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By ATWadmin On January 19th, 2007

I laughed when I read a contrite Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt say that "in hindsight" ministers would have wanted to ensure that British GP’s doctors did not take so much out of their inflated contracts!  Unsurprisingly, the proportion of profits GPs take out of their practices has increased since the generous new contract started in 2004, pushing average pay well above £100,000.  In exchange for this higher pay, many GP’s have generously decided to stop working out of surgery hours and weekends. Hurrah!

So the tax-payer has to pay MORE for their higher salaries, and then MORE for the medical cover required for the hours that British GP’s just won’t do. Hewitt claims "no-one" could have foreseen that GP’s would have opted for more money and less hours. LOL! If you need to get a GP out of hours these days, as has been my experience in the past few years, it will most likely by some earnest Eastern European doctor, with AT  BEST pidgeon English and no knowledge of the patient. Still, Ms Hewitt is fond of telling us that our WONDERFUL NHS has never been better! Who’s kidding who?


  1. It must be remembered that Thatcherite obsession with private health care, and the encouragement the tories gave to employers to provide private medical insurance, created this situation where everything has a price. The resultant boom inflated the pay of doctors, who chose the more lucrative BUPA path and eventually this filtered through the whole profession. Now local fatcat doctors aren’t interested in providing a service to those who need it most, they are more inclined to pander to those paying, leaving the needy languishing on trolleys or at the end of long queues.

    Please don’t criticise those who come to fill the gap created by the greedy, instead direct your anger at the right wingers whose policies are responsible for the debacle.

  2. As a doctor I am amazed at the petty attitude of you sick folk. You are ill – I can fix you – so pay up and keep quite.
    Nurse, next patient please…

  3. The new GP contract would be a joke if it were not so serious. Hewitt is a twit – but how do you re-negotiate to restore a balance between duties and rewards?

  4. Actually would be nice if you went to a doctor and they did actually fix you…from personal experience most seem to earn £100K plus per year to say.."sorry don’t know what that is..nurse quick.. next patient, I need to get to my private practice and earn even more cash…"

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