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I see that the Government has said that the age of sexual consent in Northern Ireland is to be reduced to 16. This brings it into line with the rest of the UK. The draft legislation was laid before the House of Commons on Tuesday. I disagree with this, and think it should remain as it is, at 17. I wonder where the local political parties stand on this, are they happy to go along with this change? Where do the Churches stand?

I also note that elsewhere around the world, liberal have lowered the age of consent to 14 (As in Canada) and I dare say some are not even satisfied with this. I do not doubt that kids are reaching puberty at ever younger years but that does not mean they have reached the emotional maturity to engage in sex and deal with all the consequences. I think that the Stormont Government should be rigorously opposing this – but it won’t. Instead it lets Westminster do the dirty work of lowering the age of consent whilst it watches on, impassively.

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  1. The age of consent at least for my daughters is 40 or after I’m dead what ever comes first….

  2. Troll, let’s hope they don’t think that 40 should also have been the age of consent for their dad ! 🙂

  3. David — I’ve no idea why a staunch Unionist such as yourself should advocate such a bizarre anomaly within UK law.

    It appears that when it comes to matters of sexuality, particularly abortion and the age of consent, NI begs to differ from the rest of the UK. The result is a needless parade of girls and women to London for terminations and the criminalisation of 16 year olds daring to have sex. This despite the fact that at 16 they can legally leave home and/or marry with parental consent.

    As regards your question; ‘where do the churches stand’, the short answer would be ‘it’s none of their damn business.’

    I would however agree with you that lowering the age of consent below 16 is extremely unwise.

  4. Sorry David I’ve no idea why, but the system won’t allow me to leave a comment on the ‘terrorist bombers safe in Ireland’ thread so I’m reluctantly leaving it here:

    In fairness it WAS up to the Colombian authorities to hang onto these guys when they had them. The merest glance at recent Irish history would indicate that the IRA display something of a preference for absconding at the earliest opportunity.
    That’s when they’re not busily engaged in blowing up children, shooting people in the back and employing eight men to murder a bloke in a shed.

  5. Have to say i’m with the Government on this one.
    Don’t see why Northern Ireland should be any different from the rest of the UK?
    An individual can join the armed services at 16, but they can’t vote, have a drink or have sex?
    Seems like nonsense to me.

  6. From the looks of things they are also increasing various penalties so it can’t all be that bad. I expect to adopt Troll’s idea personally, but I suppose 16 is arguably an appropriate age.

  7. >>An individual can join the armed services at 16, but they can’t ..have sex?<<

    Like Barry McGuire would have said

    "You’re old enough to kill
    But not for bonkin’ "

  8. Of course the minimum age for sexual intercourse actually has to go down to 9, yes 9! Because the new nation state of Eurabia will most certainly adopt Sharia, and the founder prophet of Islam (God treat him as he deserves) married a child of 6 and bedded her at 9 (having indulged in plenty of "thighing" beforehand). Now as one of the rules of Islam is that their founder set an example for all men to follow, it is essential that his followers be allowed to do what he did.

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