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Such self loathing and virtue signalling!

In Portland, Ore., organizers of the “Reparations Happy Hour” invited black, brown and indigenous people to a bar and handed them $10 bills as they arrived, a small but symbolic gift mostly funded by white people who were asked not to attend. Brown Hope, a local activist organization, wanted the event, which was held on Monday, to be a space for people of color in a mostly white city to meet one another, discuss policy issues and plan potential action.

This is patronising and deranged in equal measure!

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4 thoughts on “It’s happy hour (for some)

  1. White men made the world, and our ideas have made the primitive races vastly more wealthy then they would have been. Along the way we’ve shown more tolerance and forbearance for their behaviour then they’ll ever deserve.

    Blacks and browns should be kissing our feet.

  2. I had a very interesting conversation with my neighbours yesterday over the garden fence. These people are elderly, wise and very worldly. They spoke of their experiences in Africa, and not just SA,and I have to say my eyes opened. There were many stocking things done by both sides of the ethnic divide. But one thing they were adamant on, the MENA is rooted in tribalism and no matter what democracy as we would know it can never truly work. These people were best left to themselves.

    So to import people in mass numbers and expect them to assimilate in nothing but dangerous wishful thinking.

  3. So to import people in mass numbers and expect them to assimilate in nothing but dangerous wishful thinking.

    That’s the who!e point of the cultural genocide thing going on in Europe.

    They don’t want them to assimilate, they want us to change, not them.

  4. Here’s the reality…….

    Downtown: Overworked Cops Battling Mag Mile Fights, Mayhem Through Weekend

    It’s been a wild holiday weekend in Chicago, especially in River North and the Magnificent Mile. CWBChicago estimates a minimum of 19 arrests between noon on Saturday and 4 p.m. on Sunday related to mob activity, battery, and weapons possession.

    A number of Mag Mile fight videos from the weekend were sent to CWBChicago. We’ve included them in this report. The mayhem comes less than a month after similar mob actions were reported on the famed retail strip.


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    Wow – a wild weekend in Chicago, reminiscent of being out in the wild.

    There are people who want this stuff brought into Europe, including Ireland. It’s something like…….’they’ll be here and will become just like us’ – it’s known as The Magic Soil Theory. Africans will become as Irish as any Irishman who has ever lived and yet, whenever Europeans leave Europe, they create European-level societies with laws and technology of European-level. It’s why Afrikaners built Cape Town and not mudhuts, and it’s why negroids ruin American cities, and everywhere else.

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