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Spent the day in the Emergency room. Out of my own sheer stupidity of course. I bent over and picked up something I shouldn’t have…. and the audible POP my spine made was literally heard across the room. Of course I refused to go to the Hospital last night…… so instead after only being able to sleep in the recliner I spent today at the hospital and then passed out on the couch.

Now I’m bored, and in pain. So I must share…….

Did you ever hear the story behind the song Life’s been Good ? It’s an enjoyable story. It’s just 8 min of Walsh explaining…. he wrote the song about the year Keith Moon sort of adopted him and added to it over the years. Well worth the listen.

Now what do I want to play…. blues, rock, country, motown, mozart, I don’t know I’m just going peruse my youtube and see what pops out.

We’ll get to the Music in a bit, first I want to address the community, those of us that are here everyday and those that wander through on regular basis.  I want to thank Pete for the yeoman’s job he does keeping the site full of content Thank You Sire.  It would be nice if those of us that have publishing rights would step up and contribute more.

Each of us have a completely different view of the World and News. We have 4 Americans that need to add our varying views especially with the next two years of political loonacy about to start…. As if Trump wasn’t entertaining enough the Dems are about to add to the circus…. please step up…

Now the music.

The Story of my Life…. ya gotta listen to the words



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9 thoughts on “A day in life……

  1. You really don’t have a lions share of luck when it comes to good health Patrick.

    I wish you a speedy recovery my friend.

  2. Get well soon.

    Warren Zevon always invokes the memory of my friend Harry who was murdered when a group of young wastrels stuck as screwdriver in his head when he remonstrated with them while they were attempting to steal his delvery van.

  3. //the audible POP my spine made was literally heard across the room//

    All back pain is terrible, but things like lumbago and sciatica are a real bastard. I got a terrible dose of the latter once – first and hopefully last time – shortly before taking the family on a holiday to Greece. Everything was booked so I simply had to go and take my sciatica with me.

    I remember wishing I didn’t have a back, and envied Spongebob who consists of only head and legs. I often used to have to sit down on the footpaths in Athens when I couldn’t move for the pain. Fortunately there was also so many immigrants hanging out there that nobody noticed much and I was in good company.

  4. Get better.

    What is the damage? Is it something that can go away with rest and treatment?

    I know many who have back problems, women more than men.

    For many, it’s the result of being overweight, and both the weight and the back problems are often the result of not enough activity.

    Lifting something heavy the wrong way is not good either.

    Funny, I’ve never had back issues, but seeing that so many do, I’ve been going out of my way to do more core exercises ( assisted pullups, pushups, crunches, planking ) which build up the core and protect the back.

  5. Good luck PVR. Lie back and have a beer in the meantime.

    Phantom –

    Yes, it’s often not the spine which is the problem, but muscle weakness or imbalances. Core strength exercises take no time and need no equipment but can save protect against a lot of pain.

  6. Hope the pain eases quickly Patrick and you’ll soon be back hopping skipping and jumping as much physically as you do mentally 😉

  7. Phantom, on November 26th, 2018 at 1:47 PM Said: Edit Comment
    Get better.

    What is the damage? Is it something that can go away with rest and treatment?

    Whatever popped out of place went right back in….. rest and some muscle relaxers feeling much better today but it still hurts.

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