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I see that the European Union has denied that it seeks to question women about their sexual history as part of a drive to….ahem… improve census statistics.  Instead it merely needs data on nationality, size of family, ethnicity, computer literacy, number of cars owned, cooking facilities and "durable consumer goods possessed by the household". That’s all.

One proposed question asks the "date(s) of the beginning of consensual union(s) of women having ever been in a consensual union: (ii) first consensual union and (ii) current consensual union". Some have taken this to mean sexual history but no – the EU has clarified that Consensual union is in fact another term for unmarried partnership.

"Information on consensual unions may be needed in countries where statistics on marriages and on legal marital status do not provide sufficient information on the formation of partnerships. onsensual union, as well as information on dates/duration of marriage, is valuable for fertility statistics and extends the knowledge that can be derived from data on number of live-born children."

Got that? As far as I am concerned, I fail to see why the EU needs any of this information and resent it knowing anything about me. It’s all part of the Big  Brother Superstatism that is at the heart of the European Union. 

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8 thoughts on “NONE OF EURO BUSINESS

  1. … is valuable for fertility statistics and extends the knowledge that can be derived from data on number of live-born children.

    What on earth are they talking about? I was going to write "none of your damn business" across every page of the next census form anyway. Not even the British state, let alone the illegitimate foreign one, has any right to know the details on previous ones.

  2. An EU census is on opportunity for resistence. We should refuse to fill it in. I think millions accross Europe would support such a course.

  3. This could be the ideal opportunity to brag about my first ‘consensual union’ with Linda McCready behind the bike sheds.

  4. I wish to give notice of the single answer I would write if ever such a pernicious document ever dropped through my letter box, chock full of requests for information on my private life and circumstances from a cushioned and fat-living Euro-Bureaucracy.

    Across all the question blocks, I would simply answer:-


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