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Fascinating article here on the control-freakery of the European Union…

  • For instance, a regulation that requires all legal cheese production facilities to have running water and electricity spells the end of many Alpine cheeses. The small dairies that traditionally make these cheeses simply cannot afford the investments needed to satisfy the Brussels requirements.
  • A Westphalian pig farmer who fattens his animals in his own forest, just as his grandfather did, runs afoul of the law if he allows the pigs’ liquid manure to seep straight into the forest soil instead of draining it through standardized concrete pipes.
  • Anyone who, milk pail in hand, hopes to find fresh milk from the farm these days will have a lot of searching to do. Under Paragraph 17, Section 1 of the Animal Food Hygiene Regulation, "the sale of raw milk or cream to consumers is prohibited." Only in exceptional cases are dairy farmers permitted to sell untreated milk to customers, and only when they are in compliance with a long list of detailed requirements regulating everything from the condition of the floors in the farmer’s milking room to the material used to make his doors. Of course, the dairy farmer mustn’t forget to post a warning sign that reads "Raw milk — Boil before consuming" in a "visible and legible manner at the selling location."

The message is clear. If it moves – regulate it. Common sense is out the window – the presumption is that the bureaucrats must control all things, in our best interest naturally. It’s the Nanny Superstate folks, and it has already arrived. 

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6 thoughts on “I FORBID THEREFORE I AM!

  1. A few years ago, a small Slovakian cheesemaker, from a village in the back of beyond in deepest slovakia ran foul of the cheese eurocrats.

    He lived in a wooden building with a shed at the end of his garden where he made a few pounds of cheese per week, which he sold to women in scarves at the local market.

    The Eurocrats got wind of this and instructed him to install stainless steel vats etc, to comply with EU ratings.

    His response that £100,000 in order to comply, was hardly worth his 50 euros per week profit, was met with a gallic shrug and a frenchified mutter.

    He then claimed his produce was only for pets rather than humans, and as such was outside the remit of crazed officialdom.

    Two weeks later, his village was overrun with small men dressed in badly pressed, petrolium based suits, gimlet glassed and eyes ablaze with bureaucratic righteousness.

    They followed old ladies back to their dachas, and attempted to peer through the slats of their windows to ascertain the end users of such cheesy convestibules.

    Dear God, please keep the Eurocrats safe from harm, in order that they may amuse us for opressed generations to come.

  2. `They’ are putting the same control on vitamins…as drug manufactures want to control `us all’ and make people go to the doctor for a prescription…and use their drugs.

  3. Monica

    Pigs are allowed to emit 1435g of excrement per 24 hour period under the Control of natural methane emmisons regulations.Farmers must inform the Agricultural secretariat if more than 10% of their pigstock emit more than 14% above the regulatory grammage on more than 11 days in a calendar month.

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