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By ATWadmin On November 22nd, 2008

OK then, any consistent reader of ATW will know I have damned the thug Robert Mugabe time and time again. But I suggest that he made a good choice by banning the unholy trinity of Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan and Nelson Mandela’s most recent wife, Graca.

These three clowns, along with a gaggle of other “humanitarian” serfs, were aiming to visit Zimbabwe to “hear what the people have to say.” 

Why? Mugabe is a tyrant, the people live in a police state and hunger, the breadbasket of Africa has been reduced to the basket case. And all the time, those like Mandela and Annan did nothing. Carter is useless beyond further comment. The Zimbabwean people need democracy and they will not get it by this troupe of goons using the dire state of Zimbabwe for one more PR opportunity. Well done Mugabe. Mind you, the sooner you burn in hell the better.

7 Responses to “WELL DONE MUGABE…”

  1. Here is the Elders web site. What a bunch. I once heard Mary Robinson say that one of her best moments was meeting Gerry Adams – you know a woman by her friends.


  2. I don’t often find myself in agreement with despotic Marxists but, well, Jimmy Carter? Kofi Annan?

    Comrade Bob’s first good move in 28 years.

  3. Campbell – oh yeah, the elders. I had forgotten about that. What a bunch.

  4. Jimmy Carter? In Africa? What can he contrib…oh I forgot…"Here Bob, I’ve bought you a bag of peanuts".

  5. I don’t like Jimmy Carter one bit, but I think that he and the other two were and are sincerely trying to help a starving and oppressed population.

    I’d like to see them keep trying. Mugabe is a criminal and a murderer, but shining a bright light on the situation could possibly help.

  6. Phantom –

    Has Carter gone into gun running? No-one can be unaware of what a catastrophe Zimbabwe is. A trip like this is only an ego-boost to has beens and never weres who don’t mind being given the finger by Mugabe as long as the press is there to report it.

    Zimbabweans need only guns to kill their oppressors. All else is meaningless.

  7. Mugabe has and always will have more guns than any combination of Zimbabwean civilians. And he is not troubled by a conscience.

    The only way to unseat him by force would be via a South Africa led or at least supported invasion, and unfortunately that is not on.

    Shine a bright light. Its the only chance they have.