wanted to join the EU, and neither were they as eager as you are to join.

    You really are lttle more than a European in Brit disguise, shouting and spouting to people who have been fighting this battle since before you were even thought of. We did all but riot in the streets, so keep your petty stereotype jibes to yourself.

    Your recent post re the BBC programme makes mention of the fondeness our partners in NATO have for not wanting to fight, the good fight, but they most certainly like to tell others, principaly us and the Americans how and what we should do, – and yet these are the same people you would have us join with in some irrevocable union. Now that doesn’t make much sense, does it?

    Your remarks and your assumptions that you know it all, are really getting tiresome and offensive.

  19. Alison,

    Another point, while your support for ‘our boys’ on the front line is all very touching, how do you reconcile that sympathy with the fact that while the men are doing the fighting all those immigrants are here in the UK doing the very jobs that might otherwise be done by them – such as plumbing or maybe in IT.

    Are not many of these, of whom you speak so highly, from countries that are also benefiting or are in NATO? I presume that if all these young folk are here working, they cannot be serving their countries in their commitment to NATO. How nice that they have the choice, and can rely on good ‘ole Britain to carry the load for them…

  20. Guardian Apostate

    Here you go –



    Just about everyone on this blogs remarks are tiresome or offensive at some point, including your own. Yes im pissed off, so what? Mostly about womens rights under Islam. But here re the constant drip drip drip of nonsense that eminates from certain corners about whose fault ‘it’ is. The latest to blame – the Queen. ffs – what crap.

    For signing a trade agreement and then enacting what her people wanted? Pull the other one. How many other trade agreements should we pull out of?

    I dont ‘know it all’ (at all), but there are some lies spouted that beggar belief! Bottom line tho’ . YOUR generation placed us in this situation. Not mine. Not the Queen. Yours. And any perceived cultural decline we could have staved off is down to generations past not present. Simple as. And yet you constantly pretend to be above it all which is so ludicrous

    As to the rest of your remarks – this is a blog – thats what its for – opinion. I am keen to see us manage our current situation differently but to do so without constantly denigrading ourselves. Or in this bizarre instance – the Queen.

  21. Ernest

    How about some of the scum on the dole here in this country sign up to join?? What struck me tonight was that our finest most charming young men are on the front line whilst dole scum sit around and neither fight for their country nor want to bother working for a living, happy to leave that task to young people flooding out of Poland who help pay the pensions of our existing war veterans no doubt. Do you need reminding that Poland has troops in Afghanistan? Conscripts currently have to do 9 months service in their army and every male aged 18 is due for this service. I admire that. I dont admire the bigger players shirking their responsibility though, no.

  22. Perhaps youd better ask Pete if he would like to see us out of NATO or needs someone to blame? Talking about sovereignty – committing your countrymen to die in a foreign land at someone elses say so is about as lacking in sovereignty as it gets. Elizabeth I would never have sanctioned it. So presumably the present Queen screwed us over this too?? Why no such faux concern at this, eh? First comment amended. No matter how cheesed off i was at Pete’s absurd post, the emphasis is the same with asterisks. The idea that some Brits will ever shake themselves out of whining self hating impotent blame mode was lost all round in the 70s. Clearly. They just have an on line means to demonstrate it now.

  23. Pete, Ernest, don’t cross Alison. I was called a "tosser" for failing to share her enthusiasm for abortion so you got off lightly.

    The Queen is a figurehead and announces exactly what she is told by Tony and Gordon (the most disrespectful PMs of recent years). I’m not sure as to how bright she is but she has children and grand-children, and is also a European Royal so we can gauge from those measures.

  24. I failed to share *your* enormous enthusiasm for illegal abortion Allan. Which makes you what you are.

  25. Which one Allan? That you are a liar? An all round racist hater? That you pretended illegal abortions are a myth? Or when faced with some truths about them enjoyed being sufficiently flippant to show up your pseudo concern to know more about the issues for what they really were.

  26. Alison,

    You just refuse to listen, or consider what anyone else has to say on any given topic – you know it all! – trouble is you don’t! – your style of debate – if that is what you care to call it, is typically that of a bigot – no more – no less.

    You may well get fed up hearing us Brits whine about things, but no more than we get fed up with you whining about ‘women’s rights’, at least we are complaining about our condition here, not trying to be social workers for the rest of the world.

    You will be no more successful in changing conditions for women than my generation was in changing the direction of our government in the 1970’s – didn’t you bother to read the opening para in my 11.30 comment? – of course you didn’t…

    I would remind you that if it wasn’t for my generation you would probably be speaking native German now.

    The Queen,as part of the Establishment and as one who could have effected change, must surely carry some of the blame, if only by omission.

    Don’t you find it strange that while our politicians can find work for the unemployed of the world that they can’t find work for native Brits? – no, you would rather label them as ‘layabouts’ and other choice names rather than actually give the matter some real thought. They may well be what you say they are now, but they were not like that to start with. Working class people need to work, without it they fall apart.

    Since when do we as Brits owe the rest of Europe, or the even the world, a living? We don’t, and while our politicians think we do, we will always have problems.

    Wasn’t it Thatcher who destroyed most of our heavy industry, without any thought as to what was to replace it? Whether she was right to do so, her timing could have been so much better, as it has turned out, she created more problems than she ever solved. She does make a great hero for you ‘Hooray Henry’s and Henriettas’, dosen’t she?

    As I don’t think you were around in the 1970’s I assume you are just repeating what you have been told, or read, you certainly don’t seem to have given it much thought.

  27. Allan,

    I’m sure we are all well aware of Allison’s bully boy capabilities. Come the day she she stops generalising about everything, that’s the day I may get bothered by what she may have to say. I think she just revels in the Walter Mitty world of activism, irrespective of the cause.

  28. There’s no point trying to demoralise the lass as a Walter-Mitty type character because she’s got a view on issues, sure we all have.

  29. Oh I listen Ernest. I take it all in and adjust my opinion when i learn something new or interesting. You telling me I havent given the 70s much thought is a bit worrying. I do try to put them out of my mind, yes, yes. Hardly a high point for this country.

    The Queen was stripped of her powers through successive Parliaments your generation voted in.

    You dont care about working class people. If you had you wouldnt have sold them up the river after the war and again in the 70s with the onset of mass immigration, multi cuturalism and an ever burgeoning welfare state. Then try an apportion blame onto people here filling the massive voids left by your carelessness.

    Margaret Thatcher was busily undoing the mistakes of Labour governments voted in by your generation. I admire her for that – in that she ever took this country from the poor man of Europe back to any kind of success story is to her credit – doing so on the back of the disasterous 70s is something else. But i dont relish the undoing of heavy industry nor the revolting Loadsamoney American suck up comsumerism we eventually paid homage to. We owe more to that in so far as cultural decline but you rarely if ever recognise that – and if its mentioned leap into the realms of ‘anti americanism’

    If i ever get to be so lucky as to be a Hooray Henry generally associated with someone born with silver spoon in their mouths i wont be posting on blogs.

  30. Alison –

    Nato – what are you talking about? We are merely an associate of this defence pact. If the day arrives that I believe our association of Nato to be detrimental to the interests of the British people. I will certainly call for our parting from it.

    As it is, Nato has not made our monarch suzerain, taken most of our sovereignty nor decided to made most of our laws.

  31. Alison,

    Yes the 70’s were not our greatest time, and to think it has been all downhill since then!…

    "If you had you wouldnt have sold them up the river after the war and again in the 70s with the onset of mass immigration, multi cuturalism and an ever burgeoning welfare state."

    Me personally? dream on kiddo. – by the way, it’s sold them ‘down the river’, not up!

    So you do agree mass immigration, multi culturism are bad things. Changed your tune there haven’t you? One minute you are praising them to the heavens, then to score a point you do an about turn. Do you really know your bum from your elbow?

    If there had not been immigration in the 70’s, would you be here now?

    I notice you still never address any criticism, or points made, you just twist and turn…perhaps Google doesn’t answer all questions?…

  32. Pete

    Our contribution to Nato has a bearing on sovereignty – it determines where and whom we fight and how we commit British lives.

    Incidentally Devils Kitchen has a post up also – different tact. I go with his take. I completely disagree with yours but was wrong to shoot from the hip – my first comment was influenced more by having just watched men proudly serving their country and unquestioningly HM, in our latest nato commitment – then reading the latest attempt to chalk our heritage up as crap. Since the Queens power has been eroded by Parliament I dont hold her in the least bit accountable and think your posts attempt at blame her wrong headed.


    LOL! Quite right. My ‘bad’ – re down up the river etc

    Ive changed my tune? No – not one bit! I recall saying the same thing about these issues to you the last time we fell out over the 1970s and ive blogged umpteen times about the horrors of multi cuturalism.

    Im in favour of immigration caps and controls – & managing our EU participation the way the French and Germans do. Im also well aware that withdrawing from the EU will see the end of our Union, create more problems than it solves and have no bearing on immigration or the state of politics whatsoever. Im just not into arbitrary blaming and an exercise in Daily Mail styled futility.

    So you agree your 70s were a fiasco? we did well to recover. The rest is globalisation and modernism – influences we wont escape but which im no fan of either. Hence the posts on Saudi influences on our sovereignty.

    My family werent 70s immigrants.

  33. Alison,

    "we did well to recover"

    What’s with all this ‘we’, are you taking some sort of personal credit? because I don’t see it as a recovery, as I said it’s been downhill ever since then…the one saving point was the discovery and exploitation of North Sea Oil. Without the income from that, things would have turned out very differently. and our politicians have got steadily worse in the interim…

  34. Alison,

    Perhaps a similarity to Don Quixote would be more appropriate than to Walter Mitty. Tilting at windmills is so you!…

  35. ‘any attempt to kill her or depose her by stripping her of the sovereignty is an act of treason.’

    ‘Yet we know that Her Majesty is no longer sovereign. She compromised her own rank and position when she enacted the European Communities Act 1972. Ever since then, foreign law has been supreme in the United Kingdom, foreign councils and courts our supreme governors.’

    Are you arguing she committed treason? Is that even technically possible?

  36. Ernest – you can take off if you like. Ive indulged your little intervention long enough. Its a bit like debating with someone who has their arms folded and wont play ball anymore.

  37. Alison –

    … reading the latest attempt to chalk our heritage up as crap.

    What on earth are you on about? My name is Pete Moore, not Ken Livingstone. If you ever see post from me chalking up our heritage as crap you can assume I’ve been kidnapped and impersonated.

    Be sure, demanding the return of sovereignty is not trashing our heritage. Defending teh principle of rule by foreigners is.


    It is the British people who are sovereign – i.e. the power to govern ourselves resides for all time within us. All this is clearly set out within our very written Constitution, in the form of the Magna Carta, Articles of Religion and the Bill of Rights. This sovereignty was vested in the Queen at her Coronation.

    In return, she swore to govern us in accordance with our laws and traditions and to defend our liberties. The Constitution and the Laws of Treason are the instruments by which she can do that.

    Well, they were until she connived with her ministers to give away our sovereignty, something they had no right to do because our sovereignty is the highest authority in this country. So yes, she can be held to account for what she did. The articles of Magna Carta clearly state that the people may depose the monarch when they wish to do so.

    Our Constitution is clear, written and provide all the freedoms we require. All we need to do is read and implement it.

    No wonder history is no longer taught in schools.

  38. Specifically this: "What a crap monarch she’s been, eh?" She is our heritage and you blame her wrongly. She ‘connived’ is nonsense. She has not eroded her own powers – that would be Parliament** driven by a public vote. Neither are we ‘ruled by foreigners’ – it is therefore a moot point since it is impossible to ‘defend’.

    Your demand does not extend beyond that which will bring on the end of the Union as you have already acknowledged (re Scotland NI and Wales) – finally trashing our heritage. Not something i relish or see as an encouraging alternative.

    **Emphasised this afternoon by Gordon Brown

  39. Alison –

    A Bill only becomes and Act when the monarch signs it into law. According to her Oath of Coronation and our Constitution, the Queen was obliged to tell her ministers that she will not sign the European Communities Bill because it strips the British people of their sovereignty.

    Her ancestors told their ministers to get stuffed and so should she have.

    As for the end of the Union, England was England for 900 years before the Act of Union.

    Do you understand anything about this country?

  40. Pete

    Do you? Apart from casually sweeping the Union to one side like every good leftie in the country (on a blog that looks to retain it) Im wondering if you have trouble working out that the ECA was a trade agreement – a treaty like any other. It did not strip the people of their sovereignty. A public referendum on the issue by a ‘British people who are sovereign’ then determined the rest.

  41. Alison –

    Birds fly backwards, milk turns sour, water runs uphill and I’m called a Lefty.

    I think you mean that the EEC was a trade agreement; the ECA is an Act of Parliament. It’s clear from the Act and the debate in Parliament that it strips us of our sovereignty, just as it’s clear from documents released in recent years that we were lied to by politicians who knew exactly what they were doing.

    Now you either believe that the EU is still about trade agreements (which it never was) and have to somehow reconciliate what the EU does with what goes on in your head, or you concede that it has moved beyond mere trade agreements, and we were therefore lied to.

  42. Alison,

    "Ernest – you can take off if you like. Ive indulged your little intervention long enough."

    Just who do you think you are? you really do have delusions of grandeur, anyone would think that this was your blog, – of course that would be impossible, this one is successful…

    Hardly my intervention as it was you that sidetracked this thread by your foul mouthed rhetoric, and didn’t like being reminded that it was offensive, so as usual, you go on the attack instead of admitting your error. You get more pathetic by the day!…

  43. Pete

    No it isnt clear in respect of the issue you raised and the Queens part in that at all, in so far as sovereignty is concerned. Its been contested on a number of levels and its still open to debate. Bottom line: I dont share your view re the Queen in this issue obviously but i also dont share your optimism about withdrawing from the EU. It would be a disaster. You’ve acknowledged that much but dont choose to see it that way. I do.


    Ive seen plenty on ATW to ‘match’ me! It was your intervention. And I did state i regretted the initial remark earlier. Still… "my blog" now? Was that your final flourish? In respect of something that was communicated to you – in private, no less. I dont promote it. And was banking on you doing likewise – whatever our difference of opinion/however heated stuff got. Thats 2 regrets in one post. It really is like debating with someone who has their arms folded and wont play ball.

  44. Alison,

    Now that has to be a first – a private and confidential blog… wasn’t your blog mentioned in your resume when you first joined ATW, and is it not still mentioned there? – funny idea of privacy you have there girl.

    Now your email, that’s a different story, that was private, and rest assured, the contents wont be revealed by me, in fact it has long been deleted…

  45. Alison,

    Meanwhile – back to the thread. The Queen’s speech was, as expected, – just a re-run of a stale pantomime, the opening of St.Pancras International was much more interesting…

  46. The Self-Importance of Being Ernest continues. Im really impressed with your filing skills but …did you stick your tongue out when you wrote your last few comments?!

  47. >As for the end of the Union, England was England for 900 years before the Act of Union.

    No. But, for a long while it was part of Normandy.

    >Do you understand anything about this country?

    Oh how they laughed. Do you ?

  48. If you believe in monarchy, you must also believe that the monarch can do with her powers whatever she wants.

    As indeed she has – by allowing the ‘ancient liberties’ :] of the English to be tossed on the same midden as their mythical ‘constitution’.

    Suck it up, monarchists. That’s life.

  49. The constitutional impotence of the Monarchy was the bargain it struck for its survival as a symbolic figurehead of the UK. I can recall the petition to HM which NI Unionists fearing a sell-out signed in their thousands when the Anglo-Irish Agreement was enacted in the 80s, to no avail. Even then , no one seriously expected her to act. As a figurehed I have the greatest respect for her – she has rarely put a foot wrong and she is a tremendous focus for national loyalty for eveyone from troops to sports players, and that is not to be underplayed. But she has no control on political direction in the UK and no one benefitting from democracy would have her do so surely. If we want out of the EU or to renegotiate our place within it, we should be demanding a route to do so from our political parties

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