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Get this. More than 13,000 Romanians have come to Ireland since their country joined the European Union at the beginning of the year, the latest official figures suggest. However, just 110 work permits have been issued to Romanian nationals in the same period! Mmm.wonder what the 12,890 Romanians without work permits are doing? The jobs the Irish just won’t do? I suppose they must be highly skilled brain surgeons, maybe rocket scientists, skilled workers for sure. Otherwise, why would Ireland allow so many in? If you read the link what is obvious is that the Irish Government, just like the British Government, lies through its teeth when it comes to this issue. 

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7 thoughts on “DO THE MATHS!

  1. Even the spokesperson for them admit, they’re working in the black market, paying nothing to the system. Its time both governments got to grips with who comes in and who goes out of the country – it’s the only way to get a grip on this.

  2. It’s a bit difficult to get members of a government to act in the interests of a country when those members do not believe in the very idea of a country. This whole policy of open-door migration is intended to end ‘country’ as has been understood for hundreds of years. These governments (UK and RoI as examples) are implementing the John Lennon policy – "imagine there’s no countries….."

  3. Henry don’t buy it, I used to buy it all the time, but now the locals don’t seem to be selling it anymore! It’s all sewed up by foreigners.

    Infact only a few weeks ago outside the Royal Avenue DSS I witnessed two down and outs (mnen) who were protesting sitting out side it. They said they were refused emergency hostel places because all the places were given to immigrants who appeared to have first preference.
    Big issue isn’t about homelessness anymore, its about supporting immigrants whether legal or not to get extra money. Nothing else.

  4. Allan. Well put, earlier.
    The whole issue is predicated on the economy remaining buoyant and people having spare money in their pocket.
    Watch what happens when the hive runs out of honey.
    The Drones are the first to get the boot.

  5. Typhoo –

    Its time both governments got to grips with who comes in and who goes out of the country – it’s the only way to get a grip on this.

    The Irish government has no power to do this. It gave away the sovereignty of the Irish people to govern themselves the real government in Brussels. Even if every Irish man and woman came out against immigration, there is nothing the country can do about it short of leaving the EU.

    The simple fact is that the Irish have no more right to live in their homeland than 350 million foreigners.

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