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1. How is it that both the media and even some of our own columnists still don’t get what Sarkozy really is?

And also:

"He sat down to a near-unanimous standing ovation including, I am ashamed to write, from British MEPs in all three main parties…"

2. Why are you still in a Conservative Party that ceased to have any semblance of agreement with your views years ago, Mr. Hannan? 

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21 thoughts on “Two Questions

  1. DSD, from part of Sarco’s speech:

    Rien ne me détournera de mon objectif. Et C’est le meilleur service que la France peut rendre à l’Europe", a-t-il conclu.

    "Nothing wiil deter me from my objective. And this is the best service that France can render to Europe."

    Doesn’t look like Brown will be standing up to this guy.

    And since part of his objective is to have Europe go to a majority vote, all small states will be left in the dust of a Franco-German voting block. Doesn’t sound like federalism to me.

    Lastly, as Brown moves away for the USA, both Sarco and Merkel are moving towards us. Brown will be at the back of the line in Washington!

  2. Yes its been well covered. Pity our troops dont get that much press your way. We put up still. Even if its not appreciated.

    I prefer Sarkos attitude to Turkey than Bush tho’

  3. Alan

    You guys crack me up.

    Well he has finished off the Left. If he keeps control over the trade union situation going on here – thats his first much macho task. But he has done well so far. I quite admire his stand regards unfettered capitalism and protectionism. Theyve staved off cultural decline as a result.

  4. I want to get round to doing an update to the article i filed up there on the left on A Tangled Articles about France. Too busy though.

    Im off to check that stuff you posted on Hillary, Alan. I read today about her being called ‘that bitch’ by some republican politician. Reminded me of the left here and their Ditch the Bitch campaign re Thatcher.

  5. My mistake it was a supporter not a politician.

    "A supporter on the campaign trail asks McCain, "How do we beat the bitch?" to a roomful of laughter. After someone else in the audience shouts out, "I thought she was talking about my ex-wife!", McCain laughs and responds: "That’s an excellent question"

    Insert ditch for beat and you have the red brigade of the 80s

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