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By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2008

I have been very critical of African political leaders over the years, in my view with great justification. So it is a pleasant change to report that Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said that power-sharing in Zimbabwe is dead and it is time for African governments to oust President Robert Mugabe. His comments are some of the strongest by an African leader against Mr Mugabe. “It’s time for African governments… to push him out of power,” Mr Odinga said after talks with Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. I think this straight-talking is a very good sign and I hope other African leaders support him and do what is required to topple the thug Mugabe.


  1. I think this straight-talking is a very good sign and I hope other African leaders support him and do what is required to topple the thug Mugabe.

    Ther is a better chance of that now that Mugabe’s mate Mbeki is no longer in charge of South Africa, which is the country that has always protected the Mugabe regime. Let’s hope that Zuma sees it the same way as the Kenyan leader. We’ll know soon enough.

  2. Will believe it when I see it.

    Though I think there was some collective action to push Idi Amin out of Uganda, for the most part the Africans respect sovereignty to a fault.

    You would think that a small force in the right place could enforce regime change in Zimbabwe.

  3. Please god will some polticians anywhere on earth have the decency to take the action to help rid the poor people of Zimbabwe of this monster.

  4. ‘poor people of Zimbabwe’ my foot, they wanted the white farmers out, killed some of them, drove round in lorries to support the evictions. They have got what they wanted blessed be the poor. If you mean the poor whites who cannot get out of the country because of the money situation yes I agree. You want to watch South Africa for more poor whites in the future!! They will go the same way – the electricity situation comes to mind, blacks underqualified. employed over whites with more experience so what happens big, big electricity cuts. It’s happening all over SA blacks employed over whites with disastrous effects on their infrastructure.

  5. Yes Maggie you’ve convinced me. Those poor black men women and children dying of starvation suffering with aids and now infected with cholera because they have been reduced to eating rotten fruit and drinking water from filthy puddles only have themselves to blame. Yep they all support Mugabe don’t they. No rigged elections or state terror in Zimbabwe eh? If they’re black let ’em rot. I’m on your side Maggie.

  6. I remember being in Liberia during Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s inauguration, she has also called for action against Mugabe and Zanu in the past.

    Mr Odinga’s comments are to be welcomed, but again rhetoric does not save lives.

  7. I need a shower after reading Maggie’s comment.

  8. I really don’t care what you say tell me you didn’t see the TV pictures of Zimbabweans violently evicting white farmers. Did they always have running water, can they not produce anything from the land. Did the white man invent aids. What did these people do before the whites ‘invaded’ their land…drink from puddles, eat rotton fruit. Have a shower Petr whatever I am sure you need it.