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Perhaps we have need of Oliver’s army? Let me start by showing you the essential problem we face.

Outside the gilded Palace of Westminster 52% of the electorate chose to Leave.

Inside the gilded palace a mere 27% chose to Leave.

Is it a surprise to see them try every trick to keep us IN?

I visited the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell in Huntingdon a few months ago. I am reminded of his famous dismissal of the Rump Parliament


I say to this current mob, go in God’s name, you too have sat there too long.

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9 thoughts on “Bring back Cromwell?

  1. You have it the wrong way round David. Parliament exists to govern. That is their job. They should decide our membership and relationship with our European partners. The referendum was a trite ignorant and trivial way of dealing with this issue. If the majority of members of Parliament believe we should be in the EU then we should. It is their professional responsibility to decide such matters. That is what we pay them for. Such matters cannot and should not be decided by a giant single question YES/NO opinion poll thrown out to the ignorant public.

  2. Aren’t those in Parliament also there as an express expression of the electorate’s democratic preference?

  3. Not so precisely Paul – The electorate choose the candidates they prefer, then judge them after 5 years in power. PMs are representatives, not delegates. MPs use their professional judgement to decide policy matters. That is their job, That’s how it works. The electorate choose MPs, The electorate do not or should not decide individual policies.

  4. A Parliamentary vote to with draw article 50. Followed by the repeal of the Referendum act.

  5. Colm, the point I was making was that those Parliamentarians that seemingly David wants overthrown have just as much if not more democratic integrity that the referendum result David speaks of.

  6. // I am reminded of his famous dismissal of the Rump Parliament //

    Your may prefer military coups over parliament, but that dictatorship ended just 5 years later.

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